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“I m just going to quickly show you how you can make your cover picture picture better on your facebook group with the changes facebook have done it looks a and you can t drag it about it s a right pane and i ve done quite a few tests with the actual size that they recommend. But that doesn t work quick way i found of doing. It is download your picture. So if you ve got the picture on the computer.

Just click on that then right click save as so that goes on your computer. So you know where to get it then go to this. Photo dot com. And then click on design.

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They re gonna get notified every time you change it so i hope that helps give it a go a bit long winded and if anybody finds an easy way let me know as well thank you very nto his lane and kills him final destination stuff..

I ve spotted shady body shops raided for fraud in the past who have told me they are going to sue me for defamation after i ve asked the customer to move shops kid once called in a claim lying about what happened and who was driving his car. We caught him because he made a facebook post on that day saying what actually happened ended up. Denying the claim because the actual driver had a suspended license kids keep your stuff private. Because everyone is watching one time actually informed and in short that his car had been in an accident.

He didn t know because his mechanic took a ride out in the insured s nice car. Without the owner s permission had a guy at a construction site back a bobcat into his own personal car. Technically insurance follows the owner not the driver so really the owner of the company s insurance. Is libel.

The owner was pissed that his insurance has to pay the worker. Even though the worker backed into his own car and that would be an easy way to get insurance money rules are rules though i had a guy put in a department of insurance complaint against me those get investigated very thoroughly and i ve seen people fired for honest stakes. Because he caused 400 to the rear bumper of a car that was illegally blocking his driveway. And he was saying.

He shouldn t have been at fault. If a car is illegally parked call a tow truck. Don t hit it with your own a 400 claim wasn t even a high enough payout to surcharge his premium. So he wouldn t have even seen it on his next renewal.

So stupid had a claimant with a quarter panel dent on his 2003. Mitsubishi. Eclipse the catch he had a. 3000 on man paint job on it the car is only worth 2500.

Meaning that small quarter panel totaled. His car rouse because the entire car would need to be repainted and the job would exceed the value of the vehicle. He was unhappy word of advice don t get a custom paint job on your car. If your car isn t worth the paint that s being put on it i handle public liability claims for various agencies and large corporate firms had a couple who tried to claim from the park management agency for pain and suffering from mosquito bites.

They were having a picnic in the park. This is an asia by the way where mosquitoes are a daily occurrence also had someone try to claim for injuries sustained from tripping over an uneven tile outside of a shopping mall. Cctv footage from our clients. The mall revealed.

He had clearly noticed the tile looked around to see if anyone was watching then threw himself on the ground. I worked for workman s compensation insurance. A few claims stand out my favorite. One was the guy who thought he was being followed by the fbi.

He wasn t and so when he turned left and the car behind him also turned left be without hesitation jumped into the passenger seat then jumped out of the passenger seat stall and rolled into a ravine while the truck his work truck smashed into two other cars parked at a gas station..

The person behind him was just like what the actual f. Just happened i could not stop laughing. While getting his account of what happened imagine watching the driver in front of you turn around see you look terrified. Then next.

Thing you know they have jumped out of the vehicle on mention was the campground that had a huge plastic hollow dinosaur statue the owner had hired a guy to repair slash paint the dinosaur and while he was halfway in the mouth. He lost his balance and fell in breaking his leg injury wise. It was minor. But the lady who owned the campground just made the claim unforgettable she for no reason at all i got the info.

I needed in the first call and required no other contact with her insisted on emailing. Me this funny little letters about the incident. An example of an email good afternoon tea sim. Just thought you d like to know doubt that i know sora s doing great.

He is doing much better with his diet has only gobbled up three more people since we last talked we believe in time we may be able to rid him of his addiction to human flesh and truly domesticate him as part of the family choose. So yeah. That was weird amending original post with more stories actual licensed claims adjuster here i handle auto liability investigation and injury settlements. I don t think my story will fit outrageous by what you re expecting.

But this one was surprising as i did my investigation had a claim come in where the policyholder says. Some guy backed into them in the post office. Then drove off so the cops find the guy. The next day and his policy lapsed for the date of loss.

And there s no coverage. Our policyholder and one of her passengers her brother are claiming injury and they want to use their uninsured motorist coverage to pay for her damages slash injuries which means i still do an investigation and act as the other carrier would have if the guy had coverage. So we call the dude up and his story is that our crazy policyholder chased him down a dirt road for several miles he pulled into a post office in a rural area dirt parking lot etc to try and pull around the building and loser the rear of the building was blocked so she pulled in behind him blocking him in he threw the car in reverse and rammed our policyholders vehicle out of the way and drove off fearing for his life. I interviewed.

The cop. Who attended the accident scene and it turns out our policyholder gave this kid some cash at a gas station down the then realized she gave him a 20 instead over 10 and asked for it back. And he took off she chased him down to get her money back the question left unanswered was if this kid actually feared for his life. Apparently.

He told. The cop that policyholders brother got out of the car and threatened the kid at which point. He threw the car in reverse and left the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. Because i took a statement with our policyholder and there were so many inconsistencies.

I was sure it was a drug deal gone bad rather than do you d asked for money story..

Here s a good illustration of the roller coaster. My job can be i get a description that says something like v1 r and v. From the rear. Then rammed from the side then crashed it seems pretty apparent that will pay on this loss.

But i m thinking the claimant has way exaggerated. What happened to make it seem like our driver was malicious. I call our driver and ask him for a recorded statement about that night and he goes off for 20 minutes all over the place. I slowly piece it together with him that he was at a club with friends and his baby mama saw him hitting on some other girls they weren t together.

But she got jealous and when they all leave for the night around 2 00 am. She and three friends relatives follow him they get out of their car. At the first light. They all stop that and try to fight him.

He runs a light to get away. He drops his buddies off and drives to his very rural home where he lives alone and goes inside to charge his phone and realizes his house has been ransacked he goes outside to get his cigarettes from the car to smoke. While he waits for his phone to charge enough to call her cops. And is jumped by two guys who were with his baby mama at the club.

While she and her sister watch they pull a knife and stab him in the arm. But he fights the two dudes off enough to get to his car and drive off at this point. I m wondering where the car accident happens. But keep in mind he s telling it away out of order and i had to piece this back together.

He drives to a neighbor s house calls. 9 1. 1. Then drives back home.

Where the baby. Mama crew is waiting in front of his house. He pulls in the driveway. And finally it is at that point that he taps their car as he pulls in his i ve way and grimes against the site as he tries to correct before getting into his driveway.

The cops show up he goes to the hospital. But he doesn t know about anybody else so i m thinking man we have this claim. But there s no way there are four injuries from this. I call the driver of the other vehicle and here s a version keeping in mind that i never tell these people what i already know she is driving down the road at.

Around 4 am..

With her sister in the front seat her two male cousins in the back and a commercial van finke 350 hits them from behind then hits them from behind again then overtakes their car and rams them from the driver s side and reco jets and crashes in a ditch. The driver gets out and runs away and of course. No one drank that night yes now this sizzle she tells me it s all she feels is relevant to the accident. These stories couldn t possibly be more different.

And it s obvious someone is telling me so many lies. I interview. The other three people in v2 and get a pretty identical story with a couple variances. Notably when jude gets out of his car.

He starts walking towards his house. Which goes past their vehicle his baby. Mama gets out of passenger front seat. And says hey you okay or something.

And he punches her in the face and keeps walking the two dudes with them were adorably stupid innocent. But i didn t want to hold it against my driver that he just happened to have no one in his car. Whereas. The other people could put four heads together until i saw the cars.

So yeah the full final truth was that this guy heard his xgf was at this club. Flirting with some dudes when a friend texted. Him so he drove to a strip of stores along her path home and waited getting friends of his at the club to report when they left. He saw them drive past and fell after them in his dad s business.

Van and rammed them twice from the rear at about 60 miles per hour. Then he swung to their drivers side and tried to ram them off the road. But ended up losing control himself and crashing. He got out of the van and started to walk home as he passed the other vehicle he punched his ex in the face i still have no idea who stabbed him but he went to the house.

But all that night for stab wounds to his right arm detectives. Who investigated confirmed his house wasn t ransacked and his version of the story was complete bs. Still you can never be 100. Sure with all the liars flying around if you enjoy these videos.

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