How to automatically add a schedule from Google Sheets into Calendar

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“Playing speaker hey joanna nfor friday s event. I m trying to make sure our our nvolunteers. Know where to go is there a way for me to export nschedules. Our spreadsheet into our team calendar.

Joanna smith oh so nlike putting all these shifts into the event ncalendar automatically speaker yeah exactly joanna smith absolutely speaker oh awesome joanna smith you ncan use apps script apps script is a really easy nway to customize your apps with really simple code speaker awesome so what do we do first joanna smith give nme one minute ok so i went ahead nand set some things up in the spreadsheet to make nit a little easier for us first. I reformatted nthe dates you can see to make them easier for nthe code to understand. And i just did this by clicking nformat number date and time trust. Me you do not nwant to have to learn how dates work in programming and then second.

I went ahead nand wrote some skeleton code for you in the script editor so if you want to open it up nit s tools script editor speaker cool so what do i do now joanna smith well nany coding task is much simpler if you break nit into smaller tasks first and you wanted help syncing na sheet to a calendar speaker. Yeah joanna smith ok so ntask one what calendar speaker our team calendar joanna smith. We nneed to open that task two what npart of the sheet speaker..


The part with nthe dates and shifts. Joanna smith. Ok. So we nneed those cell.

Numbers task three. We need to nactually take that information and make an event and then task. Four is nbonus and i did it for you to make it easy for neveryone to use speaker. Oh.

Thank you cool so now what joanna smith now we begin task number one nopening the. Calendar it s really simple the call is ncalendarappgetcalendarbyid now to get the id. We re going nto take it from the public url go ahead and open this ncalendar settings and scroll down to where it is nbecause..


It s not always the url in your view. But if you get that and ncopy it into the cell. I created in the nspreadsheet. Our script can find it every time speaker.

So what s next joanna smith task nnumber. Two we want to pull each nshift into a form that the computer ncan. Understand to do that we ll make a call nto. The spreadsheet getrange and that ll be the cell nrange and then getvalues to turn that into the form nthat.

I created for you and that s that matrix. It s a list of lists. And that way we can ngo through each one speaker..


Ok so nwhat s the next step. Joanna smith task number three nwhere. We do the actual work we have our matrix and now nevery shift in that matrix we re going to call with nour. Calendarcreateevent with a name a start ntime and an end time and this is the nadvantage of apps script.

It is that simple speaker so let s say i actually nwant someone else on my team to add the shifts joanna smith. Oh. This is that bonus part that ni actually built for you i created a custom menu as easily as you can nclick file print in docs you can now click up nhere on our custom menu and run. The script with a click speaker.

Oh. That s nso simple. Now..


Joanna smith. Yeah. If you have any questions. Non.

This pro tip be sure to leave them in nthe youtube comments below or check out some nof. My other posts and for more tips follow nus on twitter gsuite. ” ..


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“G Suite Pro Tips are quick tutorial videos to help you automate simple tasks at work. In this video, G Suite Developer Advocate, Joanna Smith explains how to automatically add a schedule from Google Sheets into Calendar to make project management easier, and to save you time. This tip introduces Apps Script, an easy-to-use, low-code platform that can help you tailor, and automate different tasks within G Suite. nnFor a step-by-step guide, see our blog post for coding tips, here are some additional resources: nnIntro to programming loops nCreating custom menus in Apps Script nnnIf you have additional questions, or ideas for future G Suite Pro Tips, please leave them in the comments below!nnWatch more G Suite Pro Tips to the G Suite YouTube channel for more!”,

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