How Often Can You Slack Off? – Q&A Episode #3

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“Last month. I decided to do some ncoaching over the phone using a new platform platform called clarity and one of the nmost common questions. I got asked sounded something the lines of nthis improvement pill. I ve been working really hard trying to turn my life naround i m adopting a bunch of new habits.

I m reading books i m working out nbut. I m having issues cutting out things like video games or watching tv or nplaying on my phone for my life completely. I still find myself slacking noff from time to time. What should i do today i want to address this question nbecause.

I think a lot of people who get into self development approach nrelaxation and things are pleasurable the wrong way. We re taught that these nthings are bad so we start to believe that we should avoid them completely. But nthere s a reason. Why certain things feel good why junk food tastes.

So. Good. Why nhaving sex is something we all crave. While watching tv shows playing video.

Ngames and surfing. The web are so alluring. Because they satisfy. An ancient npart of our brain.

Let s just call. It the monkey brain to simplify things. It s a npart of us. That s been around for millions and millions of years.

And its nmain job has always been to keep us alive. Junk food tastes. So. Good.

Because nhigh calorie. High fat. High. Sugar foods were scarce back.

Then. So. We ve evolved nto seek them out if you found a bag of chips a million years ago. It was in your nbest interest to finish that bag and ask for seconds.

Because who knows when would nbe the next time you come across such a great source of calories. The reason. I m ntelling you this is because just like how you need to feed a pet you need to nfeed your monkey brain. If you don t it starts to get upset.

It starts to believe nthat things in your life are not okay..

Because everything that reduces stress neverything. That satisfies the monkey brain things like food. Sex entertainment. Nsocializing and discovery make us feel good.

Because they indicate that we are nliving life. Correctly that we re doing all of the right things the problem. Nnowadays is yes a lot of these things have become way too accessible. It s nbecome way too easy to get high calorie foods way too easy to trick your brain.

Ninto thinking. You re sleeping. With dozens a beautiful woman. Way too easy to ntrick your brain into believing.

That it s achieving great feats. When in nreality. You re just playing a video game. Which has caused a lot of people to form nbad habits.

And even get addicted to these pleasurable. Things. That s a case. Nof feeding the monkey brain.

Too much so we end up getting into self development nand. We say to ourselves okay things that are pleasurable are bad so it s obvious ni need to cut them out i m gonna stop feeding my monkey brain completely but nwhat eventually happens when you starve your monkey brain. Is that it s nstarts to act out. I ve seen this over and over again with many of the clients ni.

ve coached. But also in my own life as well we ll be sticking to all of our ngood habits perfectly for a couple of days or even weeks and out of nowhere nboom the monkey brain says enough is enough. I want to feel good. The next nthing.

You know you re out there binging on everything you ve been trying to navoid you re on autopilot shoving ice cream down your throat. Don t nunderestimate the monkey brain. I assure you if you don t feed it it s eventually ngoing to act out and cause you to relapse. So.

What do we need to do well we nneed to incorporate pleasures into our life. That s right. You should be doing nthings that you enjoy things that lower your stress things that feel good and nnot just once or twice a week. You should be doing these things every single day nbut of course you need to do this correctly.

See there are three types of nrewards. The first type are what i like to call negative some rewards. These are nthings that yes can relieve a tremendous amount of stress. But will cause more nstress down the line for example something like drinking alcohol can lead nto a very very fun night that is definitely a huge way of relieving nstress and satisfying the monkey brain.

But as we all know drinking takes a huge ntoll on our body..

If he hydrates you it causes. Most of your body functions to nslow down it messes with your sleep for tonight. The list goes on and on the npoint is it causes you to relieve stress in a moment. But causes more stress down nthe line.

Another example of this is eating junk food. I can t deny ice cream ntastes. Great that makes you feel pretty darn good nwhile you re eating it but it causes things like a huge spike in blood sugar. Nwhich makes us feel tired and our brain.

Foggy. Once the sugar high is over again. Nit. Relieves stress in a moment.

B. Causes. More stress down the line. Negative.

Some nrewards are perfectly fine to have once in a while no more than once a week. The nsecond type of reward are what i like to call zero sum rewards. These are rewards nthat. Don t really have serious negative consequences.

And don t really cause more nstress down the line. The problem with them is that they don t relieve a lot of nstress and also take up a lot of time that s why i call it zero sum because nyou gain a bit. But you also lose a bit. And this includes things like playing nvideo games.

Watching tv shows and browsing the internet now you have to be ncareful about the internet. Because it all depends on what you re browsing if nyou re on reddit looking at funny videos that s perfectly fine. But if you re on ninstagram comparing yourself to others that s actually a negative nreward your reward is the dopamine rush you get from gathering new information. Nbut you end up stressing yourself out.

When you look at all those photoshopped nimages of people who live supposedly better lives than you so it causes more nharm than good. So you have to be very careful about that nnow zero sum rewards are perfectly fine to include in your life every day. You njust have to be careful because they do take up a lot of time so it s easy to noverdo. It 1 to 2 hours of video games and television every day in my opinion nis a ok because it s still a good way to relieve some stress and satisfy that nmonkey brain even though it s only a bit.

But there are better alternatives. Which nbrings us to the final type of reward positive some rewards. These are nextremely powerful rewards with a lot of benefits they reduced your levels of nstress tremendously with no consequence and they also tend to reduce your levels. Nof stress.

Later on a good example of this is something like a deep tissue nmassage massages. Feel great in the moment. They have been clinically proven nto reduce things like cortisol. Which is directly related to stress.

They also nhelp with things like muscle recovery..

So if you re someone who goes to the gym. A nlot. It s going to help reduce stress down the line. Another example of this is ngood food.

I like to eat a huge grass fed steak just about every single day. It s none of my favorite meals in the world it makes me feel amazing. But because it s nhigh quality meat it helps me feel good and energized for the rest of the day nhigh quality meat like this helps keep my hormone level stable. Which in turn nprevents stress and problems down.

The line one. More example of this just to ndrill in the point. Is spending time with a loved one spending a night with your nsignificant. Other has been proven to release hormones.

Such as oxytocin and nendorphins. Which both significantly. Reduce. Stress levels.

And feel pretty ndarn. Good studies. Have even found that there is an apparent 48 hour. Afterglow nafter.

A fun night with a loved. One which means your stress levels decreased ndrastically during the night. But also for a couple of days after all right so nnow that we know all about the different types of rewards. Let s talk about nsatisfying.

The monkey brain. The best way to feed the monkey brain is by adopting na mentality of work hard play hard. It s good that you re trying to improve all nof these areas of your life. But remember all of this change is stressful so you nneed to be rewarding yourself.

Whenever you do a good job for example. I like to nreward myself with good food after a hard workout at the gym. I do this every nsingle time. I work out because when you give yourself the same reward after ndoing something hard.

It eventually forms into a habit every nhabit needs a routine. Which is the hard thing you need to do like going to njim and a proper reward that follows soon after which in my case is a ndelicious meal without a good reward. The habit will never form that s right. It s nimpossible to form new habits.

Without good rewards. If you d like to learn more nabout. How habits work you can check out the tamed course. Which is absolutely nfree which i will link to in the description box below.

What s important nis that you don t fall into the hail mary mindset that most people in the nself development field feed you because it simply does not work..

Well it works. Nfor. A. While until your monkey brain gets sick of it.

And goes out of control. The nkey. Here is to keep the monkey brain. Happy and well fed.

So that he will not ndisturb. You if you do it enough times. He ll even say hey can we do that nworking out thing again. Because i m craving some good food yes.

The monkey nbrain will start to crave. All the working out and the reading and the hard nwork because it starts to believe that it will get fed a good reward after so nyes work hard improve your life. But make nsure you reward. This hard work with positive some rewards often zero some nrewards once in a while and negative.

Some rewards. Once in a blue moon. Keep. Nyour monkey.

Well fed with strategically timed slacking off. And you will make nhuge amounts of progress. Without. Many issues.

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