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“Was born without sight. My victim black holes on my my moves without eyes. The the hack that have souls imagining three dimensions each os you take for granted leading discover the colors of robbery tennis instructor the universe will run birth of my perception with a rotation and a reverse. While certain season session in my version of the world color is unfounded folklore and racism is a belief to the leaf is scope for my words.

The dark utopia will buildings reach the zenith. I enjoyed the sight of snake strike. The fact i ve never seen it even though it might see my scene is seamless. It takes several thousand words to see a sea of see shit my inner vision is fitted painted with vigorous stroke.

I ve never seen light but i m getting this close creating landscapes from the sound of musical influence. No my mind s wrestling with specimens. It s a meticulous hope maybe chase would explain to me as an infant now giving the suits in opposition polygons in an instant. I don t make much cash.


But i m blessed with an open mind so tell me which one of us is truly broken blind. I m a blind person. The fibers in the rydberg nova thomas come to find your minds can find words with black tea insight to jihad design perfect that you either design turn the gamma blind person to find version of ron merchant over time come to find your mind can find work. Play.

You lack the insight aha time words of my pathway division couple was sensitive smoker bulls have broken through the smuggling image so in effect. I m good with speech. Baby for mostly bourbons. I picked up the microphone.

And did hip hop a good serve in the seat buyers in london and they get balloons the flame right by ronson braille. You have to feel how i communicate place in the parallel planes parables and paragraphs. So do what i say on paper. When those my eyes won t bear this hats.


I m giving the blind man doing grabbing your ass is fat room talk. I wish you with death to the mess in the clear the trash. I ve never seen a book a mirror or family. I can never drop an autumn of it on the change any freeze.

I ll never over stand our walls are deep the klan did i can only hope you put me the right way when i walk this damn stick. I cherish my perspective or i see deeper than high blue and hide its meeting in words like you with high cool hama blunders and the farmers and the farmers and over samus come to buy your ma s can find words way. Black. The insight is your design cuz you re hot time turkey got my blonde versus.

The farmers in the prime version of the time i ve come to find your mind can find workplace black. The insight cause the odds are perfect cuz your eyes. I m trying wide shut open to the world. I used to visualize my retinas opposed visions.


The darkness once this disguise my heel ii got out of bed and looked around my apartment. Amazed by the smallest things i grasped my sheets to harness the world around me food colors were overwhelming i gaze out the window the cheese. Several soldiers selling drugs. The show to a small guy that hugs the building a generation of people.

With villain hidden and ugly children. Singing this. I realized this world lacks direction. I m behind that idea wasn t even see my own reflection.

And so i kid into the mirror drawing into a sense of purpose for the subtle of my appearances business sense is worthless. I was under tracted with a fee that hadn t cleared up and i wanted to murder. The nurse that always giving me haircut. I saw myself ugly and instantly less of a human.


I d sacrifice myself to see contrasting chameleons. The inside is my preference and then my best defense. I grabbed a mirror and saturday excellent graphically prospective anthony s foreshadowing that i will make my eyes the casualty. I do remember through my dreams cake chatterings.

The glass menagerie. I feel the miracle in jenkins chatterings the glass menagerie. ” ..


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