How To UnBLOCK FB Marketplace

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” s up youtube welcome back to my channel hero and help beasts head for tonight tonight s episode. I m gonna be helping you out guys with your facebook marketplace been so if anyone your view. Here then is trying to find out on how to get unbanned from your facebook marketplace account. So.

I already have a hug for you unfortunately for now. I haven t figured out how to unlock it using the ios device. So as you can see here we have two devices one for android and another one for ios so for ios unfortunately. I still haven t figured it out.

But for android..

It s already working so anyway. This is the same account. This is the same facebook account which i m about to show you right now so this account is blocked from facebook marketplace. As you can see here.

But when i do the unlocking here and the standard phone is already playing up there. So this account is already working with them facebook marketplace. So i wonder why they have differences. But they are the same account.

Only the android thing is working with the marketplace thingy..

So i don t know why. But as to how i unblock my facebook marketplace using this android device. So. The first thing.

You gotta do is it s like this imagine this one is the android device alright so you get a turn off the data the wi fi turn it off right so you turn off the data so there there s no longer a wi fi connection or any data connection. Go back to your facebook and click. This one right when you click this one supposed to show there retry her try again it s gonna show that on your android device take note android device so the next thing you do is you have to turn on the wi fi or your data. So it s.

Like this you go to settings..

Turn on your wi fi data. Then go back to facebook and click. That retry button. Or the try again button so in android basically it s gonna work i ve already unblocked it but here my iphone device i unfortunately i haven t figured that out yet so hopefully i shared a good information to you guys if ever you re having problems.

With your facebook marketplace as well. So it s a good thing. If you have an android device with you but for ios users iphones. We still need to figure it out someday somehow i m trying to figure out for hours.

But still haven t to any success so maybe perhaps you can buy an android device instead so this is a letdown for ios users so they re guys if you liked this video..

If it helped you in some way can you please hit that like button and hit that bell and also subscribe to us let s help nice and we ll be getting back to you as soon as we have an info on how to unblock it using the ios so anyway guys. This is for my day 1 blog. Because this is already a december blog. It s a must block day for us youtubers here in the philippines.

So alright. Thank you see you again next time for december 2 alright. Thank you ” ..


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