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” m recording an instructional video for you right now of how to add a story story and or write. A story on medium and how to add it to our so right now as you can see i m logged in as a different user as one of my colleagues. Another instructor. So this is similar to the style page you will be seeing not what i generally see about what you should see so when you log in make sure that you are logged in when you log in to medium.

Comm go ahead and click on here to write a story and once you click on that you ll see your name here. It will say draft underneath. It you do need to add a title be creative with your title um. I don t don t just write like blog entry.

One be creative so for me i m not going to be creative right now. But it is just a test title and then once you have done that know that you can always click on these plus buttons will allow you to enter a photo video code if you know that and line break those aren t necessary but you want to go ahead and enter your text here you can copy and paste from a word processor. But if you type directly in here that is completely fine good just country um..


You can also manipulate the text by highlighting it you can change the font size add a quotation make it bold italics enter a link into the into our word or you can add notes for yourself. This is something that s interesting. I don t know about this maybe we can do some more research on it later. But maybe.

It s just a note. So if this is our blog entry the way that we are going to add it to our linguistics 3c publication is first i would like for you to go to publish and i want you to go to add a tag make sure that you add the link. 3. See tag so as you see some of these other ones pop up linguistics lingerie.

Just do ling 3c. It s not going to give you a tag just do that and go ahead and hit enter on your mouse or on your keyboard and will prompt you can add a form or tags. You can do this optionally um..


Perhaps if my response is about ucsb maybe i ll put that in as a tag. I might put something else like i m talking about the beach or something okay. But you don t need to do these. If you don t wish to so i m going to go ahead and hit publish right here and once it is published now you ll see you ll come to this page here it is searchable by anybody on medium.

But you re you solve one step to go you must add it to our publication. So in order to do that you want to go ahead and hit the three dots. The ellipsis down here let me do that again for you so these three buttons hit that and go ahead and click on add to publication once you do that this is your choice allow publications to email you and ask to include your story you can do that or you don t have to it doesn t matter to me. But you do want to click on linguistics.

3 blog. So make sure that you do select that one and it will say submit story or cancel make sure that you do submit the story. And once you ve done that it will give you this confirmation page..


Just go ahead and hit ok. And you re all good. I will receive a document or a notification at that time and that s that s fine. You ll also notice if you did it correctly a link 3 c.

Logo. That i made will pop up here and it will give you the title of writer. So you can even click on that if you want and it will give you some some information you are a writer in whist extry c. Blog whatever you can view your publication or view the whole publication.

Which will be all of our all of our blog posts together or you can leave the publication. Don t do that until the end of the quarter. Because you won t be able to submit so i hope that this this instructional video helps you if you do have any questions..


Please just email. Me. But play around with this. See.

If you can find out some cool features about it do some searches for some nice articles that you are interested in as you all know i like programming. So i might do programming. I mean you guys can do whatever you want if you are into biology or something or if you re into music you can do something about that so um. That s it i will see you guys in ” .


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“This is a voiced and detailed tutorial on how to add a story on Medium to our Linguistics 3C publication.”,

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