How to Facebook Live Stream: Maximize Quality and Avoid Dropouts

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“It s justin brown. Evan primal video. These days. There s some great platforms for for hosting your live streams.

Facebook in particular. Is spending a ton of time and investing in their platform facebook. Live. It s growing incredibly fast.

Which is really no surprise because it is such a great platform to host your live streams. But as with all live streaming for best results. It s important to take a few precautions before you switch live to help prevent any unnecessary dropouts or dips in quality while you re live in this video. We ll run through how you should be testing for any issues before switching live on facebook and the right settings to help you minimize the chances of any problems.

Or dropouts. While you re live okay. So the moment you press the go live button on your facebook livestream doesn t matter if it s from your phone whether it s from your desktop computer using something like wirecast. The moment that you press that button then you re telling facebook that you re about to send through a consistent stream of video and audio in order for them to play it back onto your facebook page or profile.


So that is all reliant on your internet speed. But more specifically. It s reliant on your internet upload speed. So we hear all the time that people are saying.

I know it s fine. It s not my internet speed. I ve got a 10 megabit connection or a 20 megabit connection. Most cases they re referring to the download speed not the upload speed in order for you to share something from your device to facebook for them to post it on your behalf.

That s an upload that you re looking at not a download so it s absolutely critical that your upload speed meets the minimum requirements for facebook in order to get good results from your facebook live streams if your internet speed isn t fast enough then first and foremost you ll lose quality on your live stream. So your video made playback. All pixelated or really blurry and your audio may sound terrible. If your internet isn t good.

Enough for even that then your stream will be dropping in and out or maybe even break the connection entirely. And that s pretty frustrating for you as the broadcaster and also for your audience watching the only way that you can restart is to create a new facebook live post and try then to bring your audience from the first post. Where they still might be watching over to your new post. Where you re now live again.


So how fast does your internet upload speed need to be in order to get great results from facebook. Life well the minimum that i would recommend is 2 megabits per second upload facebook will accept anything up to 4 megabits per second for a 720p stream and that s really what facebook is looking for if you re able to send facebook 4 megabits per second 720p stream. Which is the quality of the picture that you re sending them then that would be the best case scenario. If you don t have a 4 megabit.

Upload connection then anything down to a 2 megabit connection. Would be fine. You re still get really great results anything under the two megabits per second is where you ll open yourselves up to lower quality may be some minor dropout or complete dropout. If it s below that probably the biggest difference between using facebook.

Live for your live. Streams. And using something like youtube live is that youtube gives you the ability to lower the quality of your video that you re actually sending if your internet speed isn t up to scratch facebook. Live doesn t have this ability what it s expecting from you is a 720p video stream at a minimum of two megabits per second so before you go live it s really important that you know how fast your.

Internet connection is and you can do that by heading over to speedtestnet. You can download the app if you re on your ios or android device what you have to do is hit the begin test button the test will start it ll test three things your ping your download speed and your upload speed so what can you do if you want to use facebook live you ve just done a speed test. And you find out that your upload speed is less than two megabits per second first and foremost. I would try to jump on another wi fi.


If possible if the internet connection. You re using is a shared internet connection. So if it s in your home or office. And there s other people using it then potentially they re chewing up all your bandwidth they could be doing downloads watching netflix or anything really.

But they re going to be taking away the speed that you need or the internet. That you need to be using facebook life. So the first place that i would check would be that no one else is using your internet and then run another speed test. Another thing.

You could try would be a 4g or an lte connection and see. If that s any better when you run a speed test. If you re one of these people that likes doing their facebook live broadcast out. And about so you could be anywhere.

I would highly recommend you run a speed test before you go live just to make sure that your internet speed is up to scratch in that exact location. If it s not then i d highly recommend not going live with your broadcast and moving somewhere. Where you ve got a better 4g lte or wi fi connection. If you re using a 3g or 4g.


Or an lte connection. Then be aware that your speeds can fluctuate. So make sure that you re well above. The 2 megabits per second upload in case.

There s any fluctuation in your speed. While you re live the worst case scenario is that your internet speed drops below the point and facebook isn t able to receive the data that you re sending through at that point is when you really start to lose quality on your live stream for everyone else. That s watching you could also start to see some dropouts in your connection. Maybe you lose a bet of audio or the picture and audio could be out of sync and worst case would be that facebook drops the feed altogether because it thinks that you ve stopped broadcasting.

Because it s not receiving any data from you in that case it s really frustrating not just for you the person that s broadcasting. But also for your audience watching if you found this video helpful we d really appreciate a share thumbs up or a comment. If not thumb it down would like the feedback make sure you head over to primal video comm forward slash subscribe to subscribe to our weekly ” ..


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