How Moscow Instagram Blogger s Deadly Pool Party With Dry Ice Went HORRIBLY WRONG

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“Shows how moscow. Instagram bloggers. Deadly pool party with dry ice. Went.

Horribly. Wrong..

Three three people have died and more are in hospital. After a birthday. Surprise of a party had unforeseen consequences. Video shows dry ice being poured into a pool for effect inadvertently creating a carbon dioxide gas chamber the chilling incident occurred at a moscow sauna late on friday the catarina de denko.

An instagram blogger with over a million subscribers was celebrating her 29th birthday. With her family and friends..

No one expected the festivities to turn into a tragedy. When the bloggers husband valentin presented the guests with a surprise treat the man brought out a large amount of dry ice solid carbon dioxide and after everyone donned symbolic protection he poured it into a pool to create the fancy mist effect for everyone to take photos and videos footage of the fateful moment emerged online on saturday it shows the revelers wearing improvised protective costumes and goggles and gathered by a small indoor pool one of them reads the instructions aloud jokingly warning that the dry ice might be very dangerous before pouring the substance into the pool. The guests then proceeded to jump in with the bravest one submerging himself completely while one of the onlookers jokes. He s dead he s not with us anymore.

The joke however turned grim within moments upon coming into contact with the water the dry ice evaporated creating a thick plume of carbon dioxide effectively turning the pool into a gas chamber three people including velentin were left dead in the aftermath of the stunt. While several others remain in hospital..

The small indoors location as well as the large amount 25 to 30 kilograms of dry ice used created a lethal concentration of the gas the protective equipment. The revelers sported proved completely useless as it didn t include full body wet suits and rebreathers the tragic accident promptly went viral on the russian language portion of the internet. Some expressed condolences to the widowed blogger whose two children are now left without a father. Many others attacked her over the stupidity of the stunt in the couple s ignorance.

Didn t co is a certified pharmacist blogging about pharmacies and drugs and her late husband had a higher technical education. So there have been questions raised as to whether the two should have known better than to play with dry ice..

It remains unclear. Where velentin procured such a large amount of dry ice. And some earlier instagram posts by de denko. Who suggested that he might have cooked it himself russian law enforcement has launched a probe into the accident.

Which will likely target both to denko and the owners of the sauna who were reportedly aware of but had not stopped the deadly ” ..

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“Three people have died and more are in hospital after a birthday wonder at a Moscow birthday celebration had unexpected consequences. Video indicates dry ice being poured into a pool for effect, inadvertently developing a carbon dioxide fuel chamber.nnFor More Details Read Article : ScopicWorld Android App : Website : us on Facebook :”,

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