I got sued … by Instagram

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“You just feel like you re on a roll and stop the ball like nothing nothing can happen to you until it does and i m not talking about this situation that we re all facing right now no no no no we re actually talking about something equally as strange well let me roll this up from the beginning about one and a half months ago. I got this email from instagram. A cease and desist letter from instagram stating that i should immediately stop uploading instagram. Lated content on youtube.

And they also said something along the lines that i i do intellectual property damages and also says something along the lines of treating insider information and some other weird stuff you know usually if you get a message like those were an email like this first thing. You say the first thing you think is obviously. It s spam phishing. You know they try to get to my axis.

Things obviously and usually these things are all over the place. So i figured come on you know. It s just maybe just one of you dominators hello by the way. You know just try to make fun of me well it turns out.

I was wrong my friends because today actually i got a letter from a california court. Namely. The california. United states district court for the northern district of california san jose division.

Yeah. I m laughing right now. But i should be crying to be honest. So and this is where this whole thing gets interesting let me pull.

This letter up this this letter from the court. This court order actually and let me just read you what s up there. And what s going on cuz. I yeah.

It s sad so i got this letter this order in the united states district court for the northern district of california san jose instagram incorporated a delaware. I know what you re doing here uh huh. Now i can talk about it plaintiff versus dominic. The coco.

I you know it s a funny thing because i don t know if you have ever noticed that..

But it actually is not my real name a lot of people think that i have been you know introduced at various events as dominic. The coco it since a lot of people s you know i ve been on a stage. I ve been on stages where they thought i was that i was invited. I was eva just even now for some when i went to formula one if when they invited me to go to the formula one grand prix.

We went to this hotel and i was like yeah. This is my reservation you know for this hotel for the formula. One engine like no it s like what s your name dominic. My real name which i you re gonna find out if you look look you know.

It s it s not a secret by the way actually i just started me you know porting in this name and trying to see how many people would actually believe that turns out everybody believes that anyway and they were like yeah. It s not your name. Maybe you have a different name was like oh it s the coco yeah this was the reservation. But anyway same goes for a burnley facebook instagram they were like yeah here s what s up it s yes.

Anyway. There s a plan of instagram in the name of blah blah. Blah. Sikhs and the name of instagram seems to fault in the judgment against offend and dominic k.

Dominic. The coco did not oppose the motion or appear at the hearing on march 30th. A march 30th for the reasons. Discussed below in sucrose motion.

For the default judgment. Will be granted. Although court blah blah blah blah. Blah.

Statutory damages. Saw by instagram and i m getting goose bumps right now because this whole thing is very very weird. And you know this letter this order letter whatever s thursday s set ball instagram. Interesting website billion use 1 billion users.

They also talk something by along lines of bots..

And here is where it gets interesting my friends instagram alleges that defendant de cocoa is a registered instagram users bound by terms of use blah blah legal. Oh thank god i went to law school since january 2020. The defendant allegedly has obtained and distributed insider information and participated in an insurgent insider trading scheme regarding instagrams algorithm and further business practices mainly on his youtube channel. Yeah.

Hey dominick there s a highly confidential information has since been viewed more than twenty four thousand three or ten times well. I m thanks hey guys for checking my videos instagram on february 4th. Instagram. Filed.

This action against the coco asserting. That his activities violate what non solicitor pornography marketing huh. Ok. Whatever computer fraud abuse act.

Whatever maybe. It s just one thing. They also got to say they the court issued a temporary restraining order against me in this insider trading exposing scheme february 14. There was another thing.

Which is i don t even know what it is the court said those motions for hearing on march 30th 2020. I never knew about that obviously because i just don t read you know there s a lot of emails by the way. You know i just get a lot of emails and the i yeah anyway and then it s really. The court.

Said those motions for a hearing on march 30th on march 20th. Yet another revealing video. Containing insight information that were obtained illegally was uploaded to the platform youtube. The court terminated blah blah blah.

Apparently they re thinking about this video. Where i talked to guy apparently who worked inside instagram maybe. It was a scheme to get me actually to stop doing whatever it is anyway. I did not file a position.

Obviously yeah..

The court concludes that yeah. It s okay apparently so here s what s up statutes maximum with 100 dollars per violation and thanks guys for watching the videos for more than 24000. Times. I guess thanks thanks for that and here s what s what s going on here s the order that i received accordingly for good cause.

Shown instagrams application for default judgment is granted statutory damages of seven hundred eleven thousand dollars to seven we reward against the coco in scrims requests for permanent injunctive relief is grant and it do i have to pay seven hundred thought apparently i have to pay seven hundred thousand dollars of damages against facebook session screw my guests because of the videos that i did also the defendant has to permanently do all of his instagram related content on the platform youtube as well as to cease and desist ever creating continent about instagram. Again this i i m actually lost for words. I m actually lost for words to be honest. Because yeah.

My whole everything my whole business. Everything is yeah build upon all the things are that they just the court you know. San jose court just told me not to do you know this allowed me to do ever again apparently when i first read that i just still thought it was kind of a joke and i was more than shocked you know my life you know we talk about this is actually my life. This is my purpose to sit here in front of the camera create videos for you and all of a sudden.

The court tries to take that away from me. Because of weird thinks you know that own even makes sense hmm well anyway what can you learn from this video. My friends you know there s actually one thing that i want you to take away from this video. Which is actually to stop believing everything and you hear on the internet.

Because obviously you know take a look at the day today yeah. April. Fool s my friend obviously you shouldn t believe everything they read on the internet that you hear on the internet. No matter.

How many lambos are flexing out there or whatever. It is however realistic it sounds. You know a lot of it might be true out there. But a lot of things like you could see it might seem real.

But actually or not true. And you know be always wary of who you believe on the internet. Whatever they say you know it s actually what i want you to tell with this video and also to make you you know to have an april fool s for you my friends and i know it s weird times. Right now outside there the whole world is kind of in a lockdown mode.

It s like a weird..

We really strange times right now. But that i just couldn t resist you know i just could not resist maybe to make you kind of smile laugh out loud. Which means and yeah. So that was it my friends app.

I see your tomorrow actually on a live stream on our profile reviewing live stream. You can actually start dropping your handles down below. Who knows because you know if i find a really interesting profile. I might you know start off with that it s review profile.

You know starting my livestream anyway stay safe out there my friends. I ll see you in a couple of days. And yeah. Ain t nothing stopping me dominators.

You want me to be completely honest with you my friends here s the thing. I just want to track this video out a little bit more for a little bit more than ten minutes because of ads cuz. I try something out for ad revenue. I know it s youtube related.

But it s a test that i make i will tell you whatever i m gonna find. But anyway. You know this video was what do you say about my acting skills huh. You know if you were producer out.

There director. Out there i m just saying you know i can i could do a lot more than that i could be angry hmm or i can be hungry mmm hmm. It was so good oh that s not hungry right. But yeah just just wanted to tell you that um.

It was a pleasure you think it s already more than ten minutes. I don t know i don t know but for the case next time i m gonna sing you a song i m pretty sure next time i ll sing you a song. So write down in the comments down below. What kind of song you want me to sing makes him oh god what i m gonna doing bye bye dominators bye ” .


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