Process vs Content

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“Welcome to two therapist talking i m jay blevins and i m jasmine therapist from from madison wisconsin and today we re going to talk about the concept of process content. What exactly does that mean well we talked about that in therapy. All the time. And what happens is there are two levels that we talked about when there s like a conversation or an argument content.

When you re having an argument. Let s say is the content is what you re arguing about so you re arguing about who s going to take the trash out yes process is how you re arguing about it so are you screaming each other are you just debating. It politely are you passive aggressive shut your you stonewalling and right it s shutting down. Are you know how are you doing it that is the process of that argument versus the content of that argument.


And it s really important distinction and you want to talk a little bit about what i think that when clients come in that they feel themselves going over and over the exact same thing they feel like one person is nagging. The other person isn t doing what they want and we hear these same discussions. Let s say for instance about the trash over and over and over again. And people wonder why they re having the same fight.

And that s because you re looking at the content. It s not really about the trash. It s not really about if you take it out on tuesdays. Before the trash men get here or not what it is is the sense of respect and honoring that this is a request that your partner is made and that it s important to them until we look at that feeling of respect in the relationship and that s typically with this so you re saying arrogance really about something else so it s about how i m being asked to do it or who s doing more work or things like that which i ll translate into respect and being dealt with in a way that we feel positive right.


We look at that the content of the trash. And that discussion is not really what it s about it s about how we re being treated in the relationship. And what we re looking for in those responses. I think one of the real tip offs to this is when people come in and say we were argue about something stupid and in fact they work we can all agree that was a dumb argument to have there s no real argument have it could have been easily resolved in three seconds.

You spent more time arguing about it than you did because it wasn t about that thing and that s why it felt stupid so when you re looking at processes over content. And you re having these same discussions or fights over and over again. What we would ask you to do is look at hey. You know what we tend to get in this discussion about throwing out the trash every single week or it comes up once a month and instead of having that fight and disagreement over and over again instead you would look at hey you know what you let your partner know it really hurts my feelings when you can t do this.


And it feels like you re disrespecting the person that i am because i m asking you to do this. And it feels like i m being ignored. So you have a more direct truthful conversation about what s really going on for you and that s more the process right and it can be challenging because it means we have to look inside ourselves. And say why am.

I fighting this and you have to figure out what it is that you re really feeling because it s not the trip up taking out the trash you can take the treasure. I ll be done in 30 seconds. What is it that when this happens that happens. The side of me that i react to so it s digging deep in yourself.


And then be willing to share that with your partner and having a real discussion about them so encourage you to think about that the next time you have a disagreement and especially if you re fighting yourself thinking. It s something silly all right so feel free to email. Us at to. Therapist talking at gmailcom.

And we ll see you later bye bye. ” ..

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“Jasmine St. John, LMFT of JSJ Therapy and Jay Blevins, LMFT of Awen Therapy discuss looking at the process of arguments instead of the content.”,

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