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“Are now on the part of the assignments that are looking at creating memos letters. Letters. And unbound reports. The video here will instruct you how to create these starting.

The memos. Now this informational sheet is available online. It s titled memos letters. And reports.

Formatting and you ll be using this to help you direct how to complete. The memo specifically for this first one memos are information. That is sent within a company to different people so it would say at the high school. I would not send a letter to another teacher or to the principal or to anyone else that works in the school district.

But i would send a memo considered an interoffice memo. If there was someone outside of the school system that i was sending information to that s when i would include a letter and so the first thing. We re going to talk about here is memos and how to set them up a reminder that when you are doing this you need to use times..


New roman font and 12 point size. So if we open up just a blank document here. I go into the hometown or son to the file tab click on new double click. If necessary or you open it up from your start menu.

So once you re on the blank page. Here. The first thing you check make sure. It says.

Times new roman and size 12 also into the paragraph. If you check this box right over here is you have this little box indicator you click on that you want to make sure that these are zeros where it s a zero point. You don t have to type it in if you have to change it. But it should say zero and your line spacing should stay at single there is some double spacing within a memo.

But it s much easier just hit return a couple extra times. So make sure those are set. And if you haven t done this before and you had to change it use the set as default button..


You click on that and you want to change it to all documents and as you will not have to do this again now. When you re sending up your memo. You re going to go into the page layout tab and you re going to click on margins lots of space between the end of the piece of paper and where you type so we click on margins. We go all the way down to the bottom because we want custom margins on here.

Where it says margins. We want the top one to be at two so we can use the urls. If we want or we can just type the number two that will make that change everything else we ll leave the same we hit ok and so now this space has increased from the top of the piece of paper to where we type. And so now here.

If we use page. 59. And page 60 for example. Where you re going to start is on page.

60. You re going to start out with the two you re going to type that and then you may need to tab. It over once maybe twice to make sure that the next lineman is going to be the same so i m going to hit tab twice to start with here and you ll type out basically everything that you need and so on now you re going to hit enter twice..


You can type from tab again twice. You re going to write who it is from tap hit return twice the date tab twice and lastly. The subject you only tap once in this case. Because the word subject is a little bit longer once you finish that you can hit enter twice.

And here is where you re going to type out your information. So as you can see on example on page. Sixty. It says are you ready for a summer.

You will never forget and type that out and do not worry about where it changes lines in the book. But just type and let it wrap on its own. When you get down to the end. So let s say we ve typed out our paragraphs here then we get to the bottom you may have a closing statement.

But you see this xx on the bottom. The x x. Is..


Where your initials need to go. Because you are typing this for somebody else so the from here is not where your name is going to go basically you were directed by another staff member to type. This memo out so it could be kind of more of an a strip administrative duty. A secretarial type duty.

But here you would type your initials. So for myself. I would just type m kay and that s all you would need at the bottom. But again make sure it is double spaced in the bottom.

So if this is your last sentence make sure you have two spaces. When you re done with all three of these memos make sure you print them out check. Them over at the master copy of the book before you email then ” ..


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