Monthly Budgeting & Forecasting Model

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“Budgeting and forecasting model. Let s look at the components of a budget or forecast forecast model. It consists of monthly assumptions this differs from most of our models which annual it can be helpful to know how to build a model on a monthly basis. We need drivers of operations for an effective financial planning and analysis tool we need to know what drives revenue.

What drives expenses capital costs etc from there we can build the three financial statements and have them dynamically linked together. This model has the ability to roll forward meaning as historical or actual results come in they replace part of the forecast and a new column of forecast is added to the end and hence. The model is rolled forward finally there are charts and graphs. Which display the output of the model let s look at the purpose of a budgeting model.

It s used for internal corporate planning and decision making it s used for budgeting and forecasting purposes. It s used for measuring results and evaluating performance and it s used for strategic planning and analysis purposes to learn how to build this model from scratch..

These are the courses that you can take from cfi to learn every calculation step by step let s jump into the model and look at some more detail here we are inside the 12 month. Rolling forecast model as always we have a cover page and a table of contents since is a single tab model. It only has one spot to click on the table of contents. Which is the entire model it s organized into sections.

As always where we have assumptions at the top then our three statements supporting schedules and charts and graphs let s open up all of the sections. We should also point out that it s structured. Very carefully to have the actual results on the left side moving from left to right and the forecast results over here on the right so. What happens is as actual results come in they get written over these columns at our forecasts and the forecasts extends out to the right now let s look at what we ve got here.

We ve got assumptions about the operations of the business since this is a retail business. We have the number of stores as being a primary driver..

We have assumptions for the balance sheet and we have assumptions for financing of the business from there. We can calculate the forecasted income statement. The balance sheet cash flow statement and we have these supporting schedules that are required to build the three financial statements. This model also has some debt covenants and leverage ratios.

Which can also be quite useful for fpa purposes. And then we have summary. Tarts and graphs that show the monthly cash flow and cash balance as well as the debt service and covenants. So you can see that is a very clean and simply structured model that provides monthly forecasting for a retail business.

Let s take a closer look at how this monthly model works and how we would roll it forward. What we would do is once the next month of actual results come in which in this case..

Since december has already been reported. The next month of actual results would be january. So what we would do is insert a new column here and let s assume that the actual results for january. Were the same as the forecast and we re just doing that so.

We can paste as values of all ts v. The results from january. We can delete the forecast here and then we just need to update. This formula so that the forecast moves over one month.

So we ve got the january actual results here the forecast here and then at the end of this model. We can select the entire column to the right and press can are to add one more month..

So we go from february to february. And if we scroll down let s just take a look. We see that the balance sheet is working and this forecast has updated properly. It is quite literally that simple to roll forward and update.

This model and you would continue doing this each month. Adding one more month or one more column of actual results and then extending the forecast out one more month on the end so that s how you can use this monthly model for forecasting and budgeting. ” ..


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“Budgeting and forecasting model is generally used for internal corporate planning, measuring results and performance, and strategic planning.”,

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