HOW TO: Direct Lead Wiring (Crimping Method)

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” s up guys is my customs here. I ve got a short tutorial video. I i want to show you guys on how to do a direct connect from subwoofer. An amplifier.

There s quite a few companies that do this now sound cube is one of the big ones that does this on their to hiring competition grade will first acc. 3. And acc 4 line. They come with direct connect leads coming directly off of the woofer and i get quite a few questions from several people about how to connect from the woofer to their amplifier should they do the solder connection.

Should they do a crimp connection. Because generally amplifier is going to be quite a few feet away from where your woofers actually at so. The method. I m going to show you today is what i actually use because it is convenient.

It s faster than soldering and it is just a good just as good of a connection as getting a solder connection. Because it is using a copper crimp instead of an aluminium jacket. Current..


Which is what a lot of people will use so what you re going to need to do this is a good set of crimpers. I use klein s because they re very well built and they get the job done quite well you can pick these up at a lot of the big box stores like home depot carries. These i believe those carries. These also you can order online.

They re roughly around 23 bucks. Something like that good pair of scissors can cut heat shrink tube and a method to shrink the heat shrink either a lighter or heat. Gun either one works. Great and these are the actual jackets that i use this is for actually for house wiring but it works great for using car audio streaming wire you can the way this is designed is it take a solid core wire twist.

It together slide this jacket over to the core and then crimp it so the way i do. This is this is the exact cable that comes on the sound cue brand woofers. This is gage ofc wire. So what you re going to do is let s say this one animal is connected to the wolf fur.

So you would strip back about 3 4. Of an inch off of the table. Okay..


I m not going to twist that together do anything with it now let s say. This is the cable that s going to your hand fire. This is eight gauge just regular stinger wire. Nothing special about this i ve already pre stripped this back so.

What you do is you would slide your heat shrink to over one end. It doesn t really matter which end you go with i would probably use the smaller wire first. It s just easier to fit it over it slide that over now you take these copper connections. Here and one end is flared out and one ends is smooth.

So you want the flare end facing away from the cable as you slide it on so in one way you can kind of remember. This is if you flare the cable out and you drop it down. It s not going to slide back off that flare end is going to grab okay and then what you do is you take both pieces of cable. Almost like you if you re going to do the solder connection and you push them together like this to where the two cables are basically intertwined with each other it s going to continue to twist all this cable together toward it s tight enough to where you can basically just slide.

This copper jacketed piece over it right over the middle of that part where you twisted it because that s where you re going to crimp. It or did was three crimps all the way down that thing and at this point you could actually put the heat shrink over this and be done. But i ll go even a step further when i do this in my truck..


And i ll actually spread the crimpers out and fold. This over on itself and then crimp it again so there you can see how it s cramped in it i folded. It over on the front and then i ll go ahead and crop. It one last time in this connections.

Done okay that will not come apart and i m pulling that that s not that s that s together that s like the piece of wire. Is if you were to solve that and a half with steel with a metal blade. You would just see solid copper. All the way through that so i d be just like as good as a solder connection in my opinion.

So you ll slide the heat shrink tube over it i m just going to use a liar because it s probably just as fast using the heat gun and this is just so now this termination. Point is insulated all right there you have it there s the connection that you would have from the directly from the subwoofer going to the amplifier and that s 10 gauge going to de gauge. One other way you can do this. If you want to do it on the cheat.

If you don t want to spend five dollars for a thing of the copper jackets or if you can t find them you can go this route. Which i use for quite a while and never had an issue with you can buy some of these they re just called. But splices..


It s actually a 10 gauge of 12 gauge clo splice and what you want to do with these is you will push the insert out of the center of that out or you could even do it. Without pushing that out it just would not be nearly as easy to put the wire in it foot just take a small screwdriver and press this up against anything the ground hole. Anything literally and put enough pressure you can push this insert out and it looks like this so once you have that insert out you would use that in the similar manner is how you use these it just you don t have nearly as much space as you can see to clean that copper piece and this and you would do the same similar thing crimp each end into it put your heat shrink over it. And you have a nice connection at that time that s faster and easier to do than soldering.

My opinion is more versatile. If you have a wall like i do and you re trying to do this you know up above your head as you re trying to connect the cables. It s much easier to have a crimp connection not have to worry about solder dripping down on you or other things of that nature are having a hot iron and close proximity to your face. So i hope you guys like the video.

Let me know what you think about it and always keep a lot. ” ..

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