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“Comedy central s world news nheadquarters in new york. The daily show with trevor noah noah presents nmy super tweet 16 twitter was the ideal medium for future npresident trump. No filter grammar super optional and seeing its nearth shaking potential trump used twitter to communicate only his most nimportant thoughts thoughts. Such as mar.

A lago club has the best meatloaf in namerica. Tasty. Person drinking diet coke last night. Power of twitter to fuel his political nrise.

What started as just asking questions about whether the united nstates president was born in the united states blossomed into a full blown run nfor. The white house and the media awaited each trump tweet like the hungry. Nlittle bitches. They are donald trump.

Tonight. The tweet. With his taco. Bowls nbreaking news.

Donald trump. Is tweeting something right. Now. A twitter tirade nhas.

He been tweeting again this morning. I just heard he has been tweeting. I nwas just told in my ear. We have yet another tweet another tweet from trump nyet.

Another tweet will the weight of the presidency change. Donald trump. Not even a little after taking office. The 70 year old.

Trump kept tweeting with the vigor nof. A person 60 years. His junior why because america demanded. It let me nask you should i keep the twitter going or not keep it going.

And so trump continues his tweeting to nthis day. A sacrifice. He makes for the american people last night. The president apparently nstarting to write something on twitter about the media.

Despite the constant nnegative press. Perhaps he was going to write coverage. He wrote the word covfefe nand. It stayed up for an entire six hours before it was taken down this nmorning you know what i don t know about america.

But donald trump has ndefinitely made twitter great again say what you want say what you want and i m njust gonna enjoy this moment. I don t care coverage or no coverage. I don t ncare people were searching covfefe on the internet like it was a kim nkardashian nude people were on it president trump making a dangerous naccusation without providing proof president trump s allegation that then president obama bugged his phones during the election president trump s stunning nclaim. Accusing president obama of spying on him.

This is the biggest story ever even nbigger than last week s biggest story ever when the attorney general was ncaught lying about his contacts with russia. You know. Donald trump is the only nperson who thinks the best way to distract from a scandal is to start an neven bigger scandal it s like sessions thing is getting too hot people ni m gonna pull out my bleep and let s see if that helps let s do it guys nlet s do it. Accuse a former president of committing na major federal crime at least show that you have some appreciation for the ngravity of what you re doing you know call a press conference.

Ninstead trump is making these allegations from the same place we nhashtag about the bachelor president trump s twitter outbursts came just before nsunrise at the private palm beach club. The president likes to call the winter. Nwhite house. Obama had my wires tapped in trump tower.

Just. Before the victory. Nothing found that was followed by four more npresidential tweets taking on president obama and misspelling tap that was nicely done by the news guy he was like really how are you gonna take on a ntwo term president. If you can t even handle a three letter word and by the nway.

Because trump is the president that is now officially the way we all have to nspell tap. Yeah. The extra so yesterday..


Alabama republicans went to the polls to choose between two candidates. Roy moore. Former alabama chief justice and luther strange. The six foot.

Nine former attorney general now the nreason. A republican primary race became national news is the same reason neverything becomes national news mango unchained got involved each and every none of you go get a friend go out get a family member get the whole family and nbring them out to vote for big loser. Did people call. You big luther before you nmet trump.

You know i brand people. I just saw him. I. Said.

He s big luther and nthat s cool wow. What a genius he just saw the big guy. And he was like he s big noh man. Roy moore has won the alabama senate nrepublican primary over senator luther strange.

Wow. Ntrump s man luther strange lost yeah and he lost big what a big loss. See what i nlike to do is brand losses. That s what i do right i give them nicknames.

This is not a joke. Donald trump was so humiliated nhe. Even deleted. A bunch of his tweets.

Where he told people to vote for luther nstrange. I know this is a small thing. But in a weird way. It s a big thing like i nwould want a president smart enough to know that just because you delete the ntweets doesn t mean that they re gone right.

If someone went up to trump and nwent like this weekend. Trump showed that he s nstill trying to get back at hillary for losing to him the president of the nunited states retweeting. A video on twitter that shows him hitting a golf nball and then the golf ball striking hillary clinton and knocking her down nyou. See it there.

The president of the united states retweeted that this nmorning. Why why that s the official question of the trump administration nthis administration brought to you by why with additional support from huh look we can all agree that this tweet was obviously in poor taste. I mean we knew nthat it s on trump s twitter. But maybe.

It s not the worst thing in the nworld now hear me out hear me out. Did. You notice that trump sent out these tweets nright as he started making deals with the democrats protecting dreamers nraising. The debt ceiling postponing.

The wall right now trump s base is furious nwith him so to make them happy. He throws them a mean gif or two and i ndon t know about you. But i feel like this is a trade that i can live with ntrump gives his followers offensive tweets. And then he gives the rest of namerica policies.

That move the country forward. I m just saying if it helps we ll neven make the gifs for you. Mr. President yeah.

If you stop sabotaging obamacare. We ll give you this gif of you dunking non. Obama right look at that. Donald trump.

Nyou. Can have it you can have it. Oh. If you crack down on wall street.

You can nhave this gif of you hitting a golf ball into bernie s nuts noh and then bernie s like my balls are at my knees. Some very specific fears for example nhe s totally arachnophobic. But of muslims..


President trump is not backing ndown from the international controversy. He ignited by retweeting three ninflammatory. But unverified anti muslim videos one shows extremists growing nsomebody off the roof another show two jihadist fighter. Destroying a christian nstatue and a third claimed to show an islamic immigrant in the netherlands nattacking.

A dutch boy on crutches the three videos. The president retweeted nwere originally posted by a tiny anti islam ultra nationalist party called nbritain first for more on these shocking retweets. We turn to our very own hasan nminhaj everybody as an american muslim. It must be ntroubling and shocking to see the president of the united states send out nthese videos no i m not shocked.

We were due. You know trump s islamophobia is nlike an eminem freestyle. You get a new one every few months. And it s slightly nangrier than the last one here s what pisses me off these random nvideos are either totally out of context or straight up.

False. This fringe. British ngroup wants people to think. Brown.

Boogie. Men are coming to kill them they nrecently shared a viral photo of isis fighters. But it wasn t isis. It was ice ncube you idiots you re mixing up your ices.

Okay and these new videos are just as nridiculous as that meme the muslim migrant beating up. A dutch boy both nthose kids were dutch. The perpetrator wasn t a migrant the roof video. Horrible nbut it happened during the civil unrest in egypt in 2013.

They re rival political nfactions okay. But what about the video of the statue smashing yeah. The guy s a nterrorist and a vandal and an asshole no one s saying. There s no such thing as nterrorism.

The point is the president is retweeting false videos to stoke up nislamophobia and even when it s totally obvious. That trump is spreading bs this nis. What his human excuse. Generator says.

White house press secretary. Sarah sanders. Defended the president saying it didn t matter. If the anti muslim videos were nreal whether it s it s a real video.

The threat is real nooh killer jedi mind trick that s like sara nsaying. Hey. I don t need facts to be racist. I can just be racist here s my nthing trump doesn t need to send out these fake stories about muslims nif trump needs incriminating video of muslims ask muslims ask me i got plenty nof dirt on my phone.

Man show. My dad returning used underwear at ncostco show. My mom telling my aunt we re ten minutes away when we haven t left nthe house. Yet show.

My cousin lying to his parents about having a white ngirlfriend over thanksgiving now that s a viral video and that s real sahil. I nshouldn t have said his name i m sorry. The president then turned to america s ngreatest foe. The fake news media.

This tweet is another it also came just nmoments ago from the president quote. I will be announcing the most dishonest nand corrupt media awards of the year on monday at 5 00 subjects will ncover dishonesty and bad reporting in various categories from the fake news nmedia stay tuned okay that s the right way to use twitter. Honestly i m not sure nwhy donald trump would hold a corrupt media award ceremony on monday. I mean nmaybe he s just doing it so that he can walk in on the reporters while they re nchanging.

He was like a surprise twitter. The bad news is he s you know nitching to start a nuclear war. The good news is despite his threats to korea at nleast. He thinks we re gonna make it until monday this awards season.

Forget nthe oscars forget the golden globes because everyone is talking about the n2018 most dishonest and corrupt news awards. You are fake news hosted by the nmost popular president in history. Donald j..


Trump and featuring cnn s lying jim nacosta. Such lying disgusting people drunk. Don lemon. The total disgrace nfrom morning joe low iq crazy mika they are the lowest form of humanity and a nspecial future york times.

The failing new york times nwhich is like so bad so tune in monday at 5 o clock am or pm. Nhe didn t say also location tbd twitter maybe i by the way i hate some nof these people but i d never kill them as you probably know every year. The leaders from around the world meets in new york at the un to ndiscuss major global issues. It s basically comic con for diplomats.

This nyear s general assembly is going to be extra special. Though because its npresident trump s first yeah and just in case world leaders weren t completely nfamiliar with him this weekend. President trump on twitter decided to reintroduce nhimself. An early morning.

Twitter spree by president trump is sparking. Ncontroversy tonight. President. Trump is being slammed for his use of twitter.

Nthis weekend. President trump appears to have found a new nickname for the north nkorean leader. He tweeted this morning. I spoke with president moon of south korea.

Nlast night. Asked him how rocket man is doing long gas lines forming in north nkorea. Too bad. It s great to know that if america is ever in a war of bitchiness npresident trump s got it covered ooh too bad rocket man.

We ve tried diplomacy now. We ve got a try sass unlock. The sass codes wouldn t it nbe fun. If that was a way you could fight instead of nuclear weapons.

You had nsass like there s no key you just like yeah. It s nstrange. The secretary of state revealed that he has a direct line of ncommunication with north korea. Which is a big deal considering north korea is nthreatening to launch nuclear weapons at the us unfortunately for the rest of us npresident trump has a direct line of communication with twitter us.

Npresident. Donald trump appears to be undermining his top diplomat on north nkorea. I told rex tillerson. He s wasting his ntime trying to negotiate with little rocket man save your energy rex.

We ll ndo what has to be done. I get what trump is trying to do though nhe s thinking that by acting crazy he ll strengthen rex s hand with the nnegotiations you know it s the old good cop bad president routine. I understand it nthe problem is he s actually a bad president. It s not just the routine being nnice to rocket man hasn t worked in 25 years.

Why would it work now clinton nfailed bush failed and obama failed. I won t fail you know i would be a lot nmore confident that trump wouldn t fail. If he knew that north korea has had nthree leaders in the last 25 years. Yeah clinton and bush were dealing with ndifferent kim s kim il sung.

Kim jong il and now kim jong un. But i guess to trump all rocket men look the same or maybe maybe he just can t ntell kim s apart maybe. That s his thing. He s gonna be walking in the street nbumping into little kim and looking at her like the entire excursion and it didn t help nthat.

North korea. Released. A statement. Calling trump an old lunatic and donald ntrump.

Was like i ve got 280 now moments ago. President trump openly nmocked. The leader of north korea. This is what he wrote why would kim jong un go and insult me by calling me old when i would never call him.

Short and fat oh. Well. I ntry so hard to be his friend and maybe someday that will happen okay it s a nlittle weird for donald trump to diss..


Kim jong un s weight when they have npretty much the same body type i mean yeah. I m not judging. But i just think npeople who live in gingerbread houses. Shouldn t throw scones also also i love nthat trump s response was how dare you call me old it s like so.

The lunatic nthing. You re okay with that you don t mind at all apparently president trump s nnew year s resolution was i should spend more time on twitter. The president nunloading in his first day back. Here at the white house.

Sixteen tweets mainly a nmixture of taunts and threats. President trump raised the temperature in his duel nwith. Kim jong un who had boasted of having a nuclear button on the desk in nhis office will someone from his depleted and food starved regime. Please ninform him the president wrote that i too have a nuclear button.

But it is a nmuch bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works if they could nrun a simulation of a billion ways you know to find the stupidest possible way nto get into a nuclear war. This tweet is what would come up every nsingle time. There are some things that twitter. Just isn t appropriate for nbecause just take a step back take a step back and think about what pressing nthe button.

Would actually mean hundreds of thousands of people incinerated ninstantly and they would be the lucky ones millions more would die horribly in nthe next few weeks. While any survivors would be left to suffer in the desolate nworld that is choked by poison ash. That s not for twitter. People.

At the very least. Nthat deserves a tumblr post. Let s talk for a minute about the ntwitter. It s a wonderful invention.

But we have learned that if you ever tweet nsomething that offends. Too many people you could get fired from your job or you ncould become president high risk. Very high reward and once again there s a ntweet that s blowing up the news. A controversy about espn.

Host jemele hill. Njamel hill went on a twitter rampage in jemele hill came under fire this week. Nafter. She tweeted on monday that president donald trump is a white nsupremacist.

Who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists nespn responded with a statement. The comments on twitter from jemele hill nregarding. The president do not represent the position of espn we have addressed nthis with jamele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate. Wow.

Nthis is the biggest controversy in sports since the philly phanatic sex ntape. Really really big and now you re picturing it nfor more on jemele hill and this controversy we re joined by roy wood jr. Neverybody. I i can see why people are upset about nthis she called the president of the united states a white supremacist.

I nknow trevor. Where could she have gotten that idea. I mean who in their right mind oh yeah everybody in congress they just passed a unanimous bipartisan resolution asking ntrump to condemn white supremacists trump is the only white dude. I know that had nto sign paperwork to prove he don t like nazis nazis not my friend we re ngonna need that in writing okay.

But what about what about npeople like who s like this you know people who say this isn t about trump at nall. It s about a double standard imagine if a conservative had said whatever is nsimilar during the obama years. What do you think the reaction be imagine look at njohn lennon over here imagining we don t need to imagine because there was na conservative tv personality who tweeted quote. Obama is a racist obama.

Never sent out his goon to say that nnbc should fire. Donald trump. You know why because. Obama was too busy doing npresident stuff.

Killing. Bin laden s and singing al ” ..

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