How to create Animated Header Banner for Blogger (Blogspot) using CSS3/HTML5

animated blogger This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to create Animated Header Banner for Blogger (Blogspot) using CSS3/HTML5 . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“This is joe from joey s gaming. This is a video tutorial they ll teach teach you how to create an animated banner for your blogger website let s get into it when creating a blog click on template and then choose the first template make sure you choose the first one which is an orange and then click on edit hd. Though i ve prepared the codes in the blog post that i prepared i ll provide the link in the description area she can refer to first of all search for the keyword backslash b. Collins section and find the one where the keyword class equals.

The header once you find it code copy his channel code just available in the blog post and paste. It after this line of code save. It and then give you your vlog right. Now the banner images will be displayed on the blog.

You can change the banner images which i will explain later and now let s animate the banners click on template and then click on customize click advance scroll down and click on add css refer back to the block pros copy paste..

The css code go ahead and copy paste. It in tv. Add. Custom css text area and save the template you can immediately see that the banners in our animated let s get back on how do we change the images here s how i do it i created a draft post and then i choose to upload images where i upload the two images that i have created i select them both and adding to a pose and then i choose original size for both of them.

And i right click and inspec and i right click on the url and copy the link address and paste it on the browser. So once you see the images already uploaded on one spot server. You can then use this images and place it in the html code earlier. Which is highlighted in red because as you can see on the screen right here.

The mobile version doesn t have any animation or image..

So you want to add that is how you re doing the contemplate click on edit html refer back to your blog post and search for the keyword recession class. Header. Just the first part not the ending. Part and then find the keyword and then copy the code.

They should be replacing it with from the block and make sure. This is very important click on the black arrows. One by one until they re all expanded. So you can select all the codes within b section tag.

Now your animated banner shouldn t work perfectly on desktop and on mobile..

So to upload a picture from mobile version you just have to do it from the layout. Header edit. The header with an ugly image. Just placement instead of thailand.

Description and press. Safe. Once done you can view. It from the template.


Right. Here your mobile version should work as intended. So i hope this guy is helpful. If you have any guys you can drop.

It down at the comment section thank you for watching. ” ..

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“This is a video tutorial on how to create animated banner header or logo for (blogspot), I ve decided to write an article which provided detailed steps on how to create animated header banner for your website / blog using CSS3 and HTML 5.nnTutorial link:”,

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