My 3-Step Writing Process: Blogging for Online Teachers

when you re applying the three-step writing process to blogging, the planning step will include This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you My 3-Step Writing Process: Blogging for Online Teachers . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“This is jack from teaching esl online and in this video. I m going to to go through the process. That i use. When writing blog.

Post emails social media. Anything really. And i use. This process.

For both my blog for english learners. And my blog for english teachers. So the first thing is when you re writing anything i find it really useful to just get that first draft out there to put all your ideas onto paper and not to hold back you know there might be things that you say i don t know if i should put this in here or not but for my experience..


It s good just to get it all out there and to get everything in here out onto paper. So that that s a first step. I use and this is obviously the first raft. Now what i normally do is i let this sit for a few hours or sometimes overnight and then come back to it again the next day.

And then step. Two is to really look at this and to make changes big overall changes take out a paragraph add in something else and in some sentences that help you lead into an argument and you know. It s just about going in there and gutting your writing and again don t hold back you know if it doesn t work take it out. I ve started to write in a more simple way and instead of using adjectives and very interesting.

I m just saying interesting now so go back in and think what can i take out what here isn t necessary you know other sentences that just don t help you get your point across. So that s stage two stage three is to go in and to fine tune. It now for stage three what i do is this well sometimes i print it out on paper..


So i print it out and read it on paper. But what i ve been doing recently is i ve been presenting my article in a presentation style. So our stand up at my desk. Read the article.

But use my hands and use the intonation and rhythm and the stress where i m. It s like i m given a present. What this helps me do is helps me know if these certain words and sentences and parts of this article. If they re needed if they work and it also helps you pick up on the small errors.

The small mistakes that you make when you are writing because when you re speaking out loud. You read every word that you see. But when you re reading in your head..


Then you can skip over things and still see your sentence. And it s very difficult for you to spot your own mistakes. When you re just reading it that s why i feel i can get into a different mentality. And present it and i ll see all the different mistakes.

I make and then i usually you know reread it again and go through it one more time before i publish it what s funny as well is that when you publish a post. You see it in the published format and for me. It s just easier to spot mistakes. Because i think again it s a change of mentality.

When it s a draft no one can read it when it s a published post people can read this so go back after you publish your posts and just double check again the other option as well is to get people to do this for you to have people proofread. What you do and i do this for certain posts that i write or articles. I write especially books or free resources..


But generally speaking. I do my own proofreading because i publish so much a day and sometimes a turnaround is so quick that i can t just get someone to have a look at it so if you re in a position. Where you can get someone else to look at it consider that if not think about using these tips that i ve just talked about to help you publish posts. Which have you know less mistakes flow better and a generally better the other thing is as well writing is going to help you you know to improve and to make less mistakes.

The more you write the better you re going to get at it and i think i ve come a long way in the last few years where i ve been writing articles and publishing things on social media. So again hope this has been helpful for you if you haven t done already there is a free download that you can get 15 amazing tools and resources for online english teachers. It will be helpful if you teach any kind of subject and then from there i m going to send you some emails about how you can get started teaching online. So sign up for that if you haven t done so already and thanks for watching this video.

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“ In this video, I talk about my writing process and have some tips that will help you write better posts and make fewer mistakes.nn/// Step One ///nnGet your first draft done. Write down all your ideas and don t worry about crafting the perfect article right now.nnThis is all about getting your ideas onto paper (or, onto WordPress!). Don t hold back.nn/// Step 2 ///nnThis is when you go through your first draft and make big changes. Take out things that don t work, move paragraphs around, add in anything that you need to.nn/// Step 3 ///nnThis is where I read the article out loud like I am doing a presentation. It helps me notice whether the article flows and helps me spot mistakes I make.nnYou could get someone to proofread your articles. However, for me at least, this will add up and I need a very quick turnaround.nnThanks for watching!nnSubscribe on YouTube:”,

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