How to Cut Out & Create a Transparent Image Windows 10 Paint 3D

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“And welcome to the computer lab so in this video. I m going to show show you how to create a png and how to cut out an image using free d in windows. 10. Okay so the first thing.

We need to do is go down to the search box and type in paint. And it s paint free d. That we want it is not the original paint program that used to call a windows 7 etc. So it s not that one.

It is the paint free d. That comes in windows. 10 click on no and then we should get new canvas depending on what you ve had open before if you ve already been in this program. It might be a different size canvas.

So at this point. We re not really too fussed about the canvas size. We just want to drag our image in it that we want to cut out so i m scoping windows file explorer and go into my. Pictures folder.


And i have got an image in my general folder. Here this wallpaper that i m going to use to cut out so drag in your image. That you want to do your cut from and i m going to cut this bolt out that s in the middle on this particular image using the magic select. So go up to the top left hand corner click on that magic select you will get a bounding box around your image.

And then you drag that bounding box. And the tags to the position that you want so it s basically surrounding the image that you want to cut out from your original image. Then click on the next icon on the right and then get some instructions as well on the right hand side and we ll leave autofill background on it so we can delete that out in a second. But my bounding box is already selected this it sort of turquoise lying around now to add in the bits that the box hasn t picked up on we re then just drag on left click on the mouse and drag.

If we want to remove sections sort of just underneath. This cape here and click on the remove icon in the top right hand corner and drag in the area that you want to remove so i m going to drag in just one line and hopefully it ll do its magic. Which it has and you can see the blue turquoise line that s the bit. We re gonna have i m not gonna go around tight in this image fully up purely because it ll just take too long just to tidy and get the small bits out of the image.

But you can see the general thing. What we re looking. It s done a really good job actually on this particular image and click on done on the right on side. And now we should have our cut out of our image pre selected.


So you saw it bounce. There the image and that is the actual image sort of lifting off the original canvas. So just right get it zoom. So you can t get a full picture to see what we re going.

What s going on there zoom back in there we go so get that canvas about that size and click on the bit that i want and that s my image that is now cut out from my original picture and you can see it s tried to auto fill the background if i left that box on ticked it laughter transparent bit in the middle left on altar phil i mean just drag that away off the canvas. So i m idea now. It s really the black bit on my image. So i ll click on select all and you see it s selected that bounding box.

But it hasn t selected my bit that i ve cut out and now i can just right click on that click on delete that removes all that color now i can drag my cutout back in which is great i m gonna position. It there and now what a couple of options now obviously want to save it i could crop it for one just to reduce the size but i m gonna click on the save and then save as so go up to the menu bar click as save as save as an image okay so now we ve got a couple options again that we need to make sure we have ticked on ticked. So i need to make sure transparency is ticked and you ll see straight away. It creates the transparent background you can do the aspect ratio or not depending on if you want a bounding box around it doesn t really matter if you re dragging it into another image.

It shouldn t really have any effect on it unless you ve left something on their sides of the image. Which might get caught in your in the process. So that s why you do and you can resize your aspect ratio. But if i do it here you ll notice it squeezes everything down it does your actual the background and everything so the way to get around that is to actually crop the image or resize.


It at this point. So if i click on crop and then reduce the sides down on here and then go sort of square of shape. I want you get it into the rough size that you want just click on the return or the enter key on your keyboard and that will save it in the crop size. And we need to go up to the top left hand corner where it says menu click on menu again click on save as click on image again back to this menu you see the width and the height have changed click on transparency and then make sure you save as type as a png the top right then bottom right hand corner click on save put it into the folder you want and i m just gonna call this let s call.

It test 2 again it s a png so now we have saved the file in windows file explorer minimize these down and i just got a photoshop open here just so we a blue background. So we can see when we drag the image in stole from my file explorer find the file. We ve just saved test to drag that in and there s our image without the black background so really nice tool a really clever tool really for considering these it s built in built into windows 10 really good way of removing backgrounds and how to create pngs in windows. 10.

There s also another trick obviously if you haven t got an image you re working from and you re wanting to create an actual png this if you re really good at drawing. Then you can draw yourself one. But i m going to pre select one of the stickers that comes in built in to paint 3d. So i m just going to make a small image up here using these items like i say and we re going to create this sort of clipart.

Really and then save this with a transparent background. So i like to use this picture that i m sort of creating now in an over document and i wanted to create an overall image with these cutout pngs. Then this is the way to do it like say i m using predefined ones. You might have downloaded some off the internet.


You might have drawn them yourself. But either way i m just dragging the stick is in off the predefined ones like i say in this paint program. Okay so once i ve got these laid out pretty much how i wanted to do click on the tick. Okay.

So now i m at the same position. Sort of that i was with the previous one that we cut out of the actual picture so back up to menu click us save us click on image in fact no i forgot to put the transparent background on so i m just going to cancel that section. I need to go up to canvas at the top click on canvas and then in here. I need to make sure transparent canvas is selected so i ll tick that on then we our transparent background then up to menu save as and i can go to the image and we re gonna save it as an image make sure it s png in the save as type give it a name and click on save that s the file saved as a png we a transparent background open the photoshop that i was using pick the image up that i ve just created clouds drag it in and you can see there there s the image.

We were trying background can see the outline for the bounding box is slightly larger. But that shouldn t affect the image or the image quality when you drag it in it s just the bounding box is slightly bigger because we didn t crop it out like we did with the previous image okay so that s it that s how to create a png for free using built in tools in windows. 10. And also how to cut out an image and convert that into a png.

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