how to get your own name on instagram in 2020

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“I don t know why i did not just click that but there s about about 1 billion users on instagram daily. Probably so i went and did some research. My own and i go gold mining alright on how many of me. Calm and there s 1650.

People. With my name which i highly doubt. But there s the asian man right next to me so it must be true anyways. I did what i did was best and i did some math 7 8.

9. Which is a billion all right so point is that s not the point. It s really hard to get your own name on instagram and i m not even flexing. You know some of these other youtubers they straightaway tell you how i got my.

3 letter. In surrounding the og name. I m shocked i even got it to this day. I still look at my instagram.

It looks pretty fucking..

Sick. So i own instagram calm. Breathe. Yes.

Oh gee one word username the most i ve ever been offered for an instagram account is around 15000. Stay boy. I know for a fact you guys are not trying to spend that much money especially looking at my dms and wants to buy my name yellow broke is with yo. It s my job to let you guys know how to get your own instagram.

Name right. Oh. My gosh. You re so.

You re so. Helpful. Uncle caleb. Oh.


This is get right hello. Once you get your own name. A lot of people are going to tag you and things that you do not want to be tagged in and you re gonna be mentioned and things that you do not want to be mentioned in all right so for example you know where i m following the tag section. And i don t know what this is we zoom in alright.

Zoom. Who is that i am not white um. And then as you guys can see i am also a 13 year old boy who plays rec league basketball it s kind of its kind of awkward it being in my profile don t know who that i don t know what i m doing i am a little black boy now yeah also it looks like i have been friend zoned again and last. But not least where are my eyebrows all right bro.

I literally kid you not um and then i got tagged and another thing right here. So this he was going on it looks like i m i am having a baby shower. So yeah. It s kind of an awkward situation to kind of be the scapegoat through these young children who don t have instagrams so i m the guy who s the baby shower.

I m the guy who does not have eyebrows alright so odds are you re probably not gonna listen to me. So i m a message this person named at queen. Who probably has more experience in like the social media game than i do but before i message her i needed to do something very important believe it or not i actually self diagnosed myself with severe anxiety. Hdmi cable and canon t6.


So i turned to the internet to look up how to do things in life. So. What s the better place to do that then go on wikihow and it says right here stop texting her if she s not into it which i completely obeyed and let s go into my dm. Sending my third message that she has not responded to yet says here that she s typing it looks like that she doesn t know what to say so.

The balls on our side of the court fellas okay. I take that back she actually left me on red reminds me a lot of my high school career. Okay at this point. I came to a conclusion that she s actually probably starstruck that a famous youtuber has messaged her so she doesn t really know what to say so because of that i m going to send her the fourth consecutive message.

Wow. Okay. I spoke too soon she actually messaged. Me saying.

I m not home right now so she can t as jayco would say don t save her she don t want to be saved. And i m trying to upload this video tonight hey. What s up oh shoot thank you thank you a girl cuz her name was cutie anyways uh. Yeah dude.

I m doing this video and i looked at your profile..

It seemed like there was a lot of a lot of people tagging you and stuff. How does that like how does that really affect your day to day life. How is this affecting your lifestyle. Have you noticed a growth of klout from your instagram.

Name have you got um have you received new hose from your instagram. Name alright. So to end the video. It s really not worth having a clean instagram at name.

But i hope you guys enjoyed the experiences and honestly this video was kind of a joke. But yeah to answer your girl s question if you really want a clean instagram add name just email instagram saying like it s part of your business or whatever. And then they my hand it over to you guys you know if it s as serious. Yeah.

Thank you guys for watching and bye. The game. I ve been doing great i guess i m playing i don t think by yesterday every move is calculated this ain t no guessing game how many come up still it s destiny. How many come up still this meant to be i hadn t talking i don t get to me daddy same no different three this ” .


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