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“Right so. Here s how you manipulate tracking kerning and letting in microsoft. Word. First first thing you want to do if you re going to do the letting.

Which the space between each line. You select the text you have and there s a fantastic button right here. It has these two arrows pointing up and down and if you hover over any button again remember i tell you what the button does line spacing that s what i want so i click on it i can choose how many points that s double spaced. So if i click on that watch the text.

It creates a double spaced text..

So go back in there and click on one and a half. It s it s one and a half space text and you can see how it changes it so that s how you need to put the letting this little button right here. And again hover over in your button. And i ll tell you what it is you want line spacing on spacing.

If i m going to do a triple spaced text. There it is okay well if i want to go back to a single space. There s one okay so that s how you do letting. Letting um next thing.

I want to do is tracking..

Tracking is simply the space between whole words not inside of the words. But between whole words so the way that i can do that in word is if i go up here in and i m sure you guys are familiar with a line text left a long text center and a line text right. I m sure you ve used those before right beside of it you see justify text. This is the way to control or to manipulate the tracking pretty easily in word if you click it you can see the space between each word increases and decreases so it s a small change.

But that s the way that you show how to manipulate the tracking in word. Okay so it s the justified button. It s right beside these three up here at the top of your screen again hover over to tell you what it is justify texas. What you want that controls the tracking.

Okay now what about kerning..

Which is the space between say these two letters right here okay. I want to i want to decrease. Now. Let s let s create a header up here and i ll show you okay.

I want to decrease the space between all four of those letters right because i want it to be tighter for some reason. So what do i need to do i go up to format up here at the top again that s format and i click on font and then from here. I m going to make sure that i m an advanced tab you may have opened up in this tab. Okay font isn t into there you want to make sure you re in the advanced.

So click on advanced go down to where it says spacing right here..

And you have normal expanded or condensed. If i want to i can decide i want to condense it and it shows you an example down here okay of what that does so look what happens when i click normal it expands and if i go expand it expands even more see that and i can also decide how much expands as well all right so let s say i want to condense. It and you can see how tight it went okay let s set and see when i when i m increasing the decrease in how it s changing down there at the bottom in the preview. Okay alright so um so i condensed it that changes the kerning alright well we ll get crazy and just make it like four or something okay and you see how that change the kerning of that word text.

Okay so that s how you change the letting the tracking and the ” ..

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