Masked Lettering with Watercolor Background

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“Everyone kristina here today. I have another nlettering video for you guys. It has a a little bit of water color in it as well so this nis. My water notebook that i ve been using for awhile.

It has canson montval watercolor npaper in it this is the same paper that i used in wednesday s video. So i did this water ncolor piece using some masking fluid and i wanted to show you guys another quote using nthe same process. So i m going to switch to a new sheet of paper. And i ve taped down the nsides just to prevent warping.


I just taped it around the entire notebook now i m taking nthe molotow or molotow. I m not sure how to say it masking fluid pen. This is the fine npoint. Which is 2 mm and i m writing my quote on to my water color paper.

The thing. That s ncool about this masking fluid is that you can rub it off with your finger tips. Very nvery easily so if you make a mistake or if you want to change how something is written nyou definitely can like right here. I m going to take off the top of that letter k.


And give nit a nice flourish on top same thing. I m going to fix up the very bottom of that k nlater on so i m going back. And adding. Some thicker lines.

Just on the very scripty lettering. Nthis is going to give it sort of like a faux calligraphy. Look as if i was using a brush npen to do all of this writing. So now i m going to break out my peerless watercolor npalette.


I m going to pick out a few different colors mostly in yellows and pinks and i m ngoing to star water coloring. So i hope you guys enjoy the video. I m going to turn on nsome music. And i ll catch up with you at the end of the video.

So as you can see that masking fluid comes noff super super easy and clean leaves a nice crisp edge so i hope you guys enjoyed today s nquote because i taped down my paper. It s not warped too much even with all those washes ni hope you guys enjoyed today s video. I will catch you guys on monday for a brand new card nvideo on screen right now are three more lettering nvideos for you to check out two are brush lettering and that last. One has the same technique nthat.


I showed in today s video. Which is writing out some words in script. And then adding the nthicks and thins later i hope you guys enjoyed ” ..


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