LEGO Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell Mega Vending Machine (3-in-1)

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“Would think devoting the entire summer to creating lego machines would yield. Several videos. I i ve grown hungry for video making as a result and intent to use most my summer. Creating machines and if i were to upload a less than astonishing machine from june and a big machine that was sadly too finicky to finish.

I would have succeeded. But given the tenth anniversary of the lego machine community on youtube. Sparse. Uploading has become a trade off for maintaining an innovative portfolio.

That s why i m sharing my coolest creation today on lego machine day. Alongside former creators using the holiday to energize the community that being said binge on the new uploads from lego is triple7 basketballer 99. Lucas jensen and logano studios formerly lego studios after i serve up this video oh and make sure to check out my tedx talk. If you haven t the three in one masterpiece combines finger lickin chicken drumsticks personal.

Pan pizzas and taco bell s underrated nacho fries for a tribute to young brands. And all the good they have done for astonishing studios you since the recipes supposedly leaked online. I ve been making my own kfc courtesy of healthy junk food. Then i coded party sized drumsticks in the mixture and marinated them in buttermilk overnight next.

I recoded the drumsticks in another batch of herbs and spices this time with flour mixed in okay be get away from me. I m waiting for the oil to boil. So we can finally put in the chicken and start bubbling. Yeah.

Now we re getting some crack walking oh. It s reaching robinus o. clock. Let me tell you that alright.

Let s go in if you try paying with coins. Smaller than two euros. They are rejected by who golly. Oh hi.


I m charlie again. If you try paying with coins smaller than two euros. They are rejected by the sleek coin system. My brother max designed to this feature and deserves the credit despite years of ghost producing features on the channel 2 euro coins passed the rejection area to proceed between a light dependent resistor and an led causing the light sensor to sense a moment of darkness.

And recognize two euros when inserted the tray remains locked. Because the pizza costs a coin more upon triggering the light sensor again a motor unlocks a lever. Letting the tray glide open upon closing. It a series of slopes prevent the tray from reopening for free pizza.

That is not good this next. One goes out to the curious international viewers. Typically nacho fries are served with cheese sauce. But i abandoned the dip.

Because i believe the fry seasoning is bold enough the machine. Features a compact combination safe mechanism. Courtesy of jd brick productions safe tutorial video by turning it to the first value counterclockwise to read the frontmost wheel spins the backmost wheel to strategically reveal a gap. The second value clockwise to green reveals.

The gap in the front. Most wheel and next to the prior gap allotting just enough space for the deadbolt to fall between the gap on one side and unlock. The coin tray on the other if the customer inserts four euros and for some unrelatable. Reason does not crave pizza.

He can mix and match between the other options. The change is powered by a slider crank mechanism. The motor is programmed to move the tray more than a rotation allowing it to reload and dispense despite position and friction. The pizza module is surprisingly shallow.

Which is accomplished with treads that hold up future pizza boxes upon extension and curl beneath the machine upon retraction. I can t end the video having dispensed just one tangible pizza this entire time so how about a second today. The day. I m filming this marks.


A special occasion because it s the first time. I ll be meeting caleb of like out of studios face to face let s see how he takes to this food after it s brushed across lego bricks more times than i can count hey caleb. I brought dinner. I suggest the fries.

They re pretty good all right they re actually not bad. I hope i astonished you like my username aims to and would appreciate if you subscribe in exchange. Special. Thanks to nathan ebay and basketballer 99.

For inspiring. This creation into gigantic. Thanks to my. Fellow creators partaking in lego machine day.

Although i am fortunate to have a large following these guys deliver with engineering skills. I have yet to master their links videos do not disappoint so check them out. e ties next to me we lost katie. The last turn so we have no idea you couldn t get out if you wanted to there s all these search planes up above they re looking for us.

But they ll never find us down here oh were you recording a video. We just put your cave yep and we re gonna go in to notice. They need alice s legs crossed. We re going to the best part.

Okay. So i might have to ring get the camera here we go rapids. I can t see what s behind me. The water super refreshing it s no fun going backwards cuz.

You have no idea. What s coming you made it a good thing. These inner tubes are thick quality or else you d be on the bottom right now. Oh let s hit the wall.


Okay now i m doing 360s. There we go hopefully i got a traffic jam up here what are you doing jake did you get us all stuck incoming sorry not sorry there is hey jake jake. Um fine hold on tight dude i m in the slow lane oh we call the jolene is jordan in the slow lane. This old.

I m just hanging out in the joleen. So here we go here s the record any backward. Oh. I hear the tunnel coming up everybody s whooping in horror.

Tell number two here we go of course. We re going backward. Oh anymore. We re is back there somewhere stick.

You sending text are you checking facebook. Katie is facebooking. While we re going down this path. You trauma can t see me in my life.

Players inside long like how would you like them to dig this up. I think i got the tube that brought the spin all right we just came out of town number two look at that that s actually really cool now we re in the ditch. When i get lights off. We re gonna go jump.

Again. I hear jacob you jordan endurance is taken easy. Jake jacob today better go down the mountain of the steep slide you ready hey are you ready before we get to watch your head cuz this is gonna hurt a little oh god jake oh sorry sorry laughter okay i had to look scared that i really wasn t now getting scary. I m spinning it and spinning.

Oh. My goodness i have been spinning this whole time. I m so dizzy look at this silver and gold and platinum and bronze and hegarty and thermal would love it in here well bernie would i don t know about thermo firm. Is nature.


This is dirty anonymous tunnel right here for a silver gold and nature. What do they have all the stars above. We think it s been falling down that felt that s cool now we re gonna go back in the concrete area that s my favorite part so far going back over the silverdome. I just spend look out beeps.

I want some that gold that is so cool. I know there s a fork in the road auriga laughter. I regularly there s jake all right i m now oh i m gonna pull in on it what s up ceiling man you re gonna rumbling hi we re spinning weird override flashlights i heard mumbling right turn right turn right i think i would five they said later the last home number five this is the jurassic. Oh how d you get in front of me.

Yeah. I got stuck in the corner. Okay. So we made it through survived.

It all five men survived all five times. I thought for sure that steamships that would have been left behind he almost fell alrighty. We re done to being done with our snack. We stopped and got some drinks at mcdonald s we re done for the night last night in our beach house in kauai hawaii.

So sad we have to go back to the real world tomorrow night. But we still have all day tomorrow that we can play just not here at the beach house. So it s gonna be crazy tomorrow. We have to figure out how to fit all this stuff back in our suitcases.

I don t know how it s gonna work we will figure it out anyway. That s it for today thanks for watching bye. ” ..


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“My TEDx Talk: LegatoStudios: Lucas Jensen: Basketballer99: [Video Coming Soon nnThe following creators inspired the machine:nBrickMachines: Brick Productions: Nipe: all the machines I have showcased, the ones from Yum! Brands, which owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, have been the most interesting. From being featured on British television for the chicken machine to scoring my best received creation with Pizza Hut to being sponsored by Taco Bell themselves, it was time to combine the three like the triple joint restaurants…except with less options.nnSONGS USED:nIntroduction Song: El Neon – Stand Up Song: Beiba – Bonita Song: Guustavv – Balsamic Pizza Song: Moins Le Quartet – Paris After Dark Reloading Song: Craig Reever – Smile (I See No) (Instrumental Version) Song: Catiso – Puzzle nastonishingstudios.netnastonishingstudios@gmail.comnnLEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group of Companies, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this channel.nnTaco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut are subsidiaries of Yum! Brands, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this channel.nn#MachineDay”,

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