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“Enough persona showed a good price at a site in my help today. I m m going to be showing you how you can get thousands of twitter followers for free in just a couple of hours no surveys or verification or anything like that so the first thing you re gonna want to do is click the two links down below in the description. I haven t saved right here. I suggest saving the the links and i notepad so you can do this later on because it does take a few times to get any followers.

So the first once it s gonna take you to its plus followers. You re gonna go down to the bottom left here..

Which is this free service and they re gonna pick start now and then the add file lick you re gonna skip add don t take you to what s it like this and you re gonna click log on twitter it so for both pages it should look like this and i didn t make a new account just for the sake of this video. So i ll go ahead and click click that and let this work for a second and then i ll refresh it like a minute and a half once i show you guys the other step. So i know you guys probably hate having to follow other people to get followers well that s pretty much how it works so the third link in the description i have is a automatic unfollow link so you re gonna click it in here you re gonna click add chrome i already have mine added so once that s done you ll have to actually open a new twitter. If you refresh it twitter you have open will work if not you open a new tour.

Page here okay anyways let s go ahead and refresh. This as you can see..

18. Followers. Ahead zero. Just keep refreshing this followers are going up by mid.

Account i ve gained probably like 2000. Followers in just under like 10 hours doing this so this only works with five minutes at a time..

And then you have to actually close this movie your account or ii sign in so. That s why i suggest saving those in a notepad here somewhere okay. And now how you get rid of the followers that automatically follows just click followers after you ve installed the app and this will appear right here in the top right corner you know click settings. You re gonna come to the middle portion where it says unfollow you re gonna put the wait to 1500 that s a wonder half seconds just so you don t get like spam bots therefore your account doesn t get spam box all right you re gonna put the unfollow days minimum to zero and you should be good to go so you re gonna click unfollow all and what s they ll do is they ll start automatically unfollowing all the people that you had followed you can it is at the same time as it s automatic and follow them to make it go faster.

If you wish you know once you re done just refresh. And it s in following nobody and in about a minute..

I ve gained almost 50 followers sometimes goes faster sometimes it goes slower it depends on that time of day but this way you can easily gain like 1000 2000. Even more followers and under 24 hours as long as you keep redoing it so hopefully you guys found this trick. Useful. I will be linking my main twitter down in the description below so good good go give that a follow excuse me.

And yeah hope ” ..

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