How to Make a Square Shape Photoshop CC Tutorial

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” s up everybody its spencer from pixel bracket and in this video. I m gonna gonna show you how to make a square in adobe photoshop. We re gonna begin a new document and i m in photoshop cc. 2018 as you can see right here.

Which means. My workspace is the essentials default workspace. Which essentially has the properties panel over here. There s a few little changes.

But not a whole lot. And it doesn t really matter because in this tutorial. We re gonna make some square shapes or rectangle shapes really so i m gonna grab the shape tool down here and the shape tool is actually the u shortcut. Key and if you hold click and hold that you ll notice.

There s lots of other shapes you can great with that same shortcut key. But we re gonna focus on the rectangle tool. So when i select that there s a lot of properties up here at the top. I can select the tool mode whether its shape path or pixels.

I m gonna stick with shape. And we can select whether it s a fill or stroke or fill and stroke. The size of the stroke and a few more options along the way well..


What we re gonna do is create a couple squares and notice when i click and drag. I can create a rectangle with the bounding box. But if i hold shift its gonna lock that into a perfect square and all i have to do is let go. And it s created a square with the fill that we originally selected and now you notice.

It actually created a shape layer over here. So we have an entire later dedicated to that shape and check out the properties live shapes are super cool. So there s lots of live shaped properties. Which means i can link the width and the height and i can change that on the fly like 350 pixels hit enter and it changes the size of my shape to be 350 by 350 or you can unlink that and make it back into a rectangle rather than a square you can change its positioning.

You can change. Even whether it is a stroke shape or a filled shape in these properties and then you have a lot of stroke options like the size of the stroke. We could change that to 20 you can change whether it s a dotted line just solid line or where the stroke appears you know in the center on the outside the inside also the edges and the corners and speaking of corners. We can actually round the corners of our shape right here these live shape properties.

One other thing. We can do is we can use the direct selection tool. Which is normally the path selection this dark arrow and our tool bar over here. But if we click and hold it ll give us the direct selection tool with that tool.

And i m going to go ahead and get rid of the corner rounding. There with that direct selection tool. I can actually select just one point and i can click and drag that point to edit my shape..


But beware there are certain actions that you do when i try to do that adobe photoshop is gonna let me know this operation will turn a live shape into a regular path. Do you want to continue if i say yes. I no longer have my live shape properties over here so all those little rounding corner things and the you know changing it from a fill to a stroke. Although i can probably still change it from a fill to a stroke based on my active layers up here.

However remember there are some actions that would get rid of the live shape properties. That s something i ve run into before and i know a lot of people have run into that where they can t figure out where that menu went and it s the properties menu. So under window. You go down to properties.

That s where the live shape properties will show up as long as you have it selected. But there are certain actions that you can do like when you edit or directly edit. Some of the points. That will get rid of it so i just want to make sure you re aware of that one other thing.

We can do is we can actually transform our shape. So if we grab the selection tool and we hit command or ctrl t. The transformation bounding box shows up which means i can stretch and skew this shape. And i can hold shift to lock it into the square shape to make it bigger or smaller and once i do that sometimes not all the time.

But sometimes this will switch to the masks. Instead of the live shape. So i didn t lose my live shape..


You can still get back to that live shape mode by clicking live shape properties. If you see it if you didn t get that dialog box earlier that warns you it ll get rid of them so sometimes it ll be on this mask and it ll look like you don t have your shape anymore. But if you just click on this sort of bounding box looking icon. You ll get that live shape properties back.

Which means we can switch it back and forth to a filled shape or whatnot and changed the corner radius. And we can even edit the corners individually. If we unlock of course. It s not letting me do that but looks like if we can edit these so like one corner zero pixels now you know that s 45 45.

45. And zero down here. There s different ways you can edit those corners and generally you can unlock them by clicking this icon. There we go it went away now and you can change each one of these corners.

If i expand this panel to be whatever you want it to be if you want one corner rounded more than others you can edit those individually or you can edit them all together. Well that s it for this tutorial. It was actually a little bit longer than i thought you know there s a lot of different options in photoshop. I want to make you aware of that i wasn t aware of when i was first learning photoshop.

So if you re making shapes. They are if there are shape paths that are shaped layers they are vector so that you can scale them up and down as long as you keep them as shapes. You won t be able to necessarily draw straight on that so if i switch to my brush tool..


And i tried to brush right over you already see there s a little crossed out icon. Which means when i click. It s gonna tell me it needs to rasterize it rasterizing means. It s going to turn it into pixels so it will no longer be vector so when i scale it up and down that s actually gonna lose some quality while i do that so if you want to paint on a on a shape layer.

I would recommend just creating a new layer above it and then you can paint on top of that you know there s lots of different ways to work with photoshop learn your layers. If you re new to photoshop. I ve got a free course in the description. It s like five essential tips and photoshop for beginners.

Which are five things i think that if you re a beginner you should really know and really be aware of and in fact. If you re not a beginner. I still think you need to be aware of them there s some great non destructive editing techniques available in that course just click. It it s in the description.

Anyway. Thanks for watching you guys subscribe for more tips and tutorials and i ll see you next time ” ..

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