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“What s up guys. I m paredes and today we are going to be i i m gonna blow. I m gonna be showing you guys how to unblock people that comes up with the operation failed the message down here. So see i m using current primate for this example.

So say i m gonna block. This person they blocked so now you can t send them a friend request or whatever and if we refresh the page today are still block..

So yeah. It will say up here i m block users. So when you go to unblock them and click unblock it goes. Operation failed unblock if we try unblock them again operation failed now if we refresh the page again.

It s gonna keep doing this and apparently a lot of people do not know how to fix us so if we click unblock it s gonna keep coming up with that message until you do this one thing now you want to go over to your settings. I just have it open a new tab or it s like refresh..

It s just like so whatever so we refreshed. It now and you have all the stuff on you walk okay. So what i found to do this is the account pen so you either like if you don t want to disable your account pin you just do this and you can put in your account pin here and then quickly unblock the person. But what i usually do is just disable the whole account.

But in general so say we turn it off for this video for my account pin. Then we goes here and refresh..

The page and we unblock them it will actually unblock them so we go to unblock user and then unblock you have successfully unblock them now so i m gonna refresh the page to show you it actually does unblock them thankfully and i actually didn t know about this for a while so yeah. We can block them we trade or whatever um. But yeah. So i hope you guys did enjoy this lo video and if it helped you out please smash that thumbs up button.

I hope you guys enjoyed and i will see you in the next video also go follow me on twitter at piratas all that stuff is linked down below. Join my desk or in could be featured in some videos..

But yeah i hope you guys enjoyed and i will ” ..

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