MS Excel: How to Sort Value with Data (Large to Small & Ascending to Descending)

what symbol displays when date and currency values are too wide to fit in the column? This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you MS Excel: How to Sort Value with Data (Large to Small & Ascending to Descending) . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Subscribe to my band hit on bell icon for latest videos hey guys welcome back back again hope you re doing well i m mj in this video. I will you how to sort data and value in ms. Excel. You can sort alphabetically ascending or descending or you can sort highest or lowest value.

I will show the simple way okay so when you try to sort any data or value the common many people do the common mistake. They select the both data and value and they try to sort like this and this will not work believe me this will not work. When you select the both option so for this let me copy and paste this one so. Here.

I want to take the highest value along with the data..

So don t select the data and value together look at that just select the value when you re going to highest value to lowest value you don t need to select the data along with value only select the value like this and then simply go to tata here. And then you can sort like ascending or descending order or lower to higher click here and you will get the option like do you want to want do what do you want to do like this expand. The selection you need to check on it with auto default check on so check on expand. The selection and then saw and boom as you can see here bing is a lowest with alphabetical order.

Other being is the lawyers. Here. Where is it come on wayne over here. And then if you want to highest value first here and then sorry.

This is the highest value..

So it s a scalia house or this highest louis and louis two hires. The same thing here copy in pairs. I will show the lawyers. These are hires and louis followers select.

It and saw it okay so this is a louis now the ascending how to do ascending or descending. So. If you want to do the ascending and descending order. So let me copy this and here pass it and this time you need to select the data not the value because we are going to sort alphabetically not going to sort d etat.

So we need to select the data..

And it will also affect we were value so now select your data and now click on ascending or descending and click expanded sort. Oh. There s a simple long legacy is our policy x. Come in the ascending order.

The same thing or you can go with the descending order. Okay. Select the or only value not taught her only daughter not value and then click on descending order and boom that s it as you can see you to buy or talk to dress up like this so. This is a way this is a proper way to sort you want alphabetically and sort highest to lowest or lowest to highest that s it and one more option.

If you are if you want to do some productivity..

You can select the value from here and then go to sort and here you can choose what to sort like this and then you can go with the a to z or z. To eight simple so i hope this really cool thank for watching. If you have any question oxman commands please like share and subscribe. ” .


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