Learn English – Sentences: Linkers 2 (when, while, before, after)

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“Everyone i m nick shepherd welcome nto my channel this is the second video in in the series on how we join sentences together nusing linkers here are the we re looking at today nwe re looking at the time linkers. when before after and while hope you enjoy nit right let s get started. We ll start off nwith before . And after here s a picture of billy billy s gone to bed.

But he s made na mistake. Because he s still got his hat on no billy take your hat off before you go. Nto. Bed.

. Here s billy again making. Yet. Another mistake nan even.

Bigger one and he s having a shower. And he s put his clothes on first no billy nget..

Dressed after you have a shower . Now let s move on to when . And while sue njack and the children have been away on holiday and they re just coming home and here. They nare.

Arriving and sue jack and the children came home and here s the second sentence. N they. Saw that they front door was open . Now we could join those two sentences together nwith when or while .

But which one well i ll tell you when. Sue jack and the children ncame home. They saw that the front door was open when is like a falling object. But ni ll explain that later now what happened here s another picture nand.

We can see somebody taking stuff from their house and in the background. We can see nthem having a nice time swimming in the sea..

And i ll write two sentences first of all n. somebody broke in and they were away on holiday . Now we can join those two sentences. Ntogether using when or while .

Which one well this time. It s going to be while here nwe go somebody broke in while they were away on holiday don t worry about the bird flying nalong there just to show continuity. I ll explain that later sorry about the drawings. Nthey re not very good caroline.

Didn t do the falling object or the bird sorry that nwas me. And what happened when they moved into the nhouse well here s another picture and sue phoned. The police and the second sentence n jack looked to see what had be stolen . Now we can join those two sentences.

Together again nthey re both happening at the same time. So is it going to be when or while ..

Well nit will be while and here we go sue phoned. The police while jack looked to see what nhad been stolen here s my bird again flying past to give the idea of continuity and i ll ntalk about that in a minute ok is that all err nearly we ve still ngot. The summary first of all we ll start off with the before and after and here s na drawing that i filmed myself doing and i speeded it up it s not very good. I m afraid ni.

m sorry that caroline didn t do it erm. So first of all there s now in the middle. N. 6.

O. clock on the left. There s pete pete. Arrived before susan got there .

So he s looking nrelaxed and peaceful. He s before six here s sam sam..

Arrived after jane left . He s nfive minutes late and she left. So that s the difference there before before and after nnow. Let s move over to when .

And while i was asleep. When the phone rang and the nfalling object is like an interruption. Something that breaks into something else. That s happening nand.

The last sentence she watched the baby while it slept and here s a little bird flying nalong. There my terrible drawing again and that shows the continuity that you get with n while all right that s all bye for now ” ..

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