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“Mmm choking on something. What s up everybody dang. Matt smith in the building. And and yeah.

You already read the title by now i m sure so yeah today m just gonna be looking at some hot girls on instagram okay. This is not stalking all right this is research. We re doing research today. But yeah.

I m gonna be looking at some of the the the hottest like the hottest girls girls that are they re so hot. They re the ones causing the drought in california right now. It s just so hot okay this first girl abigail. Radford she s model 19.

Million followers on instagram. Okay. Okay. Let s look at some pictures.

Here. We. Go. Oh.

Um wow. Wow. Wow. Okay.

There s some dude. In this picture. He s guy s hand like right under the cheek right. And then the booty is just like overflowing booties overflowing in his hand.

I m looking at this i m trying to like you know trying to trying to get that right angle. I mean trying to whoa. I could set a birthday cake on her booty blow off the candles and the birthday cake would stay perfectly in place okay really netflix and chill mode yeah either that or a thirsty mode. I can t do it can t do it anymore okay moving on got ya net gotta.


See ya mm hmm gotta. See ya can i get a gracias. More like gracias gracias gracias gracias about to get grassy. I mean jeez this girl s booty looks like michelangelo sculpted.

It her booty looks like a nectarine can i have some of that fruit that s enough boobs and booty talk. Okay. Let s talk about personality. Okay.

I m kidding. I m kidding. I m kidding. In all seriousness.

You need a girl that has a great personality. Great sense of humor and that you have a lot in common with okay i just want her booty with my bowl of cereal every morning. Okay you know when i get up in the morning. I pour myself a bowl of cereal.

There s some booty right there i m just like okay all right we good we good. It s gonna be a good day research research. I m right in the paper. I got a presentation next week.

All right man hold on hold on this dude is squatting down right behind her right behind her. But like he s about to leap frog on a booty like what is it he s like i m about to dive. But seriously i see that she s got a job as a weather girl. But her booty can have its own full time job as a speed bump on the road.

I m just driving. I m just like whoa. What was that oh that your neck garcia okay okay. I m angie s her booty would make one heck of a speed bump and that s the type of speed bump i want to run over oh wait okay there s the last thing.

I m gonna say about a booty that booty can be used as a jolly jump. She can launch astronauts into space with that booty they just jump on top dudes. But well then they in space in a matter of minutes next person here. We go here we go here we go here.


We go ariana celeste. All right let s see let s see what you got oh and this girl s lips. Though they re like may fer sucking on lollipops they re like the perfect lollipops sucking lips. This girl gonna be getting all the candy at halloween this year.

Oh she s got this dude. She s just got this poor dude in a headlock hey she could get me in a dick lock. I m just gonna keep it clean from now on i mean you know her bras are working overtime just to keep everything together to keep the dam from bursting. I m literally sitting here just waiting for it to sneeze because i swear she s one sneeze away from just everything getting release.

I m moving on jen selter. Okay. She s sitting down her booty doesn t even fit on the seat right look. She s fit.

But her booty doesn t fit on the seat. She s sitting like this and then the booty is just hanging over you know the booties just hanging on the edge. People are down below yelling up at the booty like don t jump don t jump. Don t do it see not even showing the booty not even showing anything just like her face like she s got a she s got a nice pretty face the thirst.

I mean girl there s a drought going on stop her booty should come with the seatbelt. So that when you know when you when you sit down you know you just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. Emily sears australian model based in la oh she s a lady let s look at these pig geez look at this girl this girl looks hornier than a rhinoceros and there s a picture of her riding a rhinoceros what i told you all. But then she s got the innocent look okay.

She s got the innocent look. She s like oh. I didn t do anything wrong this girl s booty so big it s got its own zip code. Oh come on look at this i see the button the buttons on the shirt are struggling the buttons about to just pop off boop boop boop boop poontang girls harder than africa moving.

Oh see i m just like dj khaled right now another one. Another one lisa morales. Oh common denominator. The booty they re just like handing out big booties to everyone these days.

What the heck she looks good though she looks good if she was my bank account. I ve been making a deposit every day or withdrawal well no no no no about too much too much you know don t worry guys. This is gonna be a very good research paper. How many somebody used a bicycle pump to pump that booty up just standing on the sidewalk.


Looking like she waiting for uber. I was driving down the street and i saw her on the sidewalk. I d be like yeah. Yeah.

Did you call for uber you call from uber. Yeah. Yeah. I m uh.

I m your uber. She s like you don t have a little sticker. Oh my god it fell off sticker fell off yeah guys. I m joe i m joking.

I m joking. I m totally joking. I seriously think about doing it. But i wouldn t do it because of that whole thing.

That s called what s it called the law or something like that oh hold on hold on she s got a picture of watermelon on a profile. She likes black guys. Yeah okay we got hannah place. Polly dee s palach pilates.

Hannah pilates. Okay food lover. Oz. New girl.

Oh. This girl s australian. Too. It.

Matt okay. Okay. Oh hold on she s aiding watermelon to she likes black got mad jean. This is why i m talking see you see this is what i m talking about this is one talking about watermelon juice.


She made watermelon juice like look at this girl. I mean. She s drinking watermelon drink. If that does not say i like black guys then i don t know what does she s having a watermelon picnic on the bed.

I want to have a watermelon picnic. Oh come on look at the g. Look. At this.

I. Mean. Her booty looks like some orville redenbacher popcorn. Just about the and pop out of the bag can somebody break me off a piece of that kitkat bar.

If me and her were eating waffles together. I wouldn t be telling her to let go my eggo this girl is in the store. Holding a watermelon over a mouth. So that it looks like the watermelon is her smile.

I m done that s that s it that s it this girl looks good. But you know i said i m done i can t do any more that s it you guys let me know in the comments like who would you rather. Which one of the girls that looked at today would you rather and if you re not really into girls then um. Which one of the girls would you rather.

Everybody please subscribe like this video and follow me on instagram at dang matt smith. So that you know so people can look at me and look at my you know my booty pictures. Yeah. Imma.

See y all. Soon pase am. I right or am. I white.

Okay good if you were santa claus would you let me sit on your lap. I swear that i ll cut your fucking dick off looks like you ” ..

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