How to Create a CV/RESUME template in Microsoft Word Docx : Docx Tutorial

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“Viewers welcome to my channel a vacation today i will show you how to create create this premium cv resume template in microsoft word document ok. You can download this from this link. I will attach the template link in the video description. Ok so let s start so fastly.

We create a new microsoft word document then double click on this odd document. You okay let s start so fastly. We should go the insert option then click on shape then click on rectangle then drag the rectangle tool and create a rectangle on the left side okay then increase. It we can zoom out okay and also perfect now we will feel a color of the shape.

It will be gray color and there will be no shape outline okay perfect so now we create a circle by selecting the circle or oval shape tool then select shape from the keyboard then drag it or proportionally create a over okay perfect. Now we ll move it to the left side. And we will see in the color or change. The color.

So just double click on the oval shape or circle shape. Then we will see the shape fill option. And you can change the color to white and shape outline color. Too darkish way okay now we should increase this left side a little bit okay perfect now i will place a picture for placing fixer just right click on de from the mouse then select the format shape option okay now we will fill this shape with a picture.

The fixer will be a pile okay we ll select this fixer. Then just click on the insert button. It ll automatically place the fixer okay perfect. Now click on the close button perfect.

Now we create a rounded rectangle according around the text engels last electron guides insert by button then click on rounded rectangular tulips then drag the left button from the by the mouse okay perfect now till the shape with no color and the outdone will be little dark fish. Now will had a test on this rectangle so right click on the rectangle n click on add text option wheels. We can name dimity feet the font color is white now we ll send this color to black now we ll increase the font size to 20 and font will be bold. Now we ll change this to all capital letter.

We go just move this rectangle to upper portion. A little bit. Okay. Now.

We ll add a text on this shape. So just right click on the tip and select the add text or a text option by default the option is in the middle. We should send this option from middle to top so by selecting the right click like button and click on the format shape button. Then select the text option then this layout and properties option by default the vertical element is middle.


We will send this to top position okay perfect now it is on the. Top we can change the left margin to. 05 and the right margin to 05. Okay perfect.

Now we ll add text on this place. We will close this option by selecting the close icon. You should move this text in this position. So select the select all text on this from this shape then click on this option then remove space after paragraph okay perfect this text size to bolt the perfect now will increase this font size to 12 and we will add a space between this letter.

So click on the font expanded ribbon. Then you will get a menu for changing the font of some so then click on the advanced option. Then a spacing will be expanded and by 2 foot ok click on the ok button perfect. Now we will add case alliance abdul so click on the insert button then select the line tool and create a line the line shape outline will be dark in k okay perfect.

We ll move this a little bit. We can make dalaman the middle and move this name to little bit upper section. Again and add a stroke on this shape. So for adding is to base just double click on the shape.

And you can add a outline and the outline or it will be too 25. Kids who went to my page okay perfect. I ll move this line a little bit on the upper section. Now we will create the profile section.

So to duplicate this rectangle. So called duplicating this rectangle select click on the p control button from the keyboard then drag the rectangle to the down position okay since this name to profile and decrease the size a little bit from left to right we can end. This marvin to zero by willfully come to the. Party now have text okay with our e text our sampletxt okay perfect okay now will decrease the space between this letter so click on the font 3 1.

And this facing will be normal and click on ok okay perfect the font will be roberto medium perfect the font size will be 10 you can now it s all these okay. We can format this shape or the text lab position and right position left margin will be 0. Find one that margin will be zero find one okay perfect across this option the perfect. We will add some extra text.

Okay now if we re the skill section. So again duplicate this layer select the control key from the keyboard and drag this position to the down position and change the profile to skills. Now we ll add some skills on this section so select the rounded rectangular tool again then drag this by the mouse and since this to this color and shape will be no outline the carpet then duplicate this again selecting one tool from the keyboard. Then say in this color.


Too what between this size. A little bit. We have inter sent this it will be darkest gray. And on that can girl will be dark color department.

Now will decrease the size by jamal select this to shape and then between the skies. A little bit of the carpet. Okay now again elect this to layer and duplicate it by letting ctrl key on the keyboard that takes skill bob. The pond will be okay.

Now i ll move this the down section. Look perfect. We can sense this color. Little darkish okay perfect.

We ll coffee this again and again. You ll since you select. This also do not then duplicate this whole layers again and mount in the down section. This size again for adding our contacts section.

So let s select all this rectangle. And it is the slice a little bit the perfect are we on this position. But move them ooh okay okay we have completed almost completed every school section that s more than little bit you can discuss this size by selecting this it is easy. And say in this name also now we will add the contact section on the down okay.

Within the contract you get this slice little bit. Now you will add pony melon other address. They should move this we should move this also in the upper position also for adding our contacts section. The select them move down to joppa section.

The perfect now we know this quantization holster. Okay now we learn one amen and i m just okay we have completed our left section now restart our right section. So must we it died experience section. So.

We will insert a text box okay we simple text box layout. Often will be in front of text of the perfect. And we will send out learn to no outline and shape. It will be no field perfect.


Now we ll send this text to experience and the font will be kill every body. Which takes bold the font color will be this dark issue. Gray color. Okay perfect.

Now we ll change this shape to marcin to zero on the left side. And left right top and bottom the perfect and elitist idols. Now another line tool. So that see like this line.

And don t look at this to this section. And think in this size to a little bit. No roberto medium 14. Size.

The perfect texture will be ducking again. And we will add a line tool also and shape out. And it ll be dark is the perfect now i ll add the opposition in the text will be 16 size and will be add some lorem ipsum text. Also they should be dye space might be lifting remove space after paragraph of perfect now i should begin this size to boot on regular.

I got off now it will decrease the size to roberto regular in the concert will be the forces will be 11 october. But now get some extra text you can add a one i just forgot sample it will be able to light in the moment. Now independent for about three teams to duplicate this lunch table. Spoon.

No concept now we ll add our integration section simply select them plus to select this experience and type tool. Select. The line tool also select this close some possibilities. Ducks hip.

Plus to select a style box put the carpet. Now. It we re done today with inspections. Justice you like this experience textbooks and this line.

Now. You create on a different section. So fast. I select this text box and to briquette.


It by selecting control click on the keyword. The perfect and select also this layer and select this text also and copied them and test. On this. Okay.

Perfect and plus control. V. And first off. Press control v.

Power test. Okay. You can send your own text. So.

Now you select this line and this line also and duplicate them and move them in the down position the market can send this to graduation. You will send this to your school color. Than the university and subject. Oh okay perfect now create another section with these powers.

This is a last section. The carpet. Now we will add a list so for adding list the select this option by bullet of sun. And to the perfect.

Having ph text. You can be no irregular really man okay perfect you can move this to the left position. Also now let s some extra text. We ve got text size will be 9 and the funky little dough thomas this please perfect.

We have created our our sectional. So so now we have completed our resume in microsoft word document. So thank you guys to ask my ability here hope you like it ” ..


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