How to Edit Your Facebook Live Videos?!

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“Guys how are you doing so today. Let s talk about facebook live. And more more importantly. How you can edit your facebook live videos.

So that they look more. And you don t end up. With like a weird image thumbnail image of you with like your mouth open or like you know doing some kind of weird face. Which always happens to me when i m doing a video it seems like youtube and facebook always pull the most awkward possible clip of me with like food in my mouth or something.

And that s the thumbnail that you see before it plays so i ve been teaching how to clean up your live videos make them look super professional. So that they stand out and get more views..

Which is what we re trying to do so here s a live video. I did last week. I have already edited my video as you can see i have this nice like little intro that talks about the content that i am discussing in the live video. I also have this custom thumbnail here with some text on it so it just looks a little bit nicer than just whatever facebook s gonna automatically pull so here s how you do it so once so first you ve got a go live.

Which if you don t know how to do that um you know figure that out first but once you go live immediately after what you re gonna want to do is it s gonna automatically publish to your timeline like this but what you re gonna want to do is click this little arrow right here this down arrow and go to edit post so you re gonna click edit post and it s gonna pop up this box and this is where you can customize all of the information. So i d recommend that you write like a nice compelling you know text or intro to your video. That s gonna like really grab people s attention to make them want to watch you can also create a title for your video that kind of helps explain what it s about you can create some video tags or that are gonna help facebook determine you know what it s about and so hopefully that will help show it to the right audience. There s also these advanced options.

Which i did not use on this one. But you can add captions and captions are basically where you can see the text so if somebody doesn t click on your video and click on the sound they can still kind of see what content is um and then we have some other options..

I haven t used these ones yet so it looks like you can like cross promote on other pages. So if you have like multiple business pages. Where you know you own the page. But and the content similar and you want to do like cross promotion.

You can do that but let s just go back to the basic cuz. This is what most of you are gonna use so before you film your live video. I would recommend going to canva and creating some type of little thumbnail image that you can use so that you have it on hand. After you ve gone live.

So this is like probably the biggest feature that you re gonna want to do so you know and all you re doing really is creating this little thumbnail image. It can be just like a picture of you or whatever you want it to be and then you just lay some little text about what your videos about on top and then you re gonna come here and you re gonna hit this custom camera button and that s gonna allow you to go to your desktop and choose whatever image you want to appear here..

Now. I ve already selected the image that i want to use so i don t need to go through this step. But what i would have you do is make sure that you have saved on your desktop a thumbnail image that you want to use so that you can immediately go in upload it so you would click open and that s gonna automatically load it and that s just gonna again and make it look a little bit more professional. So that it s not like like let s look at some of these other options like you you you like none of these look good like they look bad right.

I look funky. I don t look like somebody that you would really want to watch you definitely not that one. And then there s this one oh so much better right like you would definitely watch this video over like that right i don t know maybe maybe you wouldn t maybe like that better. But i am a professional.

I m trying to keep things looking fly so i m gonna go this route. So again this is just something that i think a lot of people forget to do once you re done you would just hit save that s really going to help make your live videos look a little bit more polished to help differentiate you from everybody else..

That s doing like that and just kind of make make you look like a pro. So i hope you found this helpful let me know how is facebook live. Working out for you are you guys feeling like it s really helping the engagement on your facebook page. I personally have enjoyed experimenting with facebook live and i m going to incorporate it into more of my facebook strategy because i think it really does help with engagement on your facebook page which we all know is it s difficult to get engagement on without paying for so yeah.

Let me know in the comments. What you think i hope you found this helpful and ” ..

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“Facebook live is awesome for boosting your page s engagement… what s not awesome? Awkward video thumbnail images of you with your mouth open. Avoid looking like an amateur by taking these simple steps to edit your live video after it ends. Not only will you look like a polished pro, you will get more views! nnHere s a link to Canva: (which I mention in the video)nn—nnSTAY IN TOUCHnn Hire Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:”,

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