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“It s really easy just to look at it and be like you re just just like helping people post instagram photos. But it is so much more hi guys name is michelle reid. If you guys are new to my channel. You should definitely hit that subscribe button because i post lots videos i post work peak in my lives.

I post videos like these i post all the time. I am 21 years old. I just graduated from college in may and i m doing a lot of just kind of adulting this stuff about working jobs lifestyle stuff wellness stuff just a ton of different things you guys should definitely stick around today s video is one that i ve wanted to film for a very long time. That is a qa on working in social media marketing.

I get so many questions from people asking me about my job about how to get into this industry. What it s actually like skills to have so many dms from you guys specifically on these things it so i wanted to do a whole video. Just. Answering your questions.

If you guys are interested in working in social media marketing for some background. I work at a social media marketing agency. It s technically a creative shop. So we do more than just marketing.

But it s specifically all around influencer marketing. It s on the agency side of things so i don t specifically work under necessarily one brand. But it s however meaning accounts that i m on at the time so we have a lot of different brands that we work with and then we help them with influencer marketing. I m obviously just an entry level role because i did just start i am 21.

I just graduated in may and so i don t know everything this is just my experience from being at the job for about five to six months now. I asked for questions on my instagram per usual. So you guys should definitely go follow me on there i post all the time and i m really really active on instagram so you guys should definitely check it out what does a typical day on the job look like so i do work at an agency and it is more of a startup. We are about like 40 to 50 employees now and so it s not technically really a startup.

But that doesn t mean that my day to day tasks are very different i have like a set to do list every day that i know are things that i necessarily like have to get done. However i don t come in and like every day. Looks the same which can be really good for some people and really bad for some people it depends on who you are personally for me. I like things switching up.

It s good for me. I feel like i learned more working on a smaller company you also get to do different tasks. It s not like a big corporate job. Where you upset tasks that you have to get done.

It s kind of like where you re needed that s what you work on and it s a lot of fun. If you guys are starting out. I think. It s great to work at a smaller company for that reason basically everything has its drawbacks.

But i really like it the marketing industry. I feel like people don t work earlier in the morning. I typically get in around 9 00. But lately.

It s been more like 8 30. 8. 45..


And then i leave work around like. 6 00. 6. 30.

But a lot of times. I do work at night as well just because an influencer marketing. You re working with people who don t work normal. 9 00 to 5 00 these are influencers who you know respond to emails really late or really early and so it is kind of the kind of job where you re working around the clock.

And because it is client work you are working for the client. Which means working outside of set like normal hours. So that s a really important thing to note that you need to make sure your lifestyle kind of aligns with that what are some skills and employers look for specifically for social media marketing. I think the biggest thing that i didn t necessarily know going into.

But was something that i wanted to learn a lot about was data. And i think that s something that i actually got a question. Something that was like what do you do just like post pictures on instagram all day and i think that s kind of the assumption. But it is a lot of data science.

It s a lot of taking posts and analyzing them and seeing trends and at the end of the day. It is like a sales job. You are working like a sales job. Like you are trying to create campaigns and work on campaigns that sell product like that is what marketing is and so or analyzing data you are seeing what works.

What doesn t and applying that in a creative way and i think it s really really interesting seeing that side of things i think that s the part that i like the most about it is analyzing the data in excel. And that s something that i m learning a lot and i think as you get higher you kind of do more and more and you kind of analyze those trends and create campaigns around them the entry level position. You re kinda lies in putting the data to what works. What doesn t it s just really interesting.

So i think being able to look at set data and analyze it it s also the kind of job where you have to be very particular about every little thing and every little thing has to add up and you have to be very type a very meticulous. Which is personally my personality type. I ve always been like that a little bit too much who the drive myself crazy. But because you can t analyze data everything isn t inputted and formatted correctly.

Obviously the creative skills are really important too if you want to bring together campaign especially for influencer marketing. You have to kind of have that creative eye. I think that s something that i m actually a little bit weaker and i think sometimes you ll get influencers and you think that they d be really good at that because they do create content. But i m definitely more of a numbers person versus like a creative person and then at the end of the day.

Just being a people person especially. If you re working on the client side working with clients who might have you know things happen. Where you have to really work quickly. And you have to work in an organized manner and be really excited about it.

And being good with people and having good communication skills is always important. But i think that s for any job vice to get a job in the industry. I got a lot of questions from people asking like if you have to have a certain degree or if you have to study something in college have a certain liner. I personally do not think if you want to work in social media marketing.

You have to have a certain major. I think it would be helpful to have internships. I honestly don t even think my college helps me get this job..


I think the reason why i understood the industry and i knew it was because i was in it as an influencer and now i m learning the back side of things and it s so interesting i definitely don t think you need to like be a marketing major in college. You can learn anything at the job just being able to show that you have a creative eye. That and analyze data that you are very particular and you have good communication skills. I think that you can make it happen meet people networking is such a better option compared to just going on linkedin and applying for the day.

I got my job by literally emailing. The contact email on the website greta is a small company. I think just doing things that are a little bit outside of the box and not necessarily just going the easy route line do a hundred different jobs on linkedin. It s like everyone s gonna do that and you have to find a way to kind of set yourself apart do you ever think social media is too superficial of a career.

How do you manage that i have this internal struggle. A lot and i think the conclusion that i ve come to is that a lot of times. We think that our work has to be fulfilling and it has to be something that is doing like this greater good and i m all i think any job has elements like that i don t think your job necessarily has to be your total fulfillment. It s like you can find that through your family through volunteering through just being as a person and impacting other people s lives.

Because you re not necessarily working for a non profit or you know a charity like that doesn t mean that your job is it s a filling and you aren t touching people s lives by like being a nice person to work with and working hard and especially while working like an entry level job. You re not necessarily gonna have the freedom to do something that super fulfilling. It s like you do just need a job at the end of the day. And you can work your way up to do something that might be a little bit more fulfilling.

But i think there is beauty and just doing the simple ordinary things and being really good at those ordinary things and touching. People that way. Yeah. Social media marketing may seem really superficial.

In some days. It definitely feels like that but other days. It doesn t actually run an article recently on this that i think is really helpful for kind of processing. These things i ll have a link down below if you want to check it out can i get a job in the industry with a completely different degree.

How i definitely think you could i know people who are hired in marketing positions who were like litical majors or something. It s like you can make anything happen. It s all about how you formulate the answers to your interview questions so that you can sell something show that you know people s buying habits show that have a creative eye in some way like just show your skills through things that you ve done throughout your life. It doesn t necessarily have to be like oh.

I took this class in college on this subject is there any specific software you need to know how to use in your job. I honestly wouldn t worry about this i think knowing excel microsoft word google. She like simple things like that i feel like it s like obvious that you should know those. But i don t think there are specific programs that you know you have to know it might be good to be like certified in adwords or something.

But i don t think that there are these set programs that you should know how to do because at the end of the day that s the stuff that you can learn i think. It s the soft skills that are more innate like your people skills your communication skills. How self motivated you are like those are the things that you can t necessarily teach yourself that you should already know how to be good on you interact a lot with your co workers on projects or more individual. My work is very collaborative.

I work on teams because we are doing client work and i m all at different accounts. There s like different teams for each account. So it is a lot of teamwork. But it also is a lot of individual work to within your specific role that you do have specific duties that you have to do.

But it s definitely a good mix of both which is good for me i m always used to working by myself. So it s been good to learn how to work with the team you know how to take responsibility and develop those communication skills. And so do you think jobs like this will be around long term..


If not how do you plan for that i get this question. And i think people ask these kind of questions all the time. And it s like all jobs are not necessarily going to be here for the long term just sitting and like planning on how you re going to like pivot. Especially about social media.

And just like personally from my own opinion. I don t think. It s going anywhere things migrate into new platforms for example like tic toc. It s becoming like one of the fastest growing app.

It s like important to learn how to go onto those platforms and market there. But that s all about just being like an adaptable person and just knowing that you do have skills that can go from thing to thing. But yeah i m not like worried about it i don t think it s going anywhere and if it does it s like you have skills that you can just put towards something else. It s not necessarily like it s not like i only know how to do social media marketing and that s it i mean.

It s like like i said before you have communication skills you know how to analyze data. It s like these things can be used for other jobs. I m not necessarily like worried about being jobless. Do you do more writing or strategy or data work.

I say it s a lot of all those i don t really do a lot of writing besides doing a lot of females and then doing like reports. But even that it s not anything like writing an essay in college. I don t do a lot of like writing coffee unless. It s like helping people for math or instagram captions or like seeing what talking points work better.

I don t really work on a lot of the strategy stuff. I help put together the data to formulate it. But that s definitely something that someone who is a higher level will do strategy more than i do do you think it would be easy for someone to switch into the marketing space from sales. I definitely think so because marketing.

Very much is sales and just especially for influencer marketing. Just getting people to be on board to be a part of campaigns. It is kind of like selling a brand. It is like selling this to the influencer.

Why is this a good campaign at the end of the day marketing and sales like you are trying to drive purchases from a customer. And that is so important and i feel like having those persuasion skills from sales. Having those people skills is really important. I feel like that would be such an easy transition.

Do you think you would have ended up in this industry. Even if you weren t on youtube. Right definitely think i wouldn t have i would not be interested in this industry at all the only real reason. Why i applied to this job was because i didn t know about social media.

And i knew about the space. And it s so interesting working on the behind the scenes of it and kind of seeing why brands make the choices that they make and you know what makes a campaign successful and like and it s really easy just to look at it and be like you re just like helping people post instagram photos. Which at the end of the day. It s like that is a big part of it.

But it is so much more like. Seeing the overarching goal of like on one s whole year plan of like what they put on social media. It s just so interesting to see it come about and what makes it successful..


What makes it not successful. I feel like i know a lot about this face because i ve already been on it and i wouldn t have picked it if i didn t kind of already have that interest how do you stay focused on your individual work. In an open floor plan environment. So at my work.

I think you guys see this in my week in my life videos occasionally. But and it s like an open floor plan. It s like there s just like long desks. It s not like you have your own desk.

That you sit at it really isn t hard. I ve always been someone who s pretty self motivated. I just kind of work on my own stuff. And i don t necessarily need someone to like stay on me to tell me to do things i feel like i am.

That person for myself a little bit too much sometimes. I think. That s actually a really good skill to have is being self motivated because when you manage yourself it means someone else doesn t have to manage you as much which puts work off of them which makes them really happy to be a part of your team. So yeah.

It s honestly really fun i feel like i ve gotten better at multitasking and talking and doing work while also getting my stuff done i really like it i think. It s great have you ever felt burnout tired of social media. Since you re on it for work youtube and private use a million times. And i feel like this has been the hardest part about doing both and you know they say like if you really like something make it your job and then you re gonna hate it which i don t think is necessarily completely true.

But it is hard it s a lot of like being on instagram and being on youtube and looking at you know analytics for a brand. But then also looking at it for myself. And it can be really overwhelming and i ve gotten to a point. Where i feel like i do need to find time to just do like a whole day of no social media.

I m thinking about doing this on saturdays. It s something that i really want to try to do because it is really important and at the end of the day. It is social media and it s like there are a lot of negative things that can come from it if you re on it all the time. And it s really easy to get caught up on it but yet again i see my own social media use for you know youtube and instagram.

I was a way for me to connect with my followers. Which is such a meaningful thing for me that i don t necessarily i don t really do it. And i m like oh my gosh. I m just scrolling through instagram.

It s like oh my gosh. I m connecting with these people and i m meeting them and like that makes me really happy and so it s something i m excited to do at the end of the day. But yeah whenever you work all day on social media and then you come home and you do it more. It can t be hard like that would be hard for anyone those are all the questions.

I m going to answer feel free to ask any more questions that i may have not addressed down below let me know your thoughts what industry you want to go into if you re interested in working in marketing and why i d love to just make this an open dialog per usual. I love you guys so much and i m still thing all that you watch this video again don t forget to subscribe if you want to stick around it ll be guys so much and i ll see you ” ..

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