How To Make Customized Twitter Backgrounds 2013!!! (TEMPLATE INCLUDED!!!)

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” s up youtube. It s andrew from posh designs and today i m gonna be be showing you guys how to make customized twitter backgrounds for 2013. Now this template work for anyone used in photoshop so definitely open up the description below go ahead and download. It and then come back to this tutorial.

So everything that you guys see right here will be able to be seen on a twitter account now anything under this blue marker. Right here will not be able to be seen so don t place anything under the blue marker. But anything on the left and right side will be showing up on twitter accounts as well as the transparency setting on a twitter. Account you guys will be able to see the stuff that s behind this delete me before saving so please please please make sure you guys delete all like the weird shapes if you guys are using stock images and stuff like that and they kind of create like that really nasty like when you erase something off of them it ll move over here and you just want to make sure that you delete everything that s gonna be shown right here so let me just show you guys how this works and yeah so right here the delete me before saving of course you have to get rid of it and like i was saying you guys don t want anything that s behind here you guys don t want any weird shapes or anything.

But if you guys do want to you guys can always put like a texture behind it or something like that to make your twitter look even better now let me show you guys what i m talking about by that transparency. Setting is that you guys see right here..

How you guys can kind of see the graffiti dripping down. It s because you a twitter background is transparent. So now you guys can actually see behind this uh the delete me before saving so always you know you can add a texture or you guys just don t have to add anything like i did but just make sure it s clean you guys don t want any weird things floating around in there. That s kind of look weird on when people are scrolling down your twitter so let me head back on into photoshop on the right side.

I just have kind of this nice typography effect. That s just collage all the things that i do on my youtube channel. Because i m a graphic designer speed arts. One clip edits logos intros templates stuff like that tutorials everything like that so that s what i put on the right side.

And it really does look nice on the twitter account. I think that it looks awesome so i m gonna be keeping it right there and then of course on the left side..

I have my name posh and add some nice graffiti real behind it so after you guys do have this all made and downloaded and you guys have it s ready to save you guys are just gonna come up here save file save as save it to your desktop save it as a jpeg image and then just click save and then just make sure that your quality is at 12. So it s the best quality select. Okay and then we can come over here on to our twitter account come up here to where it says edit. And then it s gonna open up this new window.

And then just come down here to design over here on the left and then go down here to say change background and say click wherever your background is so we re gonna say here s our background and i m gonna say open say save changes. It s not gonna show you guys anything right away. It ll have to save it and i have to compress it to twitter and then once it does it s gonna say your profile customization has been saved and then you want to click over here to me. And then your new background will finally appear right there so that s how you guys can make a customized twitter backgrounds definitely play around with it if you guys do make some cool ones please link me to your twitter accounts down in the comment sections below.

I d love to check them out. And see what you guys s creativity can make and see what you guys came up with so..

But if this video did help you out please give this video a big thumbs up it takes two seconds. And it keeps unique templates like this coming to youtube. So i hope you guys do enjoy this i definitely prefer this over any other template on youtube just because you guys aren t really going to have to mess around with anything. One note before i do go i am on a full 1080p hd.

Resolution screen. So that meaning that all this stuff. That you guys see right here will be optimized for that if you guys don t have a full 1080p screen or if you guys don t know it might shift a little bit it might be a kind of offset. But it s not gonna be anything drastic like this stuff on the right side.

It might just shift a couple you know maybe an inch or two to the right. So..

If you guys do have that problem at. I mean. So you guys aren t on a full 1080p hd. Screen just move it over a little bit to the left.

And you guys will be set to go. But anyway guys i hope it did help you guys and don t forget to give that like if you guys do have any questions or concerns about this template definitely just drop them in the comment section below. And i ll definitely respond to you guys as soon as possible well guys until next time my name is andrew from posh designs. I make quality graphics for free and i ” .


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