How To Change Facebook Video Thumbnail Fast

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“You don t get here on a beautiful beautiful day. My friend i wanted to to show you in this video how do you change a facebook video thumbnail like s say you put some video i m taking a perfect example you know that right now this video over here right. I just post on my facebook and if we scroll down it was playing earlier. But if we scroll down inside of the video.

I have some pictures not facebook is showing look quickly you see the thumbnail is shown in the picture. Instead of the video instead of myself. So show in the picture..


So some people want to know okay. How do i change my my tongue nail for the video. This how you do that alright. You want to click on the hour and the town the video was posted.

Yeah when you come here you see the videos that plane if if you look on the side here on the right face will give you this option to edit the video. But when you come here you have the title you have description where the video was taken you know who is the video wit and you know that s it those are all the titles that you have so we re gonna click done but look on the side here if you go to the video itself by clicking that the time. The video was posted right..


16 hours ago is gonna take me straight up to the video. When i do that so them just go back go to my page. I m gonna go straight to the video so 16 hours ago it s gonna take into the game. I m gonna pause it now what you gonna see it s gonna give you the options not in this edit.

But she gives you the option home sea fight click on it little mock videos. We re gonna go to the option in to edit video so if you go to the option edit video now it gives you the tongue. Now you see that is giving you the tongue nail..


So i m gonna change it to one of the thumbnail that i want see that there s so many tongue nails. You can choose from so let s just go with the number one we can either do that or we could do number nine oh. Which is just the number one number one okay alright so we just through sousa thumbnail. We re gonna save it and now i m going to go back to my page and look the video thumbnail just change so as i m scrolling down boom.

My video tunnel went from the book to my face you guys see that so that s how powerful is if you re looking into changing your facebook thumbnail video you could do that just like you all right so that was catered with a quick tip for you i wanted to record that now if you want to know how to make money on the internet. Which is what i do i teach people how to make money online. Leave a lifestyle of freedom check out my website and the link below in the description..


A kid or call me at net. You ll find massive information more training. That s going to teach you how to use the internet to increase conversion. How to use the internet to actually make money using the internet from home.

So that was cater i look forward to seeing you in the next video. See you guys later and if you find value in the step make sure you leave a comment and connect with me see you ” ..

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