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“James from engvid. Just looking at my work ni. Don t know when i m m going to get any more downtime. I mean i haven t had spare ntime time off in so long.

I haven t done any of my interests or hobbies. And you know nwhat. I mean right you don t oh. That s today s lesson.

We re going to talk to you nabout conversation. Skills and how you can improve them. While talking about your downtime nhobbies and time off you know oh you don t know let s do it. Then let s go to the board nwell let s start off with what is a well a you know means do it regularly and you don t get paid for it nthat s what we usually call your so you might even spend money and time to do nit.

But you get a lot of fun from it and you do it regularly now another word for n. About you almost interchangeably. Which means we ncan just change them. And it doesn t really matter.

But there s a slight difference remember n. Regularly well. But i don t go all the time maybe once every two years nbut. My hobby is collecting comic books which means.

I actually every week n. Buy the comic books like i have it and i get enjoyment from both so remember you ncan use the words. But one is more specific all right so you could say you know you ncould say don t have time to do it. But i like the idea of it nversus is that s what i do when i don t nhave anything to do all right.

So let s go over here. What kind of hobbies nor interests can a person have well one of them is collecting now what does of things books. And i dare you to go back and watch nhow. Many videos i ve done wearing a batman t shirt and you ll know i m a real collector okay ni love batman but let s just say i bought batman no 1.

Now if i m a collector ni ll also buy batman no 2. And batman no. 3..


And so on and so on i ll continue to buy nand. I will keep them i m not going to sell them i m not trying to make money and i m ngoing to enjoy them as a collector. I will go back after reading them and read them again njust like when you collect we say comics you can collect books you can also collect art and music nyou. Guys know you collect music you collect duran duran.

Right that great group n. No that new guy justin timberlake. Yeah n. But you know what i mean you can collect music nyou can collect art.

Van gogh picasso music again beethoven. Bach brahms ncollect and enjoy right for yourself or your friends. What else can you do nwell. You can also play and in this case.

We re talking about playing sports ni enjoy playing sports. I enjoy playing golf no i don t but sports you can enjoy nplaying cards or games. So sports playing soccer at the beach. I m a stud baby okay now or games now nwhen i enjoy playing games right i can do and of now outside of your city.

If you go to the library nin your city you re not travelling boys and girls you re just going to the library nbut. If you have a big country like i m in canada. We like travelling to other parts nof canada. Because it s like going to europe.

But you can travel in north america. You can ntravel in europe. You can travel to africa leave europe. Oh.

My gosh yes you can ntravel between countries continents and large regions. So when you say country to another or to different countries nor. Different. Continents.

Cool you should leave travel a little learn a little n going from one place to another to do the nactivity and that is the activity to every week. I see a new movie. I have a friend nwho watches one movie every night he goes to a cheap theatre and he watches movies he loves them nthat s his hobby two hours a day he gets to heaven you know he flies naway and enjoys them you know or going to the beach..


Some people like going to the beach nlike little turkeys they lie in the sun. It s called and turn back and they cook themselves. I ndon t know why but they enjoy going to the beach. Some people like going to the theatre.

You nknow masterpiece theatre watch the theatre. It s very intellectual theatre and you get nto say it doesn t okay baking and cooking. So another hobby. Nis baking and cooking.

And it s not just for women anymore. No sir. I like cooking too ni like cooking shows top chef and whatnot right iron chef. So you watch.

And then you ncopy. The recipe and you make it so you say over i don t care where you live. We re coming for a visit nand make it good son because i don t travel for no reason all right nnext. This is going to be funny.

I know some of you are laughing right now because you nknow. But in school. I have to read and write you re ntelling me this is hobby. Some crazy people who like to read and write nwell reading anyway like i enjoy a good book i enjoy comic books.

But some people nenjoy writing. And doing poems and stories and some people enjoy reading books horror ndrama and whatnot right. These are things that could be hobbies. But nwe have to talk about questions because.

I said this is going to help you with conversation nyou don t walk up to people and go cooking i enjoy reading and i enjoy playing ncooking and i enjoy playing soccer will say that you can ask somebody or they might ask nyou and when you respond you ll find out that well guess. What you have things n. What we call help us talk to each other and get to know each other nour interests. When they are similar we can become friends or even if they are ndifferent.

We can learn from each other let s go to the board shall we all right nso. The first thing we look at is downtime. It says beginning to time and an end to time and nyou re somewhere in time..


So you can relax so a lot of native nspeakers go downtime next one we re going to do is the basic meaning is dollar and you go to the store and they ngive you money back. And it s little metal money. That s called your enough to buy big things so you buy usually ngum or candy or pay for parking. Yeah.

That s fun fun things with the spare change. We ndo the same thing with our spare time with our eight hours you work for eight hours you nhave to eat and poo poo. I said it i m sorry. But then you only have two or three nhours a day for yourself.

And that s your come together for me for collecting nthings like comics right now we ve got one more what could that be n off. I was thinking would come in period of time right so you say for other things like collecting and that n probably still use it it s something we say right nso. What do you do when you have time off. What do you do you can say well are the same reasons that i don t have time to go into nbut.

The key here is if you remember this simple rule. You can use it and you ll be nright like 90 percent of the time no problem it. But you can say take a good look you got that but you can say this nnow. Ready read.

It with me. Enjoy. i n. G.

. I enjoy. i n. G.

. What about here means don t change. It so books with anything here right. I m going to put you can remember these two words.

If you re ngoing to say. 1 like to base reference all right. But so let s give an example excellent all right now the nresponse to all of this when you go through this long conversation with somebody n..


When they finish you go. That s interesting you can go that s cool isn t it the water is cool. But to wrap up the lesson remember like to do enjoy doing and do regularly nand. I don t get paid for it right another word is a hobby.

But i m interested in this and that okay nwe talked about that we ve got three others here my butt my bottom. It s really nice though nit s cute it s good and finally how low do you go thing is someone tells you these are the n these are their hobbies okay so i got to go hey. It s like superman i njust popped that shirt see that i enjoy being superman that s my secret identity. My hobby nokay mr.

E and i are out we re going to have some fun right now going nto go play sometimes we re not going to go read anything that s his thing. I lied i hate reading ni don t know how to read. I m illiterate. Illiterate.

You know that anyway nso okay i. m out but before i go you have to go to. Wwwengvidcom. Where think there.

re like 975. New teachers. It s incredible. Nit s just crazy out there i m just playing with you it s my hobby.

See ni. Enjoy doing that i m really interested in what you have to say. Though. So don t nforget to go do the quiz.

When you re done. ” ..

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“http://www.engvid.com/ Use this basic English lesson to improve your conversation skills by talking about the things you like to do every day for fun. Learn what spare time, downtime, hobbies, and interests are. I ll also teach you how to explain your passions to others. http://www.engvid.com/learn-english-what-do-you-do-for-fun/nnTRANSCRIPTnnHi. James from EngVid. Just looking at my work. I don t know when I m going to get any more downtime. I mean, I haven t had spare time or time off in so long. I haven t done any of my interests or hobbies and — you know what I mean, right? You don t? Oh, that s today s lesson. We re going to talk to you about conversation skills and how you can improve them while talking about your downtime, hobbies, and time off. You know? Oh, you don t know? Let s do it, then. Let s go to the board. Well, let s start off with what is a “hobby”.nnWell, a “hobby” is something — and you can think of the word “habit”. I think most of you know “habit” is something you do regularly. Well, a “hobby” starts with a “h”, and it means “something you do regularly”. But in this case, it s something that s fun, you do it regularly, and you don t get paid for it. That s what we usually call your “hobby”. So you might even spend money and time to do it, but you get a lot of fun from it, and you do it regularly. Now, another word for “hobby” is “interest”. And the funny thing about “interest” is that I could say to you, “What are your hobbies?” Or I could say to you “What are your interests?” And it s almost the same. And we use them — English speakers — almost interchangeably, which means we can just change them, and it doesn t really matter. But there s a slight difference. Remember “hobby” and “habit” go together — you do regularly? Well, “interest” means “I like it”. Like, I m interested in the theatre, but I don t go all the time, maybe once every two years. But my hobby is collecting comic books, which means I actually — every week — buy the comic books. Like, I have it, and I get enjoyment from both. So remember, you can use the words, but one is more specific, all right? So you could say — you know, you could say, “I m interested in reading.” — I don t have time to do it, but I like the idea of it. versus “My hobby is reading.”, which is — that s what I do when I don t have anything to do. All right?nnSo let s go over here. What kind of hobbies or interests can a person have? Well, one of them is collecting. Now, what does “collecting” mean? It means “to bring together a group of things”, all right? But in this case, “collecting” is very specific. Personally, I collect comic books. And I dare you to go back and watch how many videos I ve done wearing a Batman T-shirt, and you ll know I m a real collector, okay? I love Batman. But let s just say I bought Batman No. 1. Now, if I m a collector, I ll also buy Batman No. 2 and Batman No. 3 and so on and so on. I ll continue to buy. And I will keep them. I m not going to sell them. I m not trying to make money, and I m going to enjoy them as a collector. I will go back after reading them and read them again. Just like when you collect — we say comics; you can collect books. You can also collect art and music. You guys know — you collect music. You collect Duran Duran — right? — that great group. “Girls on Film” — oh, I m old. No, that new guy, Justin Timberlake, yeah? “Mirror” — yeah. I can t sing that song. But you know what I mean. You can collect music. You can collect art — Van Gogh, Picasso — music, again — Beethoven, Bach, Brahms. Collect and enjoy, right? For yourself or your friends. nnWhat else can you do? Well, you can also play. And in this case, we re talking about playing sports. I enjoy playing sports. I enjoy playing golf. No, I don t. But sports. You can enjoy playing cards or games. So sports: “I enjoy playing soccer.” I m saying “i-n-g”, “I enjoy playing soccer.” or “I enjoy playing volleyball at the beach.” Right? Cards: “I enjoy playing poker, solitaire” — “Nobody loves me” because “solitaire” means to be by yourself. Or I enjoy playing poker. Five-card stud, because I m a stud, baby. Okay. Now — or games. Now, when I enjoy playing games, right, I can do “gaming”. It s a little different. Games can be board games like chess or checkers or Monopoly, and “gaming” — which we changed to “I enjoy gaming”, so you would just say “gaming” instead of “playing”, right? “Gaming” — everybody knows it s electronic, okay? Good. nnNow, “travelling” — but I ll explain because it seems obvious. “Travelling” means anything outside of your city. If you go to the library in your city, you re not travelling, boys and girls. You re just going to the library. But if you have a big country — like, I m in Canada. We like travelling to other parts of Canada because it s like going to Europe. But you can travel in North America. You can travel in Europe.”,

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