How to add video and images in the same post on Facebook ( 2018/2019)

how to post photo and video together on facebook page 2017 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to add video and images in the same post on Facebook ( 2018/2019) . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“What s up guys armando signs here and in this quick a video. I m m going to show you how to create a post that s got different types media in it in a single post. Because i ve seen this question come up in this group. And in several other groups on how to actually create a single post with both video and images on it because i know that facebook doesn t allow you to upload that they actually do it s just a different way that you ve got to do it.

So let s start over here. So i m i m going to be doing this from page manager. So you can do it from page manager..


You can see this is my business page. This is a public page here and this is the post that i was just showing you so the very first thing that you ve got to do is you tap this image. If you try to upload a post try to upload media that it is is inconsistent you re gonna get this error. So you can t upload more than one video at a time right you could upload pictures but you can t upload separate media types and i m gonna show you how to get around that so the very first thing that you re gonna do is you re gonna select one image so choose an image that you want doesn t really matter preferably.

An image that you re gonna use in your post. So it s less work later once you click done this image shows up right here as a post. What you want to do then is select album so tap on album and you want to create a new album for that picture you want to make this whatever it is that you want i m gonna name it test..


And then i m gonna go ahead and save that album once this album is created and this pictures attached in the album. What you can do now is come back here and tap on the green photo slash video icon and now the camera roll opens up and from here you re allowed now to select any type of media that you want in fact if you look at the numbers. The ones that i ve tapped here. They re labeled 1 2.

3. 4. 5..


That s the order that it s gonna go into so. If you don t want that first picture that you add it make sure that you on tap. It and you select any other image that you ve got on there and once you do that you can click done and now you have a single post that has a whole bunch of different videos or a whole bunch of different pictures or a combination of both so you can then just type whatever you want on there and upload and that s going to upload to your facebook business page you can do this easily on profiles. But it s been a challenge for people apparently to do this on their business page.

So that s exactly how you do it right then and there and here is the post that i just tested now so you can see one. Two three four videos in there. And the one that i showed you before had just two videos and two images..


So i hope. This was helpful you know give it a ” ..

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