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“On purchasing your custom automotive accessory from faris industries. We invite you to view the the following instructional video to better assist you with the installation of your new item remove the parts from the box and check to see that all necessary parts are included carefully check the parts and report. Any problems to us before installing as items cannot be returned once installed before you attempt the installation. It is very important to read through the enclosed instructions completely so you fully understand the installation process.

It is also important to never install your item if the temperature is lower than 60 degrees fahrenheit your next step will be to dry fit the items to the vehicle if there are more than one piece such as the pillar post featured in this video..

It is a good idea to mark the placement of each piece. So you will know where it fits. When you re ready to do the installation. Once all parts have been fitted.

You will need to prepare a solution of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol..

You will use this solution. Along with the soft cloth to clean the entire area. Where the item is to be installed next find a tube of primer that was included with your item. If there was no primer included it is because it will not be necessary for your application activate the flow of primer by cracking the tube and shaking it until liquid flows through the cotton tip.

You will want to wipe down the entire surface with primer and wait for it to completely dry before installing your item..

Carefully peel back the white liner from your item to expose the tape surface once the liner is removed carefully align the product to your vehicle. Ensuring that it is placed in the appropriate spot apply heavy pressure for a minimum of 60 seconds to ensure a proper bond. You will want to take special care to have the item properly aligned before pressing on it because you will not be able to remove it without damaging the product once it is in place finally once you have the items in place on your vehicle. Carefully peel back the white protective coating to expose the polished surface on your item.

We hope you enjoy your new purchase and remind you to check back often to our store as we are constantly developing..

” ..

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“Ferreus Industries Pillar Post and Automotive Accessories with tape instructional installation video. Please note that the primer (small white tube) shown in the video is no longer required for installation.”,

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