I Get a Bridal Makeover by Korean Celebrity Makeup Artists

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“Guys it s tina here welcome back to my channel. I am currently in seoul seoul and today we re doing something a little bit different i am actually going get a bridal makeover by some korean celebrity makeup. Artist sun and park they work with a lot of celebrities here and on the kdrama sets. Plus.

They ve launched their own brand called gesture so with the celebrity makeup artist hawk and son is a big thing i wanted to find that is what is the difference between korean makeup in like winning the final makeup. How movies are there everything is special and that is man or an unshakable super cricketer ugh or who to number 2. I don t petronius an untouchable saboteur captain together a team of support and i think it has so much fun over time. But yet even without carnival for for sharing.

You don t what to do in a puja. So we re gonna get started. I m going to get the korean brown eggs over so who s gonna be doing. What is someone gonna be doing skin and then coming between the eyes and features checkabarame the face makeup sonia khanna makeup.

Awesome so let s get started as soon as i sat down on the makeup chair park and son and got working on my bridal transformation park started with styling my hair while simon worked on non surgically enhancing my features he use a mesh eyelid tape to lift my skin up around my eye area making. The crease appear bigger now. It s normal for me to have uneven eyelids. So i do rely on eyelid tape to balance them out.

But the one sun use is less detectable and makeup can be applied on top. So it s a lot better than the old school double eyelid tapes on the market he then proceeded on to trim my brows my brow hairs tend to go downwards so a little trim will help with lifting up the shape next up comes. A non surgical brow lift with the help of his assistant. Some stuck on a piece of faith tape to help lift my brow up and make it more even with the other side.

He says his clients love this trick. And i can see why the small subtle change can really help balance out a person s face and just in case. If you re wondering about the tape being seen sun actually positioned it so my fringe will cover it up later. Now it sparks turn to work his magic on me to prep.

My skin. He applies the gesture month which is infused with pearl powder and hyaluronic acid that will help pump up my skin and give it more of an even surface to help the foundation last longer for a moment. There i kind of forgot. I was getting my makeup.


Done and not a facial treatment and just when i thought it couldn t get any better the makeup. Assistant dabbed on a little bit of essential oils this one was from origins. It s called the piece of mine on the spot relief as you popped it on my wrists and neck to help relieve any stress and she gave me a neck massage to help stimulate my skin and increase blood flow ah it definitely felt like i was getting a spa treatment. Now after about ten minutes.

The mask came off and parker played the just ship bear cream. This is one of their bestsellers. He applied a whilst. There was still some essence left on my face from the mask.

And he massaged it into my skin. Now i know we haven t even got started with the actual makeup. Yet but the skin prep and facial correction techniques alone are so impressive. I can t say i ve had these extra treatments included in a makeup session before the face massage was absolutely amazing and afterwards my skin foots all soft and plump.

There was no sticky residue. No oiliness just soft baby like skin. Now. My skin is ready for foundation park used the one drop perfection foundation and he applied it with a dense brush.

That doesn t absorb any product. He then concealed with the claire de poele. Stick concealer around my mouth and cheek area. Which he blended in using the same foundation brush for under my eyes.

Pock use the ysl touche claw pen in shade. Number one nexi mix a little bit of liquid lipstick with some of the concealer on his hand to create a blush color. And he used a sponge to apply this onto my cheek. I thought this was a really good makeup trick especially for those who experienced their base rubbing off when they apply blush this technique will help add color to your cheeks and keep the coverage in place.

Now park is done with my base and sun is back. And he is going to bleach my brows. He taped some cotton pads over my eyes to protect them his assistant applies. The bleach on my brows.


While sun preps my lips with the lip balm at this point. I did start to worry a little bit. Because one i ve never bleached my brows before and two. I didn t know how what he was going.

But i did trust sun and i knew he wasn t going to do something drastic so i just sat. There patiently and waited for the bleach to work not long after the bleach was removed and thankfully my brows weren t blonde. My hands had lightened up though but just a few shades and it became a nice medium brown. It was a small change.

But the lighter color helped soften up my face. Now sun wasn t done with my brows. Just yet he then went in with a small razor to shave off any sparse hairs. Another good trick.

He showed me was to apply some cream on my lid. Before shaving to make sure the razor doesn t irritate my skin. Normally when i shave my brows at home. I don t put anything over my skin to protect it.

But now i m gonna start using this trick. Another really interesting tip from son was he liked to use a face regenerating oil. This one is from a brand could be cheek. And he uses it as a makeup fixer to help lock in the foundation.

You just use his hands to pat a thin layer over my face. And that s going to help keep it in place all day now finally we can start moving on to the eyes. Some use a pencil liner to fill in my lashline first he use a brown color and just worked that really close to my natural lash line. The pencil.

He was using with a double sided pencil. And it had black on the other side. So once he was done with the brown color. He just flipped it around and then aligned it with black after that he set the liner in place using a bit of brown eyeshadow for the rest of my lead.


Son. Dusted on a light skin. Toned shutter. Then he applied a nice coral.

Shade over my mobile lid. And yeah. That was pretty much all he did for my eyeshadow. It was really simple and then he moved on to lashes.

He was very meticulous with the way he called my lashes first he used a regular lash curler to lift them up and then he went back in with a mini curler to make sure he didn t miss any hairs. After that he mix together a black and brown liquid liner from mac. And he applied that onto my top waterline. I noticed that many korean makeup artists tend to do this they d like to layer on their liners signing off with browns and then deepening it up with a black liner.

This technique helps to give the eyes more depth son then apply the lashes. Which he cut up into small pieces earlier and he applied each piece on one by one this helps to make the lashes look more natural and help them blend better with my own lashes for my lower lashline. He then blended in a soft pinky. I shadow to complement the rest of the eye makeup for my brows.

He filled them in with a brown shadow first then you use the sure amira hard. 9 pencil to further define the shape does that most korean makeup artists use this pencil because it s more waxy and it gives more of a natural finish. You then quickly cleaned up the shape of my brows. Using concealer and then it moved on to shading for conjuring.

He used the gesture touch shade. Which is almost like a cream to powder contour. And he just bought that in using a brush focusing on the parameters of my face. You can see that there s no harsh lines and everything just blended in really nicely for my cheeks.

He applied a pinky blush from nars whilst. His assistant carefully spot concealed using concealer pencils to cover up any imperfections that were peeking through my skin. Now i haven t seen any other makeup artist use this technique maybe because it s more time consuming but overall. I think it s a great way for perfecting the skin because you re just applying that extra layer of cover to the areas that need it so the overall look of the skin still looks very natural and flawless after that sun moved on to lips first he applied a pink liquid lipstick.


This is a new one from just jap. I don t know the shade of it. But he applied this color slightly on top of my cupid s bow. And then you blended it out with a brush then he went over it with a darker lip liner and then filled in the rest of my lip then he popped on a more vibrant color lipstick shade on the center of my lips to give it that gradient finish.

I really liked the end result of my lips. They looked full out without being heavily overdrawn and the colors. He chose worked really youthful and fresh just when i thought we were done with the makeover. Silent poured out another amazing trick.

He started feeling in my. Sparse. Hair lines. With the eyebrow pencil.

And a little bit of powder on top now. I know why korean celebrities have such perfect hairline. Once my hairline was perfected might look was complete what do you guys think i really love how natural this looks. But then i also see the slight subtle differences like how my eyes are slightly bigger one of my brows are more lifted my lips look more plump and can we just talk about my skin.

Oh. My gosh. It is absolutely flawless here s a quick before and after photo. So you guys can see the difference afterwards.

I ended up doing a cover shoot with my friend hendrik and these are the photos. He talked thank you so much i love it i think it s so nice and natural and i got a lot of tips as well so thank you so much for joining me if you guys have it already make sure you subscribe to my channel. And i ll speak to you guys next time you ” ..


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