How to comment on a Google Doc or make suggested edits

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” s say somebody is asking you to collaborate on a google document. There are basically basically two things you can do one is called a an edit and one is a comment and i m going to show you how to do each one first you need to make sure that you re in the right mode. The mode of editing is up here on the right upper right hand side. So you click on that and make sure that you are in the suggesting mode.

Maybe they ve already made it so that you re by default in the suggesting mode. But that s the mode that you want to be in if you re not the owner of the document..

But you re just a collaborator. Okay so let s say you want to make an edit you want to remove a word suggest removing a word or suggests adding a word or whatever. It is you simply highlight let s say i wanted to suggest removing this a word and the comma in the space. Okay so i highlight it and i just simply press delete on my keyboard or backspace on my keyboard okay and then what i when i do that it shows up as they suggested deletion on the right hand side.

Which is very convenient for the owner of the document. Because they can just click on accept suggestion if they want to accept that edit or they can reject the suggestion and put it back to the original version so let s say i accept that suggestion and you see what happens is that now the document is as if it was however you suggested for the edit..

And let s say that you then wanted to suggest a change to a word or a phrase or whatever you highlight what you want to suggest the change to if you have a suggested word and then you simply type right over it okay okay so now again it comes up as i suggested edit on the right hand side. And then when the owner of the document comes in to look at your edits. They can accept or reject it like that and if you let s say you feel like you made a mistake in typing something you can reject your own suggestion. Okay like that or delete.

It and that puts it back to the original version okay. Let s say you want to add a comment to a particular you know just add an idea rather than a specific edit then you simply highlight what you want to comment on whether it s a word or a phrase or you can even highlight entire section..

Let s say i wanted to just say something about this paragraph. You know or something about this idea. Then i simply highlight it and i click on the plus icon on the right hand side. And then i can say well.

I think that you know and whatever whatever i want to say and i could i can you know add as many as long of a comment as i want to say and then click on the comment button and that ll show up as a comment and the owner will know that there s a comment because it s automatically highlighted and if they click on it it ll it ll it ll point directly to that comment. So only do that if you don t have a direct edit to suggest..

But if you have a direct word that you want to change or you want to remove the word or add a space or whatever just go ahead and make changes to the document as if you were writing the document and it ll show up as easy edits to accept or sits or reject. So again there are edits and then there are comments and hopefully. This video is clear to you how to do both any questions you can comment below and let. ” .


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