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“May sound a little too serious for teenagers to consider writing a personal mission statement. Statement. But going through the process of writing one may help keep you on the track or confirm. Some beliefs you have about yourself this video will discuss and define mission statements and then offer tips about how you can go about writing your own personal mission statement.

Many corporations have taken the time to write and make public..

Their mission statements mission statements help define an organization they are meant to be an enduring statement of purpose. A mission statement helps guide an organization s action. It explains its reason for being here are examples of mission statements from coca cola nike and dc shoe company do you think these statements are consistent with what you know about these companies you so how do you write a personal mission. Statement.

It may not be as hard as it seems you probably know more about yourself than you think here s a step by step process to help you construct your personal mission statement..

The first step in developing your personal mission statement is to identify your successes. The things you do well or really like to do even those things that others may have said you have a knack for or do well once you have identified these successes look for a common theme. Can you see a common theme in these listed successes. The second step is to develop a list of core values that are important to you you can make this list.

As long as you want once you have made your list you should then try to identify the five or six..

Most important values then from these five or six try to identify the one value. Most important to you the third step is to identify your contributions you should make a list of the ways you could or would like to make a difference in your family and friendships. Your community and even the world the next step is to think about what goals you have for yourself you can separate them into long term and short term goals your short term goals can cover a one to two year period. You should think of your long term goals as the things you want to accomplish after high school.

You are now ready to write a mission statement..

The past successes presented in this video have a strong helping theme this combined with the core value of service and the contribution theme of personal. Giving leads to the development of the displayed personal mission statement. You should take some time and complete this five step process your personal mission statement may serve as ” ..


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