How to Automatically Make a Copy of a Google Doc or Sheet

how to duplicate a page in google docs This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to Automatically Make a Copy of a Google Doc or Sheet . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everybody how are you doing. Today this is tyler with tarver academycom. For all your your google resources tarpon can be calm. Google ok.

So i want to show you cool little trick that that a lot of people don t don t know that i m familiar with and this goes for i m in a sheet right now. But you news and docs you can do with forms you can do it pretty much anything in the google realm ok so what i want to do is i want to make a copy of this sheet. So this is one of our degree plants for our college..


Oh at obu and i ll see don t forget to check us out go ahead right at obu nlc check us out on instagram. We d love that so it s for our college. We get our students they know what to get to graduate. So i want to send this out to all those students here s the deal though.

I don t want one. I do not want them to all change the same one because they all have different degree plans all different schedules and ways these classes out. But also i don t want to like say ok..


I m gonna share this with you and then you can go in and you can like file make a copy you could do that but really what that s gonna do is just gonna add more confusion. So there s a way you can send this link right here. But to where it automatically makes them make a copy so i m gonna show you okay so anytime you have a link up here for a docx or c. Or form.

At some point near the end. It s gonna have the word edit. So it ll be a slash..


Oh sorry edit take everything to the right of the slash you re not gonna include the slash. So take everything from that e to the end. Okay sometimes. It s just the word e.

I m sorry sometimes. It s just the word edit and at other times. It has like a bunch of stuff behind it this one had a little bit so i m gonna delete that and i m gonna write the word copy..


See o p y. Now i could take this link take the whole link copy and email. It to them and then when they click the link it won t automatically take them to this where they have to go make a copy or they try to change that it s gonna make them make a coffee so copy it might make them make coffee you never know so you would just hit enter. They would just click that link and it would take them to this would you like to make a copy of and so they don t have the option to look at it it s just like you wanna make a copy click make a copy boom.

They have their own copy and their drives and no one else not even you has access to and that s how you force make a copy so hope you guys enjoy that hope that helped don t forget to go to tarver academy on youtube just searched our academy give us a subscribe we would really alike like that and appreciate it you can like this video that d be dope put a comment of anything else you want me to teach teach it to ” ..

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