How to Customize Drive Icons on Windows 10 (No Software Install Needed!)

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“I m making this video today to walk through how to customize the icons on on the drives within your windows 10 or i m not sure if this works the previous versions of windows. But i have windows 10. They may work so. As you can see i customized my google drive and my amazon debbie aws s3.

Drive with this you know custom icon here so uh what i m going to do in this example is i ll customize my c drive. And the d drive the c drive is my main hard drive. Which is it s a one though. Some samsung solid state drives.

And this is just like a regular standard laptop. Hard drive. So i m going to download this course leak. One for to represent the the solid state drive.

So here s a cool website. Find icons calm. So if you re looking for young giftee icons um so i m going to click on download icon and take that and put it into this folder and i m just going to call this a solid state right and now in order to change this. What you want to do is you want to open the registry editor and if you don t know how to open that you can click on to here click on a hold down the um.

The windows key and press r. Actually i m not i don t think you even need to click here. I think you can just press..


Yeah so just windows key and the art and then typing reg edit. And then click on ok and now that will bring this up basically so the registry editor or the registry is basically the imagine. It s like the database that your operating system stores information. That s basically what the registry is not be very careful when you re in here because if you kind of screwed up then stuff could happen to your to your computer.

I don t mean that bad stuff icing like a virus or anything malicious. But your computer might start acting certain things might stop running so i ll be very careful. But if you follow along step by step you ll be fine. So you want to expand this key the h.

Key. Underscore. Local and the score machine and expand to software and then once you ve expanded our software expand to microsoft and then scroll down and then expand windows and then expand current version and then scroll down expand explorer expand drive icons and over here. You ll see like the different drive icons.

As you can see if the g drive for example. I ve you know referenced it to the my google drive icon so in this case. We re going to go back here and this is the b drive. So i don t have that so.

What i ll do is i ll right click over here click on new key. And i ll call this b. And then i ll right click here and then go to new key..


And i ll type in default icon. And what i will do here. Is now double click on to the key and then over here just go and grab this url or that url this path and as well as the the slash or the s backwards facing slash and then you want to type in the file name here or paste the file name click on ok and let me let me save you a ok so it hath not reflecting it because i have not saved. So i m just gonna put me me refresh.

It actually don t think you have to see okay cool. So basically once i ve changes it basically that saves it so there s no explicit save so after you do that basically just right click refresh. And i ll change. This and i ll show you the same as far ceo.

Ron drive. That s supposed to be c drive. So i can kind of go back here and i m just going to rename this to see and refresh. Here dams.

We re still over and but at this point can you know you kind of got what you need it but if at any rate. If you want to see me mount this one um. Then i m gonna down with the this one and paste it into here and i m gonna call this the hard drive. I guess just hard drive and go back into the registry.

And then what traffic letter is this d okay. So and also you can let go and rename these so for example ii doesn t have anything so i m just gonna go over here and uh you know and i m just going to go into a hijack this so i m going to just rename this to do to d. And i m gonna go in here..


Oh i m not sure without this foot here and if i refresh boom. I will most likely try to find maybe a different icon. So what the icons um. If you haven t close to the window at this point.

Um. If you happen well you wouldn t be listening to this. But for those people that have their kind of missing out on another part so one thing that you can do if you if you can t find like an icon that you like what you want to do is for example. I would go to google and type in solid state drive icon and most likely if i go to google images um.

You know i get a bunch of like uh like this kind of you know um. So i can kind of actually pick out one of these maybe. I ll pick out maybe this one. And i can then right click so you like save this picture.

And then what i can do is go to google and type in kin g. To ico and if i go here and then i can just upload the the image upload and i m just going to leave this as ico for windows. And it doesn t say when i was 10 here. But is that s pretty like you know you ll definitely work for windows 10.

So after you click on convert ico you can go to download icons and i m going to get this and go back here. Where is it try by cons ok so i m going to delete this i m just going to name this solid state drive whoa that was weird it took it over um i m gonna click on undo i m going to call this maybe ssd address or just ssd samsung ssd core. Now i can go back into the registry..


And change the c drive. And if i go back here cool. So it s just kind of like adds. A layer of cuff up.

I mean when you re here. It s fine. But sometimes you know like a quick glance. It s easy to tell.

Which one is the google which was amazon. I know there s labels on there. But sometimes that just makes it easier you can add your pin that icon on to the start menu or or send it to the desktop and just kind of makes your life a little bit easier when you can customize the the icons of these drives. So hopefully you found this video.

Helpful. If you have make sure you like this video subscribe to my channel. And i also have other videos about young basically stuff that you can do in windows. So check those out and other than that thank you for ” .


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“I ll show you how to customize the Drive icons in My PC on Windows 10, although I believe (correct me if I am wrong) it will work in prior versions of Windows as well (just not sure how far back it goes). This is nice because if you have a lot of drives, it just makes navigating to them easier through the custom icons. Plus you can pin it to your Start Menu, etc.”,

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