I WORKED on FIVERR for a WHOLE WEEK and made __…

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“On george mason tv. I spent 100 on fiverr paying strangers to photoshop my instagram instagram now that video left to be a behold in my book it 100 d balenciaga puns got gonna pay for itself this week. I m heading back onto fiber but not to spend more money to make money. I am going to work on fiber for one whole week offering a whole load of services to strangers for as cheap as a fireball.

I want to see what a week in the life of a fiber celery s like how much we can make who we interact with and the most important question. If i can make back the hundred dollars. I spent last time so first things first. I had to sign up for fiber as i said already started sitting on fiverr here s the breakdown.

I read through all fibers advice on being a good seller and we were ready right time to create our seller profile. Okay first name george oh. I can t spell last name. Mason profile picture.

What we wish i push the profile picture is that something professional. This one will do very professional that is the one your occupation is a youtuber here. I didn t have to add my skills and rate. What they were on a level of beginner intermediate and expert.

So i put expert for everything from photoshop to to babysitting. Yeah. I don t really know why i did that i was just trying to cover all the bases hold on wait and just like that i was now officially a fiber seller. I spend the next hour setting up all my gigs on fiber.

I ve set up a few listing some of them are very normal and some of them are not normal. I m just gonna walk you through what we ve got here so okay. So the first is i whip your photo to instagram as you can see i ve got my fake holiday photos like the comparison. It s cost for pound.

13. Which is actually pretty cheap to be fer next one. I ve offered to make youtube thumbnails for the same price of 4 pound. 13 next.

I ll edit your video and as you can see it s a big flex hook their subscribers next. I got old photos hope you re making is so pretty and i know this isn t me. But i did do it here s his original photo and then here s the photo that we like replace 8 pound. 25.

It does take a lot of effort to be fair next old fake celebrity instagram dms. So i quickly just made this i can make your chat. Say anything you like literally anything said by anyone just tell me what you want the conversation to say and between who and that s basically any skill that i kind of have so then i got to these last two and i was like all right what can i do that requires no skill. I will do anything you want or need and the photo is mabel whiteboard saying.

I will do anything with my five names so they know i m real. I m not a catfish. I pledge it well for today anyway. But find one we ve got here.

I will be your online boyfriend. Okay. This one i have a little photo shoot for and i just tried to look like the biggest tool possible as you can see i think i was pretty successful i mean look at that as well as this beautiful photo shoot. I also made a video for this poem i was genuinely sorry so what if you d like to be my.

Girlfriend you want me to text you all the timethey i got you okay. That s enough of that you get the idea. Yeah. These are our starting seven jobs and as you can see they all had zero view.

So i decided to leave it for the rest of the day and leave overnight and come back tomorrow. Okay okay guys so just woke up it s our first day working on floyd mom. Yesterday. Was sunday and i put all our listings live and that was like three o clock and i haven t checked it so that said we re gonna head on to fiverr now we ve got zero and iron box which is great let s check out gigs on please just have some views please have some news please we ve actually had views.

Oh. My god so photoshopping a celebrity you ve had 17 impression. We ve had 12 on our fake celebrity instagram anything you want or need. 23.

That s at most futile and so far photoshop your instagram 18 impression i was honestly expecting mall to be zero like my youtube thumbnail 0..

This 1 0. And this one 0 but the rest of all what some a few views. So what i took from this was that the more jobs you have the more likely you re gonna get views more likely you re gonna get orders so i decided i m just gonna add loads of jobs. However it turns out you can only have 7 gigs and so we had to make a sacrifice these three all along 0.

Still i don t think anyone wants me to be their boyfriend. No one s ever wanted me to be their boyfriend. So i got rid of the online boyfriend listing. I m gonna create gear and i decided to replace online boyfriend one with an illustration 1 kendall jenner look at that tell me that s not sick.

I love this photo. Not because kevin jonas in a bikini. No no that s the why i think i did i think i did a good job of you know drawing this guy s exciting news. So i just put onto fiverr.

I was checking how other jobs were going and i see up we ve got a message. I have no idea was for the messages from is 616 and they ve said hi. I want you to make a video of yourself sitting by the computer. And say three sentences.

How soon can you do me what will be the price. I ll do it for a fiver three sentences hi. I can do that it will be five dollars. What are the sentences.

I m excited you might be only our first five dollars today is a good day. I m counting this as a win right update. It s been a few hours. I just checked my emails and we ve got a reply hi.

The three sentences will be about a program. We build for building websites. I ll give you three sentences that you will say why you like to work for this program. Sounds okay sounds great i ll do it sorry prides.

Exciting. That s fine make the purchase and i ll do it straight away so i told him to buy and i d do it. And he replied. I do not know what you have in your mouth.

Okay. I m kind of scared to open the message now. I do not know what you have in your mouth in your picture. But on your video you what i do not know what you have in your mouth in the picture.

But on video you have to look more respectable. Agree what do i have in my mouth. No airport allow boy no that s all right so i message dick back explaining to him i am very respectable and if he even wanted i d wear a suit and that s the last thing that happened in day two ain t nobody get down for this all right guys so it s the next day. I ve just woken up and actually gotten two emails from fireball both saying that the guys messaging me back.

But he s message to me twice so i m gonna check what it says right now he s replied haha you don t suze does he mean i don t have to wear a suit or is he saying. I don t suit the job. I wouldn t you know a sup what i want you to say we need recommendations on software that we build and then you messaged me again at 3 am. Saying can you bring more people that will say something similar if you re paying of course.

I can right yeah. I can get as many people actually how many people could actually get you get me yeah i get anyone else i lester we re just gonna wing. It right i can get more people each person is an extra five dollars always typing. He s typing two boys two girls okay.

I think i could do that so i message dick back saying. I could do that i told him to send the scripts over and it ll be 20 for four people. He said. He was gonna write them and send them to me and i said perfect.

However it wasn t so perfect so it s been several hours as you can see it s not all dark outside and we still haven t got another message the last thing. I said was 11 hours ago and i just said perfect and that was 11 hours ago. I feel like he s just trolling me. He said like he wants me to do it.

But he hasn t like sent me..

The script or anything right now. I don t got any other messages either so this is the only one we ve actually got that we can like guarantee money i think i m gonna sleep on it and hopefully when i wake up he s reply paint the money send the scripts and i can get it out the way and finally earn some money thank you like okay so i ve just woken up i checked my emails. My phone oh we haven t just received one message. We ve received two inbox two let s view all let s see what we got wait so it hasn t replied.

He still he still hasn t sent us a script. We ve got two new messages. So we ve got a message from someone called an ice pick concrete and he just replied to the thing saying dares question well i don t know what he wanted to do. But he s been banned apparently since he sent that message so that s great and then we ve got one.

Tighter potty tv. Hey do you have any other celebs. I would be so interested. Yeah of course.

I can do anyone. But the prices may vary depending on who it is oh i think i m gonna do right now is i m gonna message it s sick again. I m just gonna try and push him to make the order. Because i m only gonna be doing this one week then i m gone so i message sick saying.

I won t be working off the friday. So if he wants the order he has to make it before then i haven t checked on geeks today. So i m gonna see what i ve use are saying. See if they ve gone off okay.

And you think you want knees on 195 use these three as slacking to be honest whew and so with that i deleted the oh edit your video pose and i decided to replace it over hybrid of my two most popular one i ll do anything and photoshop. I ll do anything on photoshop genius. I know oh so i don t photoshop. And did a funeral.

Just to make my listings look a little bit more professional and to be honest. That s pretty much all we did this day it was a slow day in the office. Okay guys i ve just woken up it s the next day i ve checked my phone. I ve checked my email and we ve got nothing no emails.

It s thursday now i started this on sunday. And we still haven t got a single order all right let s check out gigs. As well okay. Okay.

Look. The video editing. One had one view in like three days. Now.

The third shot once already got thirteen view anything you want to need some 227. These are all going on. But people are buying up guys. It s it just replies okay.

We will do it today. I want. Eight eight people. Then that might be a problem.

I mean eight people at five dollars apiece. That s 40. But i don t know eight people you think you can arrange it before going yes. I can do me my sister.

My mom. My dad s that s four it s a lot of people with eights a lot of people so for the next hour. I panicked trying to think of 80 people that i can get to do this. This is it replied once again okay.

I m sending the scripts in a minute. We re talking about eight people three sincerely 40 right send all of these. Oh. My god we re actually making money who would have thought and so i sends it through the final 440 whole dollars next thing.

I knew i got an email and he accepted it we have got it we ve got our first order of 40..

I m so excited i m so happy that he got an order at least he pulled away it was going we weren t gonna get a single order. But we ve got one it s thick. The main man has come through nick also sent all the scripts through and now. All i had to do was find seven other people to help me do this now i realize only people i know that comfortable on camera are other youtubers so i reached out to my youtube friends desperately trying to convince them to do it on their camera and send it to me we had jacqueline borden.

He also offer free brother to be in it and also his friends. We also convinced jordan to be on it so that was for including me five. So all i needed to do was get three more people tomorrow. So that s the plan for tomorrow.

And hopefully hopefully we get some more orders. It was just banter. Okay. So it s friday morning my email.

This morning and jack has sent me over the three clips. We re filming for george mason s fiber project which means me now about four out of a child all these guys helped me out if you want to check any of them out there links will be in the description. I m gonna shower in a bit gold mine that s five and then we just need three more so i then film why three sentences and everything was good right right no wrong because my wife i got turned off i tried to fix it myself. But i had no idea what i was doing and of course it did it worked not working so i was not working against the clock to get this done and using the hot spot off my phone for intimate.

I tried to explain the situations is it to see if it give me an extension on my deadline. And he ought to see what i ve done so far. So. I send him my one.

And. And this is. Why you reply. Hi.

You look good. Thanks. Good. Things.

The image and sound. Does not match. I want to see you sitting by a computer. He s supposed to be a website builder.

Look like what she literally just violated my whole career as a fiber seller. Because he does sound like a website. I couldn t go back to jack and jordan and tell them to redo it i hanna not my message. 6.

Saying take it or leave it it s faint. I couldn t get the three girl if she wanted but i done already he could take it but i wasn t refilling it do the rest by computer and yourself it will be four plus four. I can read the remaining four screw it myself. And i ll still get all the money so i quickly message dick to make sure.

It was a white for me to the final four. He replied saying. It was i had 39 minutes to read the sentences get them on my computer and get them sent over to z. I quickly change into my most website builder outfit that i have set my camera and i was away i filmed and filmed and film okay guys i ve just finished.

I m putting the food on my computer right now. I think we ve literally got like two minutes to do it i trimmed. All the fridge and send it over to z. It did take like another ten minutes.

Because remember i m doing this off my hotspot deliver work. It is done i feel like a weight has been lifted off me 40. It wasn t worth it. But it didn t matter we have done it we ve completed our first ever fiber jaw.

I think you were going to see cry now that was so stressful and that s exactly what i did i went to bed. A happy man mm hmm your art. This is it the final day of working on fiverr so just as i was checking fiber for one final time. I was welcomed with a surprise in our order.

What we ve got another ward idea no wait he s doing eight hours..

What s this order sideshow bob 69. You ve received a new order to check it out hi gorge. This is gonna sound really weird i know but i told i m really to make friends at school and i accidentally lie a bit in a mexican cousin eats frozen hamburgers. I don t know what to do i think you seem really nice and i can imagine you doing the above what i m confused i definitely get in trouble right.

I feel like this has gotta be somebody the george mason nation. Surely this can t be a normal. What maybe someone found me and trying to troll me and make me your frozen hamburger. What exactly do you want me to do.

Thanks george well you ve got eight hours to do is well. It s been a couple of hours sideshow bob. 69. Still hasn t got back to what we ve got six hours left however we did get a message for a new person good samuel ring.

Hey are you open for some crazy gigs like walk around some days with shoes for raw egg or challenge versus friend. With hard for fit for loser. Samuel. It s been a long week.

It s a note from me so after rejecting samuel. We got another message. So this person wanted to know if i could photoshop her next to simon cowell and i said i probably could but i needed to see some photos of her that i could then find one of simon cowell s put next to her. She sent me through a whole bunch of bows and i started working on the photoshop and in the meantime whilst.

I was doing this the clock was still ticking on the slideshow bob deal. He still hadn t got back to me and by the time. I realized this there was three minutes left. He still hasn t replied what he wants me to do so i don t know what to do but with three minutes remaining.

I went downstairs search through my freezer for a frozen burger and i found one well a vegan burger place close enough. I then tried to do my best impression of a mexican accent. If any mexicans watch this in advance. I m sorry hey ramon or eats your garden.

I m basically man why do i always say mad hey hermano. It s me i sound russian oh man or how are you all my friend my cousin. My friend i then decide that mexican accent was just too bad. So i decided to just take a selfie well that cousin.

I am. Now be good i love frozen. I love frozen bigger bug is even better than meat ones come visit. Me soon amigo.

I think that ll do ego cousin gwen feedback on both of the people. But we have secured the 45 forgot to say i did the job where the go ask me to photoshop holy simon cowell by the time the seven days robot. So i decided to just give it to her for free. I m such a nice guy.

But she did offer to pay and if she did pay that would have been ten dollars. So we re just gonna add that to the psalm yeah. We wait to see if we re getting feedback. This should be interesting and so that is the end to our week working on fiber.

We don t want to do it again probably not so in summary to work in a week on five. We got a total of three jobs. I mean it was technically only two i mean the cast is three because the other person would have paid but i was like you know what i m free but if i did charge a we re gonna total of 65 boy from the scripts five from the mexican cousin eating a frozen hamburger and then the photo shop with the celeb room is ten dollars. But i gave to her for free from my experience.

I feel like the longer you re on there the more jobs you get like and the style of week. I had none and by the end. I literally have like three four messages in one day from different people. So there s a fiber career for me will it get me my balenciaga is probably not if you want balenciaga is don t become a fiber seller.

But let me know what you guys thought i m not sure if these videos gonna have comments it probably won t but if it does let me know what you thought yeah guys has been gorge meeting. The pvap. I m sure it makes you like comment and subscribe. It s the george mason over and out ” .


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