How to Select Any Layer in Photoshop

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“Guys i am currently in a cozy cabin in sweden. And what better place to to learn some photoshop so i thought we d make a short video series of tips and tricks stuff that i use every day. But i tend to forget the kind of stuff where you lean over and watch. Some other designers work and you re like huh.


Didn t know you d do that or this little trick of this little thing and i ll see if i can gather some of those up into a tiny little video series of of these neat little tricks and shortcuts and things that we use every day. But we kind of forget our there so in this first video. I m going to show you how to select any layer without having to rummage through your layers palette. I use this every day it s super simple what usually happens is that people when they go look for something they have these really complex psd files.


When they go look for something they ll go out here in the layers palette and they ll start opening and closing folders and looking through already named layers to find what they re looking for so you can hit option and then you can right click the mouse and what that will do is it ll basically select the very first layer in in the path of the mouse so in this case that s the televised app icon now we pretty much have that selected that works really well when you have a huge psd file with tons and tons of layers and you don t want to go digging through the layers palette supercool little thing so i just want to show you a situation where it doesn t work that well. But might still be useful in this case. I do the same thing i want to try and select this icon here with the hammer and i ll do the same thing i ll hit option. I ll right click the mouse and what you see is that it s selected a mask layer on top of that layer that s because that s sort of above in the stack.


So it hits that layer first. But i d say it s still pretty useful in this case. The the layer that i was looking for was right underneath right here. I d say it s at least a lot faster to do this then go through your layers palette and look look for those individual layers.


So that s a neat little trick for you that s option right ” ..

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“Photoshop Tip 001: In this video I ll show you how to select any layer without having to go through your layers palette.”,

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