nct haul (jaemin slogans galore + other unofficial, fanmade items)

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“Chili. Why i have too much. Chili. Tell.

You. Yeah. Kundo. Sweet chili.

Con help. Help. Oh. Susan commander.

Wasn t no tomorrow. Nah. I m okay. Jimmy.

I know the top studios to me that that hi. There sir i m rather sorry that this is so belated. But here are the fan made and ct items. I ve been meaning to share for weeks now so for the most part.

I think i got these from just to go managers. But i ll begin maybe with the smaller stuff than some slogans and there are a few slogans. I m a bit obsessed mainly because they tend to come with like postcards and other things in the sets. But like i said let s just start with this stuff first so i ll reuse these.

But these are some stickers so. But you can move for like decals that you would put on to your light sticks. Like you can t really tell. But this used to be a dream in one and i took it off because i used all my old might stick and i ll show you here so it was really easy to use because i ve actually never used decals before because i only own two light sticks.

So and this is the first time. I ve ever imprinted like someone s made like a member s name. But basically i just filled this off and all the stickers. We re still stuck on this so it was kind of nasty.

So it s hard and you can align. It however you want to you and you just put it on and you take this part off and all that s easily placed onto you wherever you want it i just kept this alive to show you or demonstrate how i used it i also use this part up oh man. I m so sorry. So my dad called me in the middle of the video and of course.

I filled with my phone. It s okay so yeah. So the stickers are on the side. And this was kind of harder.

Because it wasn t the same as the other thing they were just literally stickers. I peeled them myself and placed in one here. So that was quite a circle. As you can kind of tell cuz it looks a little bit rough.

But yeah so that is that and these are just the same as x stickers. But in white and another one in white. The commenter that says that plastic and openings amina sense opening plastic was oh gosh lost my train of thought the t of the person that said opening plastic fuels or sounds good thank you like i never bought pot. But and this is also by neil gaiman shop.

And it s just a sticky roll sticky. Roll. Washi. Tape roll.

Do you know. There is one of those days. Where i get really tongue tied isn t it. And then i also decided to its mark from that wonderful v.

Live with the 17 members go in this list a young and by the way from halloween. Yeah..

I also have another one that kind of looks like this with his bunny ear thing chat. But maybe i ll insert a photo like here or something then i d also got mark as detective conan. Really this really that thing is a lot of stuff. I m showing you now i haven t even opened it myself off camera.

I ve just been waiting. But i could fill this video and this is just another keyring. It s fan made and like most fan meet and even official ones. They was hot like this oh sorry my cuticle is so bad.

But they usually have like this extra piece of plastic and then you have to peel. It all and of course. I got none us even some more key rings. So i ll take it out of the packaging movies.

We re also inspired by the halloween you go up girl. I guess more than we go up era. If i m looking at this now like with designs drew and then mark and if you ordered a keychain you also got these stickers. So that s the halloween part of that project.

But isn t it so cute. Next are these song bark or mark stickers. Oh. No i guess realize i pause.

The music that is why i m it so awkward. I m sorry wow. I have no job. Today and why are they so huge like these are the same exact stickers.

But with different finishes so this is the matte version and this photo. I was wrong this is pretty matte. Too but they are so adorable so yeah another neelima item pretty boring about my glasses. But these are some candle light inspired and ct treating heart stickers and then i also have this because um this include this was included whenever she made some or he or they i don t know the pronoun of this artist made some mark stickers.

But they re included in here too which makes sense same thing more that same sticker sheet from before and this was actually included with this sticky rule tape. Why do i keep saying that washi tape good this. But yeah. I think it s just mark and i d olympic yeah then here is a sticker pack.

I m the same person that maybe throw. These decals or these light stick of sugar earlier in the film. How everything is gripping. Like so wonky.

This one was the conceit ee pack. So it includes a lot of different units. Multicolored diamonds like a label b units. It s no lady this is probably a lovely font.

I definitely have enough decal was for the rest of my life seen pike and so this is the glossy version and then this is the mac version as some of you text and members name is hash tags dates. Yeah. It s pretty much all inclusive sticker pack and includes of course all the members and it s only 90 mm team. Though because this was a very old order you know there s always a delay when you order a bit thick recorder just understandable.

I mean there s a lot of oohs into getting stuff in korea and then shifts especially literacy. If i hide you some time to share some of the slogan. We ve got a lot so this first one for the most part all of them are a demon or a mark. I think and maybe there s one taeyeon one.

But i cannot believe a call there s the first one and it is so dreamy like i love it it doesn t really fit rain. But don t you love me colors lovely. I m so sorry. But this is it should go theory that looked very good yeah.

That s the slogan right here as i mentioned before the slogan says. There s often additional items and it s probably the biggest incentive as to why i cook them and for the most part working sets are rather inexpensive or if you think how much goes into making them. But i think this set was only twenty dollars well i say only but i mean because i mean i just think it would be so much more expensive considering they have to make the pouch. The fabric.

The printing and then so this was daylight luna one of my favorite fan sites. Including a fairy dust..

So jamie with pink hair. One of my favorite drawers and looking dapper in a suit that one maybe i ll just keep piling on top. So that we can see some of your time. Here is another one and included is another tea towel again decals for life.

I guess so this one is by probably routledge animation or romantic comedy. This is opinion a fan art. I m probably gonna say cute and adorable a gazillion times and i m so sorry. But it s just how i fuel never see him how so if this is not buying into comedy or loco.

I just feel so bad. But as always i will include where i got things from in the captions that i wasn t good gorgeous. And it is a smoggy man and then his date of birth. Okay next one this one is probably most likely by the same insight.

Because some of the items are identical. The hero is the pin at the stop picking this girl. She you know really see those and then looks like the post cards are different. They re cool with you so pressure this man.

I m happy i m a demon stan. Even though it s rather expensive thing that you and stan completely his stuff away this i don t know i m so crazy okay i feel so bad covering his face. But photos. This is from the dream show number two i love the way his hair is brush back so handsome oh.

This is spy milk caramel. I ve actually never ordered from mill caramel. I think this may up in for the first sucked. Don t put me all that either i could be very wrong.

I ve never bought from her aside from this one time. But the colors in the back are stunning like i love the polka the lighting. I think the sun is setting look how cute chippie chippie. Yeah.

The sun is definitely setting like you can tell from how my hands are discolored here s the back. Oh my gosh. I didn t realize the back would look like this. Oh.

My god sorry i shouldn t have said that maxine i love this outfit. He totally is boyfriend material um. I think these jeans were ripped to what it d look great it might be very boring. It s just a ton of slogans.

I won t open this because the photo cards interesting and this also it will exact same like wallet. And before so. If i m not mistaken. This is also by id like luna ooh.

I really like this one and i am such a fan of daylight luna. 2. Is not a quality of the fabric printing is exceptional like how how does one link even find a manufacturer that can you do this like how can they print. This photo and such just in such justice.

This is the first mark 1. If i m not mistaken. This is a standing very cute. Oh.

My gosh is tylo and these are i m seeing her you know and like literally hands. Oh yeah. But i guess you get to which is kind of odd to me. But okay i m not gonna complain how this one set has a lot of dudes like you get four stickers.

The truth lovely so this one is by sleepy and i m less familiar with mark fansites or even any other fan sites or other members and then ct because i only read although jaemin s but i am familiar with sleepy because i think she s a rather big account on twitter looks like a mark one as well so these are some they feel like pins the back. I see that is a linear and here are some photos since there s multiple ones. I will open it for you like how to get my scissors. Again the nerve wracking part wow.

So handsome and then here just looking at seoul. So i only got one of the versions..

There s two different sets that you could have bought like i think day and night. But i chose to get this one cuz. I like the photo a little bit more and then the back side actually has his name romanized in english mark and i really need to do my research to figure out this because i really don t recall only because i over the longest like a lot of the things you see they were literally stuff. I ordered in november.

But it just takes so long you know waiting for everything to be produced in korea. And then you know send domestically or to the key address. Do the gold manage was key address and then finally to me this looks like it s a chi. Minh.

Little buck. Oh. My goodness. What a look gave me an action he works so hard pass you all the numbers.

I mean ncte. We don t get me wrong associated with a view. Oh this one actually is lined with fancy this is defying such a gorgeous slogan. I m so sorry that i m not doing any of these photos justice frank.

I wish i could do this better. So. This is also by ct in the very last item. I m sure you guys are happy to finally have this video end it s at 8 01.

So the stair sheet was included and i definitely know i got this for 15 or hate. 15 or 13. So it was one of the most cheapest ones. I ve ever bought and this is actually by i forgot i said i only used to go managers and all this.

But i think i used three goes this familiy. Yeah. I was actually really hoping to get this this word the tour stop in ileana because i really wanted to bring this one. But it s okay i was still able to bring a slogan when i hop on sunset goes.

It s all good. Oh yeah. This is such a sexy concept. Okay.

So that is all for today. Thank you so much for watching. I really am. So sorry that this was late and it was quite long maybe tedious and boring.

But thanks for watching as always and until next time. I know daniel wooden cocky gamer bhakta. nst gravity come on come on go. With gravity.

Yes. No why why is the timing. So bad. With this.

Oh no no no no no no no not again not again. Well. What happened. What happened to the front of my plane.

Okay just get release just release. Okay. We re going with it we re rolling with this don t crash into thing. No.

No nope here it it. Here s the strategy. Now we re in the open just like this. And then release.

Oh. This is good i got it this time..

We re gonna break the sound barrier and we re gonna see it actually happen here we go come on all my sound just went away. I wonder if the sound barrier. So gonna trigger oh yeah so satisfying what happens we going to the water oh okay up next. We have the switch.

It is a car and it is a jet it is by that dom guy. I think we looked at like one or two of his creations. Before this vehicle quickly switches between ground and flight modes whoa. This car is a lot bigger than i thought.

It was. Oh. Oh. What oh okay it likes to turn so stay stay in tact.

Please okay be sure pieces be flying should pieces be flying out like this maybe. I shouldn t be turning so sharp. I don t know i don t know what i m doing with this there is so much going on in this car. All right.

Well. Let s just drive it around on the ground for a little bit it s it s not the fastest it s a fast looking car but not the fastest driving car it turns really nice though it s such a weird ground vehicle all right apparently we just press number one the switch so i m gonna do a leap of faith here i m not gonna switch until i get off of the aircraft carrier all right and switch whoa that was impressive balazar really impressive the wings just popped out on the side. Did you guys see that great look. Oh oh.

I just heard you see what the wheels. Do watch the wheels. That s awesome all right i m having trouble. I m having trouble staying level here okay hold on i m a whit.

I m missing. Some wings. Though that might be part of the issue okay here we go let s go this way and then we re gonna pop on in the plane mode. Oh oh this is not a boat this is our boat it s a jet car jet car jet knock car boat okay here we go this feels like i almost know what i m doing i don t have any role as far as i can tell though so i can t adjust this angle.

Unfortunately all right so we re gonna go over to the land and then we re gonna land on the land this is we re leveling off pretty nice here all right ready and land ho ho. I was pretty good we re broken somewhere. But it was still pretty good okay ready for this we re gonna do the loop. But not exactly okay we re gonna go like this and then oh this is so cool all right i m gonna do car jet plane up up it is through loop of fire and then and then and then and then we come back down and then we land look at that perfect not a scratch.

I don t buff out. I ll buff out. Oh yeah. And oh.

No the hydraulic press is over there. But there s a wall in the way whatever shall. I do there s a wall on the way. I guess.

I m doomed. Oh. No there s the explosive barrel in the way better turn on plane mode. If it wasn t for a plane mode that explosive barrel would have gotten away with it.

So. Which one of those creations was the orca favorite let me know down in the comments below. And don t forget to check out the stay at home game. All you gotta do is stay at home and you ll win the difficulty does get harder as the game progresses.

But stick with it and it ll be worth it trust me well you ll see some other awesome creations. But i ve shown taste on the workshop. You re gonna want to check out this playlist on the end screen right here. I hope this video has earned your subscription anyways have been scrapped man and i ll see you next time bye.

” ..

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“Hi there!nn[I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING WHILE EDITING: (this is the mark phone charm I promised i d insert somewhere but totally didn t…) AND I also messed up at the beginning with the little interlude, as I verbally mentioned my phone did NOT die for once… I just had a break from filming because my dad called me, lol. I m just so used to my phone dying while filming that my mind defaulted to that being the cause, haha… my bad! nnI was able to leave my rotation extra early today so I decided to upload this video that I ve been meaning to share for some time now. : )nnTimestamps:n0:17 stationery/stickers/decals/keychainsn8:39 jaemin slogans n16:35 mark slogansn21:40 taeyong slogan nnEverything are unofficial, fanmade items I ve been hoarding (haha). Mostly NCT inspired stickers and stationery supplies but also a ton of slogan sets.nnI suppose this might also be a good time for me to explain why I order so many… It s not to defend myself or anything, but just to give you guys maybe a different perspective if you re debating on buying your first cheering banner (or slogan). The main reason (aside from getting the cute goods that tends to come with the banner ofc) I simply love supporting the individuals that do so much for the fandom (especially us, international fans, that can t readily attend shows and performances). The HD fancams, photos, tickets, and time does not come without a cost. And buying gan sets and supporting such projects are helping those fans in a small way. (Plus, it gives you great motivation to work harder to somehow see your idols in person that way you can actually /use/ the gans lol.) BUT I want to also say that I ABSOLUTELY do not tolerate sasaeng fans and do NOT support any fansites that have the slightest rumor of being one or are in kahoots with such fans. So before you buy from a fansite or support such projects, I encourage you to do your research so that you know your money is going to the right hands. Sorry, soapbox done! (Tbh, I d love to hear your thoughts on fanmade merch and if you like supporting other fans that make these items or nah, etc.)nnAnyway, like always, thank you so, so much for the love and support! And for watching my mundane videos. Until next time. nn- SummernnI have some other social media accounts where I share NCT/K-pop if you re interested!nInstagram: (now inactive)”,

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