How To Be A Good Listener? Free English lessons ( Listening skills)

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“And welcome my name is and i m back with a new lesson being a a good listener yes friends. It s very very essential to be a good listener. I say being a good listener. I don t only mean when you are in midst of a conversation.

But also when you are the speaker and you are talking we need to be a good listener because unless you do not open your yours wide and listen. And your what you are talking or the other person is talking you can t be an effective listener. Let s say for example. If you are in the middle of a conversation.

Most of the time it happens that when we talk we are very fast and we just talk because of course. We want to finish the conversation. But we don t really realize that what kind of mistakes. We are making if you go slow.

If you listen to what you are talking trust me. There will be so many times that you will realize that oh i d like to say this oh. I shouldn t have said that or i should have said it in a better way so whenever you are talking or when you are a listener in a conversation. Remember being a good listener.

It s very very important today. I m gonna share with you a few tips which are going to help you become a better listener..

I m sure we all good listeners. But i m just going to help you to improve yourself and be a good listener let s see the first point it says make eye contact. We say this n. Number of times.

We have repeatedly kept telling you that make good eye contact. Whether it s in being a good listener or it s being a good speaker. So why do we keep saying this again. And again simply.

Because the basics of being an effective speaker or an effective listener comes from here. When you make a good eye contact. When you look into the person s eyes. Whether you are speaking or listening.

It demonstrates interest it demonstrates that you are genuinely interested in what the person is trying to tell you or you are trying to tell the person that okay. I am right here listening to you so. If you want to be a good speaker. This is the basic thing that you need to do make good eye contact looking at the person s eyes.

When he or she is talking to you so that he or she knows that she is talking to the right person. All right the next..

One says be present and focus p. President focus means when somebody is talking to you understand one thing that person definitely knows whether you are listening or not so. When you are trying to listen to somebody when you are the listener in the conversation focus on what the person is trying to tell you okay because it s very important if you you know i ll share this example with he with you when i was in school and in college. I always noticed that whether the professor or the teacher was talking to a class of 30 or to a class of 60.

She definitely knew in the entire lot what student is not listening to her and is only looking at her trust me. And i know that this has happened with you as well yeah so when you are in the middle of a conversation. Always be physically and mentally present because the person knows when you are not listening right the next one says don t change the subject. When you are in the middle of a conversation when you play or when you are playing the role of the listener.

Remember don t change the subject until the discussion is over if you try to end a conversation. Prima surely it only demonstrates that you are not interested or it shows that it shows a lack of interest that what you want to say is more important than what the speaker is trying to tell you so. When you are in the middle of a conversation. Remember that listen let the person finish first and that s when you give out the answers or give out your point of view.

Okay and just don t try and change. The subject because when the speaker is trying to talk to you he s definitely thought about something and if you are going to just interrupt. He s not going to like it okay. The next says let the speaker go first when suppose like because we re talking about being a listener now you are playing a role of a listener in your conversation.

Okay let the speaker finish first sometimes we are so curious about the discussion that is happening and already at the back of your mind you have gathered your thoughts. Okay your thoughts already there and just they re just going to burst out..

But don t do that okay. Because you are playing a role of a listener listen first let the person finish. Talking and then give out your ideas. And in case.

You ve by mistake done that just say sorry excuse yourself i ll let the person continue okay. But remember let the speaker go first because you re the listener your turn will have to wait okay the next one says wait two seconds before you respond one of the mistakes or one of the most horrible mistakes that we could end up doing is when the speaker is talking and if you want to give out your thoughts you just wait for him to pause even for a second over the speaker has passed for a second she ll just go you start blabbering your thoughts. Don t do that let s say take example of a telephone conversation on the phone. We obviously can t see the person s facial expression.

So if the person has taken a pause. Understand that he probably he possibly or probably is gathering his thoughts and then he s going to reply to you wait for a second so that is why i would suggest wait two seconds before you respond every time that your turn is there or you it s your turn to talk wait for two seconds. Till. The person finishes and then reply.

Okay the last point. Here says listen for the message within the message trust. Me friends. If you are going to take this point seriously or you ponder or this point.

It is going to really make you an effective listener. Why am..

I saying that because when you are in the middle of a conversation and a few intently or intensely listen to a conversation or the discussion that is happening you can more effectively progress or more effectively move into the conversation and your feedback is going to be more and more constructive. Okay. So the reason. Why you should listen or be a good listener and listen to what is being discussed is because when people are talking to you of course.

You know this when you are talking to your friends or when you are discussing something with your friends you definitely are expecting some kind of insights or some kind of answers or some kind of encouragement right in that definitely that s exactly what happens when people are talking to each. Other. And the speaker is always expecting the listener to give him some suggestions and a few want to give concrete and constructive feedback or discussion or be a part or bien part effectively of a conversation. Remember this point listen for the message within the message.

And this is a key skill for example. If you re just listening you re just going to be a passive listener and not going to be actively participating. What is the point because the person who s going to talk to you is not going to enjoy the discussion. He s definitely not coming back to you so friends that was about being a good listener.

I hope these points are going to help you in improving yourself. In being a good listener so thanks for watching keep watching keep learning. I will be back with a new ” ..


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