How To Get More Views On Your Medium Posts (5 Hacks)

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“Everybody welcome back to another medium tutorial. I m going to show you guys today today five ways that you can get more views on your medium posts. Okay. So s get right into it right now okay so first off let s talk about featuring a story at the top of your profile.

You see how this post is featured this is from november 15 2017 kind of like how you can pin a post on twitter. You can do the exact same thing on medium. So that when people find you they will see that particular post up front maybe your best post whatever you want i have a lock story here. But you know it s up to you so this is what you can do basically let s just go down.

And the major is try to find one that i might want to feature you re going to just find it on your profile feed you re gonna click this little arrow here and you re gonna click on feature at the top of your profile after i click on that that that story will be featured up at the top and therefore. I will get more views to that particular article. Okay does that make any sense fantastic reading move on to the next one so another one is tagging people in posts. I m gonna show you this right now i really think this is underutilized.

I don t think that many people are doing this as much as they could or should be doing you can make a whole newsletter like every coming out every morning at 8 am. Shouting up the best posts from the previous day or medium or some of the ones that you liked in particular that could be a thing you could do i gave you the idea for that not trademarked do whatever you want to do but here s something that you can do all right let go. And i ll write a story here this is a story all right and then let s say that you re writing out your piece. And you want to maybe you know tag a couple people in there.

So let s say nicholas cole. I love nicholas cole. Sorry. Nicholas cole.

Let s say..

Ben hardy yep to do that you just press the at button and then you can basically type in whichever. The name of the person that you want to tag if for some reason that maybe that person is not coming up you can go ahead and open. A new tab. I m sorry that this is cut off here.

Let me just go to chris gage cuz. I love chris gage. She s awesome and then up at the top you can t see. This but if you click on the.

Url you can see this. Meetingcom. Slash at chris gage. And then basically all you would have to do is you could just delete that and then add in her name right there and watch.

I can t a hacker just like that so you can either try to type in their name or you can literally just copy and paste their particular there particularly user name there okay. The greatest thing about using this is and the reason. Why i like doing this for more views is because when you tag somebody in a post that they re gonna get an email and they re going to get a notification. Saying that they were tagged in a certain post and that get that really bumps up the odds that they will actually read your story and clap for it and therefore give it some more clout give it some more algorithm juice that way you can get going and really start to get more and more views.

It s not necessarily just to get that person to view. It it s more so to get that person to clap for you and they get that post going a little bit more. I m gonna keep with this example for number three featuring your stories inside of existing post to get that cross link action going to get more people reading more and more and more of your stuff kind of like an inception type thing when they re reading one article. There s another article in there they can read that one.

Then you re gonna get more and more views and this this..

One tweek can really really help you get a lot more views per month and per week. And this is something that i started to do just recently. But basically what you re going to do is let me just pick one of the stories from my from my profile here. Let me x out of chris and i ll take this one how writing suddenly from waiting tables to creature bidding at the huffington post and i m just gonna basically copy and paste that in there and then press enter and watch what happens in medium.

It actually makes it look really nice right there. It has the image here it will load up yep. There it is makes the image look really nice. And it makes that post look awesome.

I could link to it if i wanted to like you know i wrote about that here and then you just basically link out to that you know and and hold on you just link out to that right there. But that is just including more lengths to stuff who can really really really help you out i find i find that with about every 100 or so views. You might get one or two people to actually click through to another post and then those people are probably pretty interested in you and they might just keep clicking through and they might follow you it has a sort of chain reaction. Okay so you want to really milk out as many views as you possibly can get in as many classes you can possibly get so linking and your stories and using that kind of little hack.

There that you just put the url directly in a medium can really really help you out okay. So another one is using top tags. I m going to send you a link to google document with all of the tags you can become a top writer in on medium. I m going to link to that right here underneath this video.

But basically when you re just about to hit the publish button make sure that you re using tags that are actually popular okay so for me life. See that hat. See how that has two hundred and thirty thousand people following it that s much much better than life hacks here with just three point seven thousand people. Following.


If that makes any sense okay so for life you just add that one you could do travel. There i like travel. I like life i like life lessons. A lot of people follow those tags so therefore they may or may not see your story in their medium dialect daily digest emails on their home pages etc etc.

This is just helping you have more of a chance at getting in front of these people later on okay so make sure that you re using tags my google document is right below. You can become a top writer. And those tags. If you use it a lot.

Which would also boost your views. So think about that and then also guys one other thing is whenever i m on medium. I see a lot of people from my network on medium people aka people that i like to clap for people that i like to read. I like tim down and comments despot.

I love him tracy and basically what i m trying to say is if you comment more this is number five. If you comment more on articles. You re actually going to get in front of people. More and they might interact with you and then they make clap for an article of yours or follow you or both if they do both you have more of a of a chance of getting into under their homepage over the next couple days.

Because the algorithm is so fresh. And it s saying okay well this person clap for this article and they follow this person so therefore we re thinking that we might want to show with that person s articles in their home feed to see if they want to continue consuming their content. Because look medium is a platform. It s a social media platform.

It s trying to keep you on that platform..

So if you actually comment more if you comment maybe on five six articles per day from a lot of different people you might be able to start getting in front of in front of their home pages. Especially if they check you out especially. If you re thoughtful in your response and especially if they you know follow you or something. Like that i hope those five little tips help you out there s kind of like little hacks and mediums you know a platform.

Some of the things that you can do to you ll get a couple more views and things like that to your existing posts. If you did like it hit that like and subscribe button for more videos. I ll be doing medium tutorials every single week from here on out. I love medium.

It s where i built my following etc. Etc. You re going to get everything blogging. Here.

On my channel. I release videos every tuesday wednesday thursday and friday so without further ado guys i ll let you get on with your day. Thank you so much for watching. And i hope that you continue watching in the future okay.

” ..

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