How to prepare for a partner interview

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“Name is jeff gill. I m a transfer pricing partner in delage. I ve been been with delight since 2002. My name is max.

I m a partner in the tax division of delight..

I ve been with the firm for 16 years i started as a graduate. So i know what you re feeling right now so a partner interview is the last stage in the recruitment process for graduates. It s the final opportunity to get to know the candidate of the candidate to get to know josh. There will be a bit of a structure to the interview.

Now obviously..

They ll be a little bit of chat at the start just to get to know the partner and for him to get to know you ll him or her to get to know you and then there ll be a series of questions. Which are standard questions and you ll notice that the partner will take notes during this part of the session. And then there ll be an opportunity at the end for you don t ask any questions that you have about the role about the individual or anything else you d like to know about the firm. What am i looking for in an interview.

The first thing is don t check your personality at the door..

I want to know who you are what you re passionate about what you love doing there are a number of things that i look for a number of things that impress me in graduate candidates. One of those is an understanding of the firm and the role obviously we don t expect you to know exactly the what you re going to be doing in the role. But having some idea through talking to the recruitment team some of your friends who might work with deloitte or other staff who ve you ve met throughout the recruiting process is going to get you a long way towards understanding what the role involves and what the business does and that s really going to come through in your interview in the types of questions that you ask i m looking for a collaborative approach to things to work with in a team environment. But i m also looking for drive to get outcomes and to achieve.

It s also important to show that you ve got an interest in the subject matter so for example if you re applying for role in corporate tax..

I would normally ask a question around some current events or news in the area just to demonstrate that you re actually taking an interest in the broader topic and i guess supporting some of the reasons. That you might have for wanting to choose that position finally relax enjoy it and good luck. We ll see you in the interview. ” .


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“Geoff and Max explain how to prepare for your partner interview at Deloitte.”,


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