How to Write an Essay on Social Work plus Thesis Writing Tips

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“And welcome to a video q. A number five. Now. Today s question is from from gemma and this is her question hello to rafael.

I started the social work in september. I am currently feeling like a fish out of water as i have not studied academically since school which was 18 years ago. I hear ya we have been set out first 1500 word essay on social work. Any help is appreciated okay.

Let s see what i can do i. Hear. The assignment. Details.

Critically discuss. A significant development in social work post world war. Two and now. Jim is writing.


I have decided to look at the seabourn report. 1968. As i briefly looked at this while doing an open university course some time ago my thoughts so far with regards to tackling this essay are as follows and here at gemma s thoughts. So she s saying first i ll briefly describe the development then i will talk about how and why it was significant at the time then i ll talk about the report flaws.

Why certain things did not work and finally. I will answer this question how does it link with social work practices. Today okay excellent. Very good so here are my thoughts first of all it looks to me like you will be using the power of three why is that and i ll show you in a second in the first part you ll talk about how and why was the reports significant at the time in part b.

You ll talk about the report flaws right why certain things did not work and finally you re going to talk about how does it link with social work practices. Today. Okay you re gonna answer each one of these questions in each of these sections. Very good now you may be asking what happened to briefly describing the actual report well let s do the thesis statement and let s see where you can put it so that it would work so your very first sentence in this essay should sound.

Something like this the cbo report was an important document that and blah blah blah. Whatever it was okay and that would be a very brief introduction into what the seabone report was i don t think you should include a separate section. Just to just describing the seaborn report and the here s whine because if you do you will find yourself repeating stuff over and over in the rest of the sections. You say why is that because your entire paper is about the seaborn report and these sections a b and c the way you describe them they are perfect.


Because they are different from one another. But briefly describing the seaborn report and allowing a separate paragraph for that it might be too general. It might be too general and then you will find that you now you are repeating yourself needlessly. I think that the best thing to do is to include a sentence describing this report.

Just as a first introductory sentence. In this essay. Okay and then you will of course. You will say first a the second b and third or finally c.

And when you re done writing out all the three sections. You re done well you have you have to write your conclusion or not to write it now with regards to a conclusion of course you either include it or you don t depending on whether your professor wants it or not and i have a couple of nights blogs about it on my website. Now let s see how well thesis statement would work for this essay. Yeah.

I want to give you a few thesis. Writing. Tips. Now as you can see in a.


Very first sentence. And you can devote one or maybe two or maybe three sentences tops to simply describing it the seabone report. But what i always advocate is to get to the point as quickly as possible and this would be your main point. I m assuming right so this paper will explore the significance and the flaws of the seaborn report as well as its relevance to social work.

Today. See how that ax compasses your entire paper. You see. This paper will explore number one the significance.

Number two the flaws. And number three the relevance to social work. Today. Very good and then you go ahead and you save first.

It was a significant document. Because and then you ll say for three reasons or whatever or for one reason or for two or however. Many reasons you have or you could say. It was a significant document in three ways by one way to way three or in in this particular way or in two ways.


It s all up to you i don t know how many ways you have i don t know how much information you have for this report right. But you customize it for yourself. I m just giving you a bit of a template second it has three severe flaws. One two and three now again it doesn t have to be three.

It s however main you have never have if you have more than three like seven or even ten try to distill them into three. Don t go overboard. A three is a very good healthy magic. Number and finally.

It is relevant to social work. Today in the following ways way one way to one way three and again. If you have more than three to try to distill them into three. If you have fewer than three maybe try to come up with one or write just one or two doesn t matter.

It s all up to you okay i hope this was helpful and i will see you in my upcoming video take care. ” ..

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