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“Message alert sounds shut up look i just sent you an emoji of a firetruck firetruck farting nice i m gonna send you an emoji nof a chick farting on old man s face waitwhat the frick is this ugly. Thing damn that moon looks like nit wants to molest somebody waitare you guys talking aboutmolester moon. It does look pretty molestery n. I guess so legend has it that if you nsend a friend molester moon three times.

They ll then get a series of emojis. Which will tell them how nmolester moon is gonna kill them wait so does it have to be nover. Three separate texts or can you do it in the same message. I don t know well can it be interspersed with other things yeah can you be like n.

I don t know just don t do it god text message alert sounds what was that i sent him a molester moon three times. Why would you do that well look. He s not a main character and he s a minority. So he s pretty expendable.

I m not a minority n really then why are you subtitled ay dios mio noh my god text message alert sounds dude i got a message from molester moon what n ah these emojis don t even make. Sense nice prank iannot n. I didn t send that can we all just go to bed. Being a minority is.

Super tiring oh wait pee pee before sleepy me too. Poo poo beforeuhfloo poo door creaks open n. Bonjour..


Que eso no no noooooooo. I know he was so pissed nwhen he took away the bucket. I know he was like oh dude. What the hell happened n.

Check his phone. Oh wait. He got a text from molester. Moon that says.

Dude. Look his. Ass is all burnt. Up.

Wait. A. Secondoh n. Oh.

Jesus someone chopped up his wiener. Oh. I get it..


It s this molester moon is freaking clever. So molester moon is real n. Awesome. What no that s that s not awesome at all that s like the hitler of all awesome.

Which which isn t very awesome dude. How could you be having na midnight snack at at time like this well duh. I m hungry and it s na sleepover. It s what you do okay and.

Uh who invited her. Well i thought the movie ncould use a littlesex appeal so uh n. Wait what movie text message alert sounds eww this creepy moon face nsent me a a bunch of emojis you sent her the molester moon. Too well.

I didn t want her to feel left out girl shrieks dang. It i missed my mouth nand got it all over my new shirt. I think i get the sex appeal. Thing now this steaming bath should get rid of the stain.

I just hope there aren t nany electrical objects nearby that might electrocute me while i m in here just like this text message foreshadowed shrieks. We have to call the cops you do that and i ll send nyou the molester moon. You don t have the guts n..


Oh really multiple text message alerts are sent you idiot you ve doomed us all multiple text message alerts go off whatever scoffs anthony oooh. Molester moon is gonna get me what the hell. Even this one means. Oh that s super easy.

It means you re gonna get ran over by a car while you re christmas tree shopping. No dude. I m pretty sure it means na guy is gonna pick me up take me to the forest nand stick his thumb up my both gasp. I m gonna molest you n gasps oh jesus n.

Ruuuuuuun aaaaaaah both yelp in fear i m gonna molest you where are we running. I don t know just look out for random objects. The people getting chased. Always trips over them.

Whoa n. Ian whoa. Come on man. Get up.

Oh dude watch where you re going oh both grunt and groan. I m gonna molest you both continue grunting and groaning i m gonna molest you both keep on gruntin and groanin i m gonna molest you and then ian and anthony grunted nand groaned some more i m gonna molest you more grunting and groaning i m gonna both scream i m gonna molest you both whimper dammit. I m still gonna molest you once i get through this door..


Ah bleep it i m gonna go molest somebody else best sleepover ever to see behind the scenes nfootage bloopers and this does it tickle n. It tickles a little laughter n. I m kind of aroused. Click.

The video. Right. Here. You got a little bit on your shoulder.

Yeah. Just n. Laughter off screen. Yeah you got it n.

Got. It you got it and make sure you guys nclick that subscribe button or i m gonna send you nthe molester moon three times text message alert sounds once i m serious text message alert sounds twice don t make me send the third one ” ..

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“BLOOPERS u0026 MORE: out our album! you send the Molester Moon emoji to someone three times, Molester Moon will send you a series of emojis explaining how he will kill you! nnnCast:nAnthony Padilla as HimselfnIan Hecox as HimselfnMinority Friend: Jason Michael FongnGirl: Rae Wright Molester Moon: Lee EisenhowernnWritten by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, u0026 Ryan FinnertynProduced u0026 Directed by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, u0026 Ryan ToddnEdited by: Anthony Padilla u0026 Michael BarrytenPost Supervision by: Ian Hecox u0026 Ryan FinnertynnAD: Jon Hooker DP: John Alexander JimeneznAsst. Camera: Jon Joiner Sound Mixer: Ivan HardernGaffer: Kerry Sweeney Grip: Lee EisenhowernProduction Design: Patrick Egan Makeup: Nicole ChilellinWardrobe: Felicia Cowley Asst. Editor: Shawna SmithnColor: Pretty Moving Pictures BTS: Phil Mohrnn————————————nHey it s our very own website: http://smosh.comnOh and our Facebook page: to know when we re filming and/or pooping? Now you can: we should have a Google+ Page, too: with us on Smosh Games! our Cartoons!”,

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