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“To accelerate your mind let s do just that by identifying some objects together this this time. I will show you a group of four objects like this and then will ask you to find an object. So i would say something like can you please find the violin. Do you see the violin and this group of pictures right here is the violin so i would touch or click.

It like so. And that is all you need to do easy peasy right have fun friend can you touch the balloons j8 be tremendous be balloons can you please find the house eight hello anybody huh magnificent eight house hello anybody huh can you please find the flower at oh no well done f flower can you please find the zipper z. Very good z. Zipper.

Please select. The quilt pq. Awesome job q. Quilt can you touch the umbrella at you tremendous you umbrella.

It looks like our fish friends are hungry for sale. But they only want to eat certain ones in this activity. The fish hook will drop into the water with a shape on it see this hook has a circle your job is to pick the fish with the same shape like this one fish on my friends. It s time to make the big passion all right rectangle.

Yes. Kurt yes. Diamond yes..


Square. Let s accelerate your mind friend. This activity. Is called the human body.

And it s all about your body and your five senses. All you have to do is find the body part. I asked for like node and then touch or click. It after you do i will ask you what is the job of that body part and then you need to select the enter.

I know this job is to smell right. I will also be asking you questions about the inside of your body like your heart. And lungs have fun learning learning also keep your mind will see can you find a heart. What is the heart job helps us to move pumps blood supports.

The body. The heart is a muscle that pumps blood through your body. You can hear it with a stethoscope where is the boys lungs the lungs. Do what job pumps blood supports the body allows us to breathe the loans are what allow us to breathe our lungs not only allow us to breathe.

But they also allow us to shout talk. Hello laughs. Oh and more let s accelerate your mind..


Friend. Well. Hello. This activity.

Welcome back that she would be on the fun learning. It all about your body right. We ll ask you here. When my chances.

Okay. Oh. You have when we pretend we re in a charge for or in a place knows that you need to think about how you attack or click. It this is what i mean after you let me pretend you are how are you doing once.

We. Know. The drinking has a large part and a boy comes up behind. You we need an elector shirt to get in front of you a nose job well what you do right then so is wrong led asking you questions about did you find out your body way your heart.

You would scream it home and hit him have fun learning. These learnings who would ask him to your mind. Ah see and if he didn t you would ask us..


They finally find a heart then what after we re here s a choice. It s us to me think about which blood and you would watch the body. And then just tie a book the answer the heart like that pumps blood great. If you want to hear the choice in the tannery.

With the step doctor click the big picture here. I know blowing great lungs being able to make a little ice toy one darn situation would be transports the body. But life isn t my greater when you do the loans are what allow us let s pretend you are frank and he want to learn his letters with you how has to bring would you do. But you would ask him how he stand out and there s just a safe.

I don t wanna help you get mad and drown at him. Oh. It s more accelerator and friend. You are a good friend.

This activity is called you never go grocery shopping with your parents. And it s all about when you re having to buy you something here before fences and they say no oh you have what do you do you want oh you re selling the hardware. I ll tell the mayor means slang listen to your parents and with that item. Batch or click.

It answers you that is right will ask you you listen with your parents really well body part do you ever feel good or that kid that needs you all the time for no reason at all job is twinkle making fun of right or bullying will also be asking what can you do i ll see you times. They don t and your friends like your shirt. They can help you long you don t tell anyone and done watering cry..


Until drizzly also keep your mind coffee you got it right you should all will you find out when you re bullied. Wait is my highlight child care custom movement. They will blood support let the bottom that you didn t do as well as the rest of your friend heart is a muscle. If you do i would really be your friends and try harder on the negative go.

So you would get a better score. You would cry and without a boy aren t as smart as everyone else the lungs. So what s up come on alda to porch the barley happy round whannell reeve. Who does well when you did badly will make you marry order you want you to read yo.

But they also allow us to shout talk. Hello laughs. Oh and more innovation is what this company is a lot of work in there with work families in rhyming and i think that s done a tremendous amount we re starting to see some correlations. We think between some reading and language.

Games that the kids are making this is immediate gratification for the titanite brains getting bigger. ” ..

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