Sales & Marketing – Budget Planning Meeting and Update – A Sample Panopto Video

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“Sara. I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to share with with you the estimated budget that we discussed two weeks ago for the upcoming selco forum conference that were planning for next year. And what i ve done is just taken all the line items that we discussed as well as the estimated costs for those line items and i ve plugged them into an excel workbook for all of us to refer to and use as we continue to plan for this event. And i know that we all feel that our estimates are pretty solid.

However i d like to propose a couple of things to consider and i d like to discuss those next week during our executive team meeting so with that i d like to direct your attention to this excel workbook that i ve put together and the page. I m showing right here is tracking all those expenses that we discussed a couple of weeks ago and wanted to direct your attention to the speakers section. And as you know we have confirmed and already have booked our keynote opening speaker for 25000. And we re really excited about that and as you know just a couple of days ago we discussed the potential of having a fantastic keynote speaker to close our conference and we ve been in discussion with that speaker and we ve been able to negotiate his rate down just a little bit to 75000.


I know it s a big chunk. But i think we can all agree we need to have him at our closing event. So if we plug in that figure into our. Speaker fee our overall speaker fees for the conference will be 100000.

And if you look up above you can see what that does to our 1 million dollar budget. That we ve set aside for this event and we re obviously over budget and it got me thinking that we should probably consider possibly adding in some sources of potential income. So with that i ve done. Some research and looked at our closest competitors and they offer similar conferences.


I think that ours will be much better and they charge for their conferences well over 1000. Per head and i believe i believe it s very for us to charge per individual. But keep that charge at 595 per head for attending our conference and you and i have discussed that we re estimating between 150 to maybe 200 attendees. So if we just plug in a 150 estimate that you and i have talked about that brings us to just under 90000.

In potential income to help us offset. The conference costs for this entire event. The other items that i think we should consider and really open to discuss next week during our executive team meeting is the possibility of inviting our partners to participate in our conference. I can think of an idea such as a solutions fair that we could run during potentially the lunch hours both days of our conference.


We have the room and the space at the hotel that we re having this event at and i think we should be able to accommodate some level of booths a large booth medium booths and small booths and we can work out the dimensions of what those look like during our meeting next week. But you know if we estimate that potentially we could have two of our partners. Doing a large booth maybe five and a medium booth and another five and a small booth you can see that again. It s another way of generating a good source of income to help again offset our costs for the event and finally we need to do some more research in this area.

But considering providing the possibility for our partners to place ads in our mobile app. That we re developing for the events as well so we can talk about that further next week. Finally just want to direct your attention to this dashboard that i ve created simply looking at our estimates overall for income and our estimated expenses and then net of that so you can see that if we do go ahead and put forward some type of fee for the conference as well as inviting our partners to be exhibitors during a solutions fair we are able to offset 92000. Estimated to bring our total expenditure to just under nine hundred and seventy thousand dollars for the event.


This is also a great way to track what our actual cost will be as we continue to work on this event into next year. So i just wanted to share that with you sarah i ll be posting this on to our sharepoint site. And i look forward to discussing more on all of these ideas during our executive team meeting next ” ..


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